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  • Knowimagination
    Mar 11, 09:10 AM
    At University now, I believe I'm number 5 or 6.

    Thanks for the update I think I am going to head up there around 12:00-1:00

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  • Eduardo1971
    Mar 25, 09:24 AM
    Before all you Apple fannies disagree with this; just remember Apple is trying to sue everyone else too.

    It's all ridiculous.

    Amen. Some people here act like Kodak has no right to sue. Egads! Apple does it all the time also.

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  • Desertrat
    Apr 24, 12:55 PM
    Ehhh, I'll go along with CalBoy.

    I see Trump as a fascist, blow-hard alpha-male con artist. Might be okay to sit around and drink a few beers and swap lies, but that's about it.

    His yap-yap on TV about oil and the Saudis was about as ignorant as you can get.

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  • MacRumors
    Jun 18, 01:17 PM (

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  • eNcrypTioN
    Feb 23, 01:15 PM
    So wait I will need to be burdened with a lower time out period because some soccer mom refuses to discipline junior while she sips on a venti iced latte from starbucks in her 2010 QX45 Urban assault vehicle??


    I lol'd :D

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  • cvaldes
    Mar 24, 08:03 PM
    Is everyone keeping these, selling them, a spare one for their mother-in-law?
    My guess is that different people will have different responses and that you will not receive a statistically significant sample size in responses to extract anything resembling meaningful insight. As a matter of fact, I am the first person to reply to you and I'm guessing you will have fewer than five people directly answer your query.

    That said, I will point out that the demographic of early iPad buyers would not lead anyone into the conclusion that this buying audience would need to resell used devices to fund purchases of new ones. The median income of the early iPad adopters was something like over $100,000. I consider the readership demographic of this blog to be materially different than the average Apple customer.

    Plus, the number of used iPads for sale is a miniscule fraction of the total number sold.

    Personally, I will gift my original iPad to relatives whom I expect will use it for many, many years. Much like my 12" PowerBook G4 is still being used by a family member, something like seven years after I bought it. There's your sample size of one.

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  • Bennieboy�
    Apr 24, 01:48 PM
    sweet :D welcome to the team in that case,

    sidenote, hmmm mines been fetching a new WU for the last half hour, my iStat is showing no net usage or downloads :S any ideas whats going on?

    hmm the log is showing no more work left :S i've just restarted F@H and selected the ' larger then 5Mb option ' but still nothing :S anyone else getting this?

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  • torbjoern
    Apr 26, 01:20 AM
    1680x1050 pixels in the 13" would be nice. Retina is preferable, but a bit too much to hope for... at least within the next 1.5 - 2 years

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  • macfan881
    Oct 12, 05:20 PM
    I spent many an our as a kid standing around this cabinet as a player and a watcher.

    I hope it turns out better than Turtles in Time. and I'm sure it will be $15. Maybe The Simpsons will be next!!

    i would think it would the simspons iPhone game is a pretty good seller i belive its in the top 50 for games.

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  • leekohler
    May 5, 01:29 PM

    This about sums it up

    Canada, you're screwed. :(

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  • mdelvecchio
    Apr 6, 01:06 PM
    Why can't they just make a JACK connector, with 4 wires ... Wake me up when it will be possible to supply data at high speed and enough power through 4 cables with a jack connector.

    wake me up when you become a consumer electronics electrical engineer and explain why they cant to us.

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  • ctachme
    Oct 10, 07:39 AM
    I doubt very much Macbook is getting updates at the same time Pro Models do. Thats not how Apple operates. First the pro models will be updated then that tech will show up months later in Macbook with some crippling like in Gpu.

    Exactly! That's why the iMacs didn't get the Intel procssors until 7 months after the Mac Pros, right?

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  • Cowinacape
    Sep 19, 11:11 PM
    Ok just so my pea brain has a proper handle on this, are people saying that all I have to do is simply install XP, off of my XP disk, onto a free HDD, and viola, I am done? I'll assume that I will also need some drivers for video, and such as well, but I am trying to wrap my head around this, forgive my ignorance, but I haven't used a Mac past OS 9.2.2.

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  • blacktape242
    Feb 18, 03:43 PM
    how many black turlte neck shirts does he own?!?!! lol :D
    He must have lots cause the are BLACK and not that faded black/grey
    from being in the washer and dryer over and over.

    I bet hes got a pair of blue jeans on too....

    is it good to see him out though, i hope he's feeling better

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  • RandomGuy26
    Mar 28, 08:22 AM
    This confirms that iOS 5 will be previewed in June and not in April like past years...

    how does it confirm that ??? apple has previewed things in April, but showcased the whole thing in June in the past.. and this is an announcement for the Showcase.

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  • Medium Rare
    Mar 27, 11:58 AM
    $106.9 litre.... Edmonton,Canada

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  • SuperCachetes
    Apr 10, 01:18 PM
    New bumper sticker: "It's Not A Choice, It's A Consequence"

    LOLed at that. Thanks. ;)

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  • Darklandman
    Apr 25, 05:58 AM
    Retina Display
    backlit keyboard Option (so everyone who wants to have it can have it)
    bigger SSD drives
    faster/newer processor
    upgradable Ram

    Now that is something to lol at :p
    Not if you have this
    Ignoring current situations and if I could have it any way I want:

    Macbook Air 11.6''

    - Intel I5 ULV, 6mb FSB

    - Nvidia GeForce GTX 460M

    - SD Card Slot

    - Thunderbolt Port in ADDITION to 2 USB ports.

    - Get rid of the bezel around the screen and either make the screen slightly larger or make it black edge similar to MBP.

    I would just settle for the i5 and Nvidia chip. As for the collapsable ethernet port... moving parts? ew.

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  • kingdonk
    Mar 19, 06:06 AM
    Whats this feature for? I don't know if it was in SL Server but its part of the mail settings and don't know if its for certification or for using apple's mobile me mail service for pushing mail to iOS devices.

    i came across a post earlier and carnt remember the link to it but it was back from 2008 where some one was on about the new sl server and about the apple push thing and it was not for push e-mail but for push notifications for apps. i guess it might be if a company has their own app they can use that service for push notifications in the app.

    i may be wrong about this. any body else like to share?

    Fast Shadow
    Mar 29, 10:46 AM
    Anyone else think this is a little too public? And it's not a very comfortable place to sit having coffee�no matter how good the food is. I imagine a couple of billionaires could have found a more comfortable and more private place for coffee and a chat, unless they're being deliberately "public".

    Is this how they squash a rumour in sily-con valley? Media says these two hate each other's guts. Be seen being nice to each other in public.

    Of course.

    Apr 28, 05:36 PM
    The report found that 67% of Mac users have a college or advanced degree, as opposed to 54% of PC users. Mac loyalists are 80% more likely than PC users to be vegetarians, and, unlike PC fans, would rather ride a Vespa scooter than a Harley.

    I have a college degree in Computer Science and own a Windows 7 PC and 2 Macs. I like both meat & veggies. Drive a crossover. Scooters are for idiots and I have NO desire to ever own a Harley. maybe a Honda motorcycle. :D

    PC users' tastes trend towards casual clothes, tunafish sandwiches, white wine, Hollywood movies, USA Today and Pepsi. Mac users prefer designer or vintage duds, hummus, red wine, indie films, The New York Times and (we're not making this up) San Pellegrino Limonata.

    I like stylish clothes, red wine, foreign films and tend to read advanced histories rather then the stupid MSM(incl NY Slime).

    Mac users also are more likely to describe themselves as computer-savvy and "early adopters." PC users tend to describe themselves as better at math and less likely to throw frequent parties.

    I don't know what to even say to this one.

    I think the OP has out-done himself this time. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

    Dec 27, 08:09 PM
    Same reason most online stores don't ship to Nigeria.

    If statistics show problem online fraud areas in a much higher percentage than other cities, it makes sense to temporarily curb it.

    +1. This whole signal is at fault thing is really getting old.

    May 3, 11:13 AM
    As an American so you have no idea what conservative or liberal really means. Those words have been distorted by your politics over the last half century. Conservative is supposed to mean "balance the budget and pay down the debt" through prudent spending cuts and no unnecessarily raising of taxes.
    which oddly was a Liberal trademark in the pre-Harper days.

    What your so-called conservatives have done is cut taxes for the rich only, increased spending in the military industrial complex and refused to pass healthcare reform that could potentially save billions of dollars per year. The US spends more on healthcare per capita than any other country but it has the worst healthcare per capita than any other country in the world. Even Cuba has better healthcare.

    Being a conservative is not about having no social programs but rather it is about being fiscally responsible with tax payers money and spending on social programs that serve the majority of citizens and help promote a strong and healthy workforce. The workforce is the engine of the economy.

    Tax cuts are not a bad thing but they should only be done when the government is certain that the budget will be balanced or when they are needed for economic stimulus and they should be across the board or to people on the bottom end.

    I suspect the Conservative govt we have seen in the past few years will look nothing like the next few. Their true colours are about to be revealed. Not quite Tea Party but still fairly unsavoury.

    Oct 26, 01:34 PM
    Hah, Adobe being committed to x86 Macs. If they meant it we would have had a universal binary update to Creative Suite 2 a lonnng time ago. :rolleyes:

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