Scrubbers Power Plants

    Scrubbers Power Plants. TECO Electrical Power Plant In Tampa Florida Showing Scrubbers Used To Remove Sulfer From The Smoke
  • TECO Electrical Power Plant In Tampa Florida Showing Scrubbers Used To Remove Sulfer From The Smoke

  • toddybody
    Apr 12, 02:41 PM
    Unless you need Office for work...just use Open Office folks, save your money;)

    Scrubbers Power Plants. coal-burning power plants
  • coal-burning power plants

  • marksman
    Apr 1, 09:21 AM
    Haha mcrumors, took me all the way through this thread to notice it but nice.

    Scrubbers Power Plants. Scrubbers Power Plants.
  • Scrubbers Power Plants.

  • SkippyThorson
    Jan 6, 03:37 PM
    so then how will it work exactly when i turn all the PN's on? Will i get alerts in the form of a text message? or will it have a little number in the corner of the app??

    See for yourself when you enable them: under push notifications in Settings, you have the ability to choose between sound, a message alert, and a number badge. Not all have all three, but the majority do. You pick what you want. All, some, or none. Just try it out. :p

    Scrubbers Power Plants. A commercial power plant is
  • A commercial power plant is

  • cantthinkofone
    Jun 17, 12:23 PM
    Not sure if i like the gloss black. I remember seeing PS3s that were covered in smudges and streaks. My current 360 can be cleaned fairly easy.

    I also don't know about using the wifi. Its just a few more milliseconds to add onto the latency. Playing FPS I can tell the difference between 70ms, and >50ms. I had DSL and then cable last summer and could tell a difference. Round a corner and you are dead before you can even touch the trigger.

    I do like how they made it smaller, and if they can quiet down the dvd drive that would be very nice. Bigger hard drive is about time. My 20GB is full just from downloading maps for Halo and COD.

    Scrubbers Power Plants. Electrical Power Plant In
  • Electrical Power Plant In

  • Pismo
    Apr 2, 04:26 PM
    I like Pages. I haven't had any problems with it. I haven't used all of the features though. I mostly use it for printing envelopes which works great. It will only get better and I'm sure Apple will add more features like spread sheets and maybe a GUI front-end for SQL.

    Scrubbers Power Plants. and Power Plant industries
  • and Power Plant industries

  • thadgarrison
    Nov 2, 11:28 AM
    If Apple really wants to gain significant market share, it's going to have to advertise to people other than yuppies. I AM a yuppie and Apple's advertising and general attitude are a huge turn off for me.

    Working class America is intimidated by snobbery and will always feel more comfortable with down-to-earth, Wal-Marty companies. If Apple wants to gain users, it needs to find an innovative way to advertise to both it's existing yuppie constituency and common consumers. Otherwise they can forget about rising higher than a low double digit percentage.

    Scrubbers Power Plants. condenser scrubber unit in
  • condenser scrubber unit in

  • BanjoBanker
    Aug 14, 11:40 AM
    I have had several co-workers come by my office to ask me about Macs since the ads started to air. Two have made the switch and are rippingly happy about it. I hear comments like " iPhoto really does see my camera and open when I plug the USB cord in" and " Mail is so much easier than the e-mail on my PeeCee was" all the time. I believe that anyone who feels antagonized by the ads really needs to take a close look at themselves. After all. they are only ads. I have yet to meet a hard core Windows user who has taken offense at the ads. Our IT guys here are always razing me about Macs, but they think the ads are cool. I like to remind out IT director that he sort of looks like the PeeCee guy. In my humble opinion, the vast majority of folks out there realize that these are ADVERTISEMENTS and do not take any offense.

    Scrubbers Power Plants. This power plant with
  • This power plant with

  • InfoSecmgr
    Apr 6, 03:38 PM
    That has nothing to do with the hundreds of billions we dump on weapons that don't even get used.

    It has everything to do with it. You simply have no concept of what goes on in the military unless you are in or work for them. You really think what you hear in the news is the way it is? Wow.

    Scrubbers Power Plants. power plant. The scrubber
  • power plant. The scrubber

  • bloodycape
    Sep 25, 11:20 PM
    Kind of reminds me of how Monster Cable went after everything that had the word monster in it, like the movie Monsters INC., and others.

    Scrubbers Power Plants. the plant#39;s new scrubber
  • the plant#39;s new scrubber

  • Mike Teezie
    Nov 28, 10:53 AM
    Is it possible to find out what company is hosting a website?

    My family's business website was built years ago, and then neglected. They still own the domain, and the site is still up.

    They want to rebuild the site now, but after two office moves, can't find any of the records of who is hosting the thing.

    Is there any way to find out?

    Here is the site, if it helps:

    link (

    Scrubbers Power Plants. A 359-ton scrubber ring,
  • A 359-ton scrubber ring,

  • cciliberto33
    Mar 28, 09:13 AM
    Anyone else think the new iPhone's name is gonna be the iPhone 4G

    Scrubbers Power Plants. martin drake power plant
  • martin drake power plant

  • jwdsail
    Sep 25, 11:02 AM
    This is new (from the updated Aperture page)

    "Supporting every member of the Mac family, Aperture 1.5 runs on every desktop � from Mac mini to iMac to Mac Pro � and every notebook � including both the MacBook and MacBook Pro. So you can run Aperture at home or in your studio. And you can take all your photos with you on location or to a client�s office. Aperture and the Mac make one unstoppable team."


    Scrubbers Power Plants. coal-fired power plant in
  • coal-fired power plant in

  • jb510
    Jan 4, 03:44 PM
    A year or two ago I too would have lambasted the decision not to include maps, but having seen how HORRIFICALLY bad Navigon's POI database is I'll gladly take downloaded maps if it means when I search for something I can actually find it. Navigon mitigated this some by utilizing google search, but it's still pathetic that I can't find 80% of the nearby businesses in Navigon.

    I've been through 3 Garmin's and loved every one of them. Since my last one was stolen I've lived with Navigon my iPhone. I've never felt it was worth paying for between the horrible iPod integration (volume, podcasts) and pitful POI database.

    Assuming there is some caching of maps I think it'll work great, even if the caching isn't persistant (ie. even if it had to download the map from my house to work every day... oh wait I work from home, but you know what I mean right?).

    Scrubbers Power Plants. at our Sioux Power Plant,
  • at our Sioux Power Plant,

  • maflynn
    May 5, 05:28 PM
    I like how Microsoft thinks the 11" MacBook Air is a netbook ;)

    They're not the only ones ;)

    Scrubbers Power Plants. of power plant.
  • of power plant.

  • matticus008
    Mar 20, 03:27 PM
    All of these comments miss the point of what the announcement is about, institutional purchases. This is about school's buying large quantities, and really, since I have a hard time imagining that a University would be buying 10 packs of iPods .
    Apple does sell iPods in institutional packs.
    We've asked several Apple representatives "if I buy a class set of 32 ipods, and I want to use a paid app, how many copies does the school need to buy,
    You need to talk to the developer, not to Apple. The App Store doesn't do volume licensing, because it's a consumer resource. The developer will either give you codes for each device or arrange to provide you with a master for site licensing, in which case you'll have to go the enterprise deployment route that Apple offers for large organizations.

    Scrubbers Power Plants. sulfur dioxide scrubbers
  • sulfur dioxide scrubbers

  • eastercat
    Nov 6, 03:32 AM
    I hope people try to see beyond the "evil Gubment" spy stuff.
    While I'm worried about the government, I'm more concerned about the corporations who would use my information.
    Considering how corporations screwed up when it came to administering home loans, you think they'll do any better with your private information?

    Talk about a bad idea.

    Scrubbers Power Plants. Power plants can also burn
  • Power plants can also burn

  • Mr. McMac
    Apr 19, 10:49 AM
    I just paid $4.13 for regular unleaded this morning. What a friggen ripoff!!!!

    Scrubbers Power Plants. 32 Majority of Power Plants
  • 32 Majority of Power Plants

  • jobesucks
    Apr 12, 04:53 PM
    Gutted, seems there's still no support for syncing google calendars or am i missing something?

    Scrubbers Power Plants. IMAGE: POWER PLANT

  • MrSugar
    Sep 7, 12:58 AM
    I have now spent three hours of my life reading this site. It's hilarious, thanks for the link.

    Feb 18, 04:46 PM
    Thats what I thought.

    i mostly thought that there's a lot of white people at that table :) haha

    Mar 27, 03:39 AM
    I wonder how many turtlenecks he has?

    Do you think he keeps them? My guess is he has a new one flown in from Milan every morning. The worn turtlenecks go to the incinerator in the basement...

    Oct 27, 09:43 AM
    Well that would explain a lot. :D

    But seriously though, it's not that much that is missing from .mac to make it worth the $99 without regrets.


    - fully editable web calendar
    - fully editable address book
    - spam management
    - more storage (2GB would be sufficient)
    - make the Finder fast so iDisk is actually usable
    - web editable blog synched back to iWeb
    - possibility to show subscribed iCals in web interface without having to visit their site
    - integrate stickies into .mac and synch them

    With those things, that would be fairly easy to do I don't think a lot of people would complain anymore.

    And it's not really something completely new, just evolution of the existing.


    I tried the new .macmail on my G3/500 iMac this morning, and surprise, surprise, it was horribly slow. At this this morning on my XP box in FF2.0, the UI cooks along nicely. The server updates are slower than I'd like.

    Get the calendar fully integrated online and I'd probably use my .mac email more than my gmail account.

    OFFTOPIC: Firefox 2.0 has a new feature of spell checking what you are typing in any web window! This makes up for .mac's lack of on the fly spell checking which is great for me at work in the XP world.

    Thanks Apple, you are getting much closer to justifying the .mac cost!

    Mar 26, 07:03 PM
    I wonder if the mexican was getting info to write his "ese"? :p

    You made me spit out my afternoon coffee!!. I'm Mexican and I got a huge kick out of your post. Thanks for the laugh! :p

    Mar 13, 05:51 PM
    simple fix - turn off Time Zone Support. TZS, which is on by default, sets the time zone that your calendar displays everything in. but there is an error. the good thing is that you can turn it off, which makes all of your appointments come up in LOCAL time, which is really what you want, right?

    but first, write down the times of any appointments that you made from your iphone. those times may change when you turn time zone support off. and if the only place where you put it was in your iphone, you may not know what the real appointment time was.

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