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  • MattSepeta
    May 2, 05:48 PM
    Thumbs up! However, although I won't propose Dems are more effective in running government, at least they are sympathetic to the average Joe. :)

    Neither party is very effective at this point.... :(

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  • Flying Llama
    Jun 13, 02:04 PM
    Isn't that the IP of Quadra840? I already crippled him by shutting down his power once in a while. He was getting to close. And about those Stinkers, My normal production output is at 300, but with all these Stinkers I'm lucky if my average is 200 a day. We should all complain by Stanford, maybe we can do something about it and get a bit more gromacs.

    Isn't that everyone's IP? :o

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  • talmy
    Apr 24, 11:34 AM
    I'm a heavy Chronosync user but I carry my MacBook back and forth and synchronize them on the same LAN (at home in my case). Synchronizing them at different locations requires getting through routers and firewalls and needs something like VPN or Yazsoft's Sharetool. Synchronization is an action you must remember to perform before switching from one system to the other.

    If Dropbox works for you then it is a much slicker approach. You can use shortcuts (also known as aliases or soft links) to make it appear that various folders in your Dropbox are located at various spots on your drive. Downside to Dropbox is it can cost money if you can't keep below the free limit, and apparently there are security issues with the service since they store your files on their site.

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  • dime21
    Apr 8, 10:09 AM
    How selfish and arrogant of Obama to say he'll veto any further extensions. The House already passed a 1 week extension yesterday. And now we're facing a shutdown because Obama wants to stamp his feet like a whiny child.

    These greedy left-wingers refusing to cut the fat out of the budget are going to force financial hardship on hundreds of thousands of people if there's a shut-down. They need to put their arrogance aside for a moment, and realize that the budget has to be fixed. now. $Trillions in debt? And they want to spend more on bull #$%& social programs? Talk about clueless. When you're this far in debt, you can't afford to flush more money down the toilet on controversial programs like NPR, Planned Parenthood, etc.

    The paltry few cuts they've agreed to so far, is as if I made $50k a year, spent $90k a year, had $1 million in credit card debt and thought I could fix everything by no longer going out to dinner a few times a month. What a joke. :rolleyes:

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  • gkarris
    Mar 28, 12:46 PM
    Why did you buy a 3DS if you're not going to use the 3D?

    At least the option is there - you can turn it on "a little"... ;)

    It is cool - hoping for a Black Friday Special - like a free game with it... :D

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  • madforrit
    Jul 12, 01:02 PM
    Hey everyone,

    I have a need for short term DVD burning capabilities and don't have the luxury of waiting until my G5 ships in August or September.

    A certain distributor is selling internal Pioneer Superdrives (05) for $179, but that's BARE, meaning no software/instructions. It fits the budget perfectly in terms of a short term DVD burning solution, but my question is how difficult will it be to install this thing and get my mac to recognize it? (Software isn't as much of an issue -- I'll have DVDSP) I'm no stranger to opening up my tower (to install memory, HD's), but I'm no expert either.

    My computer this drive would be going into is a G4 450 (AGP). Both bays are full, one with a DVDROM and the other with a zip (I assume I'd be removing the DVDROM).

    Any help/tips/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!


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  • Joshuarocks
    Apr 11, 01:22 PM
    What we need to do is GET RID OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE and IRS.. thats what we need to get rid of and bring the jobs back from India.. We also need to take complete control of the banks and corporations - power to the people.. or freedom, something this country does not have at present.

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  • bboucher790
    Apr 5, 09:07 AM
    Consumer Reports gave the iPhone 4 the highest rating out of every smartphone last year. They said it was a good phone, but couldn't recommend it due to the antenna design.

    The same is done with cars. A few years ago, the Passat was the highest rated sedan. CR didn't recommend it due to previous reliability woes. Their system is fairly simple to understand, and quite useful.

    CR is, IMO, the best starting point to find out if a product is reliable or has a known defect. From there, I expand my research with more detailed reviews.

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  • BlindSoul
    Apr 15, 02:13 PM

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  • ob81
    Nov 5, 07:36 PM
    Hong Kong, Japan & a few other countries have been using technology like this for a while. Hopefully it'll start being mainstream in Western countries soon.

    Hong Kong uses a SMART type card for everything, transport, vending machines, etc etc.

    Japan uses their mobile phones, AFAIK :P

    Yeah, it is so wide spread in Japan that you can use it at little corner shops these days. Great technology.

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  • Josh
    Sep 17, 12:08 PM
    Just tell her she's the Apple of your eye.

    hahaha lol..I kill me.....

    ok, maybe not.

    But yeah - do not stalk her at her workplace. Never turns out for the better.

    Plus, girls like mystery and by showing up in a place you KNOW she will be, you're removing all the mystery.

    If you can, without stalking her or being creepy, find out what other stuff she likes besides Apple, or where you might have an UNPLANNED encounter with her, you might have a chance of saving this situation.

    Other than that, it looks quite tricky....tricky tricky tricky.

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  • dcv
    Oct 26, 01:45 PM
    I wasn't gonna bother going but curiosity got the better of me. I go past that way on my way home from work anyway. Got there around 5:45 or 5:50 I think and the queue was all the way down Hanover Street, along Hanover Square and about 2/3 of the way down Princes St :eek:

    I wasn't gonna queue as I was just interested to see the crowds and thought I'd pick up a copy of Leopard at a later date - but then I stood at the back of the line and tried to get online... and just thought I'd see how quickly the queue moved.

    Didn't feel like long but actually didn't make it in to the store until about 6:15 - yeah, just after I made that previous post. Wow, chaos! Just grabbed my copy along with a wireless keyboard and didn't feel like hanging around.

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  • peterdevries
    Apr 13, 12:44 AM
    Do you mean you have actually met people that are totally happy. Really dam your lucky I have never met people in all my life that did not bitch about everything...take your pick they hate something of it even their own kids. :rolleyes:

    If you quote me, than please do it properly. And if you want to make a point, try to make it coherent, because you are not making sense at all. Lastly, loving or hating anyone's kids doesn't have anything to do with the reason why the ribbon in MS products is a flawed design. :rolleyes:

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  • mac1984user
    Apr 12, 03:43 PM
    Does anyone know if this update fixes the issue of Office depositing some 'recovered files' in the trash upon every boot? That was sooo annoying. Every time I booted, I'd have to empty the trash. Other people had the same issue, but there wasn't a proper solution. One Microsoft employee just said, 'it's safe to empty your trash.' That's not the solution we're looking for! Why are random files being generated in the trash in the first place?! Sorry. =)

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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 23, 01:21 PM
    If being a real man equals only being able to ride slowly in a straight line and have a "pay attention to me" exhaust, then yes. (This also applies to sportbike riders in long beach, ca)

    Otherwise, real men ride Triumphs. :cool:

    My exhaust is a Screaming Eagle model, it's not "pay attention to me" at all. Harley stock exhausts aren't loud. A loud harley has aftermarket pipes or someone just unbolted the baffles.

    And the dyna chassis is made for twisties just fine, but what's the point, a Harley is mostly to cruise or tour, why wouldn't I want to go slowly in a straight line ? What's the rush ? The fun is riding, not getting to a particular destination.

    Of course the "real men" comment wasn't too bright, but your bashing of Harley-Davidsons is quite stereotypical and ignorant.

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  • DoFoT9
    May 1, 06:18 AM
    let us know frame rates etc!

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  • Skika
    Mar 13, 11:20 AM
    I've never understood this time glitch that happens on devices. I mean you have this gazzilion operation per milisekund technology that can produce so many amazing things, yet has problem with simple time changes :confused:.

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  • macman312
    Apr 5, 06:09 PM
    that's exactly what i was wondering about! i don't know if EU regulations apply to the ipad, but they certainly do apply to the iphone. and i think, apple has to include a miniUSB port (standardized charger) to the iphone 5 if they want to sell it here in europe. a simply dock connector just won't do.

    Why the hell do you have to have a miniUSB for a phone in the EU?
    what is wrong with just using a apple dock connector?? Apple is NEVER going to put a miniUSB port but they may make an adaptor for the idiots who want one (for what I ask)

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  • Chef Medeski
    Nov 21, 06:41 PM
    For example, with the cell operating at 600 degrees there is not much of a differential change between room temperature and plus/minus 10 degrees.
    My Pb.... quite a hot computer runs 140F at the GPU. Id say your pushing no more than 150 at the CPU. No more than 170 on any laptop. 170F
    =76 C. 90F = 32 C. 80F = 26C. T = 76-32= 44C. 76-26= 50C. 12% difference. Yes.... quite unnoticeable :rolleyes: . Thats if its a direct relationship... if its a secondary or tertiary relationship.... well then your looking at huge difference being created.

    I dont know where you got 600 :rolleyes: or negligible.... but...

    May 2, 01:47 PM
    The White iPhones are new and the black iPhones they are comparing them to are older devices.

    The iPhone 4 is just so awesome that it shrinks over time. It is the new planned obsolescence/green solution. In 100 years they with shrink down to nothing.

    Thomas Harte
    Nov 11, 06:01 AM
    Please tell me Japanese guys at least comb their hair.

    I think it varies from Japanese guy to Japanese guy.

    May 31, 04:06 AM
    I disagree that we should avoid splitting categories. In many cases, it makes it easier to find articles if they are more categorised. If lots of people are interested in a certain 20 articles out of 200, and they all have a common theme, it makes sense to split them into a subcategory so that they don't have to skim through all 200 article names to find them. I agree with Eraserhead that CLI applications should be kept separate. Most users are not power users and don't want to delve into the command line, so are not so interested in them being mixed with other software. Conversely, those looking for information about Terminal commands won't be interested in GUI applications at that time.

    Clearly there are both cases where there is too much categorisation and where there is not enough. I'm in favour of general guidelines based on the number of articles, ie new subcategories should have at least x articles, and categories with more than y articles may want to be broken up - of course, there will be exceptions, so they should be only very general guidelines.

    I'm open to a big change in the category organisation of the Guides, as it is clearly badly structured in some places. However, any new structure needs to be carefully designed and agreed upon, as it is a lot of work to change and very difficult to undo.

    Apr 2, 06:19 PM
    You don't like to be told how do do things the wrong way but you like Word?

    I like it for TYPING. :rolleyes:

    Jun 16, 03:42 PM
    Apple CEO: I have this great new product...
    Verizon CEO: This will never go anywhere. i-what. That's a stupid

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