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  • oootle
    Aug 18, 04:07 AM
    the way finder has been left with no changes kind or less indicates that there is a bit of a UI refresh in the bag for Leopard.

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  • woocintosh
    Apr 22, 06:26 AM
    No chance for samsung. Their products are obviously copies. The icons even are crappy...

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  • IJ Reilly
    Jul 10, 04:09 PM
    A bit harsh, aren't you? They're supposedly integrating better search features into the next version of Pages precisely to improve the researching component of writing. So it's not like I'm the only one who thinks that Pages needs more to better compare to Word. As it stands, I'll give Pages a shot if I need to do something fancier than writing for MFA workshops.

    Plus, I save a couple of bucks.

    Pages isn't Word. It doesn't try to be Word. For those of us who use Pages every day, this is actually a good thing.

    As for being harsh, it seems like every time a thread on subject gets started, someone says Pages is only really suitable for newsletters, and not for "serious" writing. I find that most of the people who say this haven't gotten much past the template selection window. They see all those newsletter and flier templates and assume that this all Pages is good for. They've probably never created a template of their own and so are missing one of Pages' most powerful features.

    Also, it almost never fails in these threads that someone says they'd be using Pages today if it only had certain features that it already has. I don't know that it's being "harsh" to correct the record, but if that's what it is, then I guess that's what I am...

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  • T4R06
    Apr 25, 10:11 AM
    4mbps on hspa+ ? We've been getting 4mbps speeds for a few years now.

    You know, t-mobile starting this nonsense of hspa+ as 4G, they deserve to have their network butchered.

    really? can you show me your At&t speedtest?

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  • OdduWon
    Jul 21, 04:11 PM
    looks like he's love'n the bunny:D

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  • Stridder44
    Apr 21, 10:50 PM
    Take the fight to them Sammy! Don't give in to the bully that Apple has become.

    Even more entertaining is the fact that Apple is so arrogant they fail to realize how stupid they look.

    Suing their biggest vendor.

    It doesn't get any more stupid than that.

    You're kidding, right? They'll play this game in court but Apple has a metric s--t ton of money just sitting in the bank. And when they want parts and approach Samsung for them, Samsung won't react like, "No way dude, you were mean." They'll see billions of dollars being offered their way and they'll take it, because this is business. There are other companies that supply these parts too, not just Samsung. Let me clarify that in no way am I saying everything Apple does is perfect and Samsung should feel privileged to do business with them, and as far as who copied who goes is not part of my argument (I love both Apple and Samsung), but please don't kid yourself if you think a lawsuit will stand in the way of making a crap ton of money.

    Germany is a painful place to defend a patent suit.

    How so? (not saying you're wrong, I'm genuinely curious)

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  • toddybody
    Apr 13, 01:55 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8G4)

    Will it be a cinema display with receiver?

    Id love to see a new standard for "HD". 1440p would be nice...but current media would have to catch up. That said, I dont think Apple could make a cost effective television. Sorry, but theyd sell a 42inch TV for 2000.000 easy.

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  • Apple 26.2
    Apr 23, 08:35 PM
    "If found, please call 408"...


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  • heron88
    Apr 2, 10:41 PM

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  • satkin2
    Apr 1, 02:55 AM
    No having a Lion preview I can't say for sure, but I would imagine this will look odd if windowed along side other windows with a different UI. However the push from Apple appears to be for full screen apps. You'd simply switch your app and the whole screen shows what your working on.

    In full screen mode I can see how this iCal UI would work, it will be like having your whole screen as a calendar. I can only really see an issue when working with side by side windows. No matter how much Apple push thier ideas, some people will prefer to work this way.

    To be honest I couldn't care what it looks like. Its the abilities of the programme that matter to me. If there are new features introduced that make iCal a better programme then great. The UI is ultimately just superficial to the abilities the programme offers the user.

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  • YoNeX
    Nov 4, 01:07 AM
    Ok so here's the newb question of the day!!

    Have to buy Windows correct regardless of Parallels or VMware?


    As for some results, I really can't post performance results, but I can say that this competition in the virtualization market is good and we should be getting an excellent product for VMware (hopefully, if they give us a more of a workstation than a player).

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  • MurphyM
    Apr 26, 12:32 PM
    The ways this has been described don't sound much like Apple. I guess they could build it into iTunes in some fairly fluid way, but still. There has to be more to the data center.

    Nor do I see how the data center could allow people to upload non-purchased music. Too much required space, just look at your library size and do the math. iTunes has a massive user base.

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  • bpw
    Apr 29, 12:37 PM
    As the owner of a 1GHz eMac that will be 8 years old this summer, I've been targeting this as the year to upgrade to a 27" Core i7 iMac. We also have a MacBook that is getting up there in computer age. I'm really looking forward to this refresh, but I'll be waiting until this summer when they are shipping with Lion installed. I figure I've waited this long already, what's another few months?! I can't wait to do some home video editing on a machine that can easily handle it and dabble in some gaming on games that aren't 8-10 years old (even if most of my gaming will still be on the Xbox 360).

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  • bboucher790
    Apr 22, 11:40 AM
    All I want is a reliable, fast, 3G network. I don't feel like paying more $$ per month. I'm totally satisfied with 2mbit speeds (on a mobile device). ATT's inconsistency, however, sucks.

    And Verizon's 3G network is too slow, so yea.

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  • AlanAudio
    Jul 28, 08:02 AM
    When Microsoft claim that their investment might not pay off for five years, they're paving the way for failure. For the next two or three years, when pressed about the lack of profits, they can claim that the payoff will be in a couple of years from then. They won't have to actually admit that they've failed until after 2010. It's not dissimilar to Bill Gates claiming that there's an 80% chance of Vista shipping on time, it sounds positive, but few people believe it actually will ship in January. It's just paving the way for the next excuse.

    It's very important that Microsoft try very hard with Zune. They keep claiming that the iPod succeeded simply because of slick marketing, whereas everybody else knows that it succeeded by being an attractive proposition, combining style with ease of use. It was word-of-mouth publicity that really worked for the iPod. You can't buy that, it added massive value to the money that was spent on advertising.

    So here's Microsoft's opportunity to look at the last five years of the iPod, together with three years of iTMS, take it all in and apply their 'innovation', show us the ultimate product and then spend a fortune marketing it. There must be no doubt that Microsoft must be seen to throw everything into this project. Then Steve Jobs will be delighted to rise to the challenge and delight in humiliating Bill Gates.

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  • Sodner
    Apr 26, 08:32 PM
    I saw and got my hands on a possible prototype IMac that had a touchable screen and a smug free screen. It also had the earlier uncoded virtual keyboard in the Lion OS. though it was only a prototype but a very realistic one for production. I believe it to be the IMac I and my father both got our hands on earlier this year.:apple:

    Ah.... I cry foul. Not real at all.

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  • jeevesofRKdia
    Apr 6, 03:27 PM
    Shot out of the window on a recent trip back from Pittsburgh. I was a bored passenger and decided to experiment a little. Came across a stretch of trees and thought a longer exposure would make an interesting photo. It's fairly drab, but I like the earthy tones it exhibits. Reminds me of some abstract art I've seen.

    I could definitely see it as a great texture to use for photoshopping something. The earthy tones are definitely nice.

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  • Dunepilot
    Jul 28, 09:24 AM
    [QUOTE=rekahs]surely if you look at it that way the ipod is in the position the 360 is in and the zune is like the wii.


    Except that the wii is being marketed on the basis that it will bring something innovative to the table. If there's one thing Microsoft doesn't understand, its innovation/ease of use/elegance.

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  • crees!
    Jul 25, 12:58 PM
    After Jobs walks out, but before he starts the Keynote. Someone should ask Steve to empty his pockets. First the mini, then the nano, this time should be the Video iPod. I am hoping for a couple more things this Keynote.
    Excellent.. excellent idea!

    Apr 22, 06:01 PM
    I doubt it'll end up looking like that, but I wouldn't mind seeing a slightly bigger screen, also personally I'd rather have a lighter iphone 5 then a thinner one.. I kinda like the gesture area idea, I wonder if it'll be for flicking your thumb up, down, left, & right to access multi-tasking, although it'd probably be easier if it was done on the touch screen it self, considering its much larger..

    Oct 23, 08:29 AM
    Did you read any of the thread so far?

    You can use Vista Home standalone in a virtualization environment legally.

    This is purely a misinterpretation of the EULA.

    I understand where you are coming from, but I still don't interpret the EULA as you do. Neither does Paul Thurrott http://www.winsupersite.com/showcase/winvista_licensing.asp. Can you please provide links to others who think like you, preferably if they happen to work for MS. ;)

    The earlier thread on this topic is here: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=243716


    Chase R
    Dec 4, 02:35 AM
    Blah don't get an Evo, they suck all the fun out of downhill. Look into an Earthwing Belly Racer or a Comet VooDoo Doll

    Suck out all the fun! But I can see where your coming from. I've just always liked low-rider boards, though.

    here is my wish list:


    Why not .223?

    My choice for a 22LR would be the GSG-5. And for the AR platform... the DPMS LR-308 :cool: hell of a gun.

    Nov 10, 07:07 PM
    1 million dollars for pr0n.


    Apr 11, 02:15 PM
    Could this be the eventual end of usb altogether?

    Unlikely. USB still retains advantages in ubiquity, cost and far more devices supported per connection (128 vs 16). I would see WiFi and Bluetooth as bigger USB competitors.

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