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  • digitalbiker
    Jul 12, 07:47 PM
    Fair enough, I hate arguing over such minute issues anyway. Besides anyone that has an opinion probably won't change it just because of a few forum flames.

    I'm with you all. We will have to agree to disagree. Hopefully with some dignity still intact.

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  • rdowns
    Dec 29, 04:27 PM
    Yes, and even I think this is weird, on two levels. One is the "watching her eat". The other is paying for the privilege. These guys could hang out at a mall food court or a Super Wal-Mart with an onsite restaurant and get their jollies for free on pretty much any given day.

    Or just go to :D

    I wonder what website the people who are in go to to make fun of people?

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  • dicklacara
    Jul 24, 08:48 PM

    I have a mental image of "flipping off" your iPod :)

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  • NAG
    Apr 14, 08:09 AM
    Do we know how connected the Mac App Store and the iOS App Store are? Maybe they are toying with adding requirements to the Mac App Store and they accidentally also changed the iOS one too? All we have as far as requirements in the Mac App Store at the moment is OS version and they're all pretty much the same since there are only a couple OS revisions that can even run the Mac App Store. This is mostly problematic with games due to the fact that some computers can run 10.6.6 but not the more intensive 3D games.

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  • prady16
    Oct 24, 08:05 AM
    Told ya! :D
    More RAM, faster and newer processor, FW800 port all at the same price!
    The wait was worth it! :)

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  • Demoman
    Jul 10, 09:37 PM
    I entirely agree with you on these points. Apple is barely marketing iWork at all, let alone in a way which would help people understand its value. At MW last January I made a point of mentioning the Mac owner confusion over what Pages does to one of the reps on the floor who was demonstrating the new version. He also happened to be on the Pages programming team. (Which game me an opportunity to show him a bug I'd found. :))

    He seemed surprised to be hearing what I was telling him, and I wasn't entirely sure he believed me in the end, but perhaps this rumor reflects some understanding on Apple's part that they're not getting the message out about these applications, particularly Pages. Maybe they'll get serious about marketing in version 3.

    One other thing, I think Apple ought to be bundling iWork with most if not all of their systems, and not necessarily because we like to get free booty. The more Mac owners used iWork, the more who would see the value in forking out for the upgrades. This is exactly how Apple already markets iLife, so why they're not doing this for iWork is just plain mystifying.

    That is really a sound idea. Personally, I do not mind paying the $79 for iWork, in fact it is a zero issue for me (I own Final Cut Studio, Macromedia Studio, Adobe Creative Suite, Shake, Lightwave, etc). I think establishing a user base is what Apple should be focusing on.

    Migration into the business world can be a very tenuous undertaking, just ask Taligent (or Steve with Next). Having the best product does not guarantee success. In fact, the history of computers, especially PC's, is littered by the failures of superior technology. In the 80's there was a slogan among corporate computer buyers; "No one ever got fired for buying IBM". The simple truth is, corporations are usually very conservative when it comes to buying technology. Sure, there are exceptions. But, the majority has the mindset, "never put yourself in a position where you can be criticized.

    I am an IT Manager and have brought in Macs on a trial basis. I convinced the technology budget oversight committee that we are better off with Mini�s, rather than Citrix thin clients. We still have to license each thin client for Office. The economics are:

    Mini � Standard w/1GB RAM, iWork and Keyboard = $856.00 � before business discount
    Thin - HP t5520, 64MB, Windows CE = $359 � Office Standard $335 � keyboard/mouse $75 = $769.00

    With the Mini you actually have a fine computer. The thin client cannot do anything without momma. This is a very easy choice unless you have to add another ~ $400 for Mac:Office. That is why the spreadsheet is so important. I already know Pages works for the majority of my users. Any changes that make it more appealing is just that much better.

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  • littleman23408
    Sep 15, 10:45 PM
    It's a Hexbug. I bought it at Brookstone today.

    It's a robot.

    I want to get the inchworm next.

    That's cool. I saw the youtube video "Hexbug madness" and I just laughed through the whole video. It makes me want to buy 10 of them and let them run loose around the office at work.

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  • Title: Plants vs. Zombies

  • snap58
    Jul 25, 07:32 PM
    sounds interesting, though i have a feeling many people will just ignore the feature and end up touching the screen anyway, lol.

    I am not going to read all 110 replies, so this may have already been put out there.

    Remember the other patent with the LCD with the built in little photo cells, think these would know when something was above them?

    The screen will have a clear scratch proof cover over it that you could touch if you wanted too.

    I can't see people Not touching the screen, just hovering mm above it, no way.

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  • siurpeeman
    Mar 11, 02:20 AM
    my problem is that i have to be at work at 6:30p, meaning i have to be out of the store (brea) by six. i might have to go early in the morning for this one.

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  • dXTC
    Dec 29, 03:08 PM
    Ok, this thread is getting weird. Seriously, the BBW fetish thing grosses me out.
    That moon girl has nothing about her face that's cute.

    It's okay to have that opinion; I'm not asking anyone to agree with me. Admittedly, the freckles do nothing for me either.

    My preference may be somewhat marginal, but it's a preference nonetheless. Now, if I got aroused by a vat of Crisco, that would be a fetish.

    The feederism thing is definitely a fetish, and that turns me off too. Someone sent me a Jerry Springer clip of a BBW in a wading pool filled with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. It didn't excite me in the least. All I could think was, "Why did she allow herself to stoop that low?"

    What is "FA"?

    In this lady's case it is not just fat, she has an actual goal to make it to total immobility. FFS, I'm huge but I walk and can even jog quite a distance just fine.

    FA stands for Fat Admirer. It's a euphemism for a man who prefers fat women as romantic partners. We used to be called "chubby chasers", but that phrase has been adopted by the gay community to refer to gay men who like large men.

    As I stated above, this woman doesn't really want to get to the point of immobility, as she stated in a later interview; the "goal" was more or less just a fantasy she had expressed, mostly for the benefit of her FA fans and site subscribers. The whole thing was little more than a bit of self-publicity.

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  • roosta
    Apr 15, 06:00 PM
    Merlot - I like it!

    maybe osx 11 can be named after whales. as each release gets more and more bloated the name would reflect that - os 11 narwhal, os 11.9 blue. not sure how marketing's going to handle sperm though.

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  • SteveKnobs
    Apr 12, 09:12 AM
    OK, stop it already! Enough with the iPhone 5 / iPad 3 release date rumors, or put it on page 2.

    Yet you take the time to read and comment on it? Interesting. I guess the notion that these rumors generate page views really is true!!

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  • mikemac11
    Apr 15, 01:46 PM
    Looks like mostly bug fixes. Only thing new I have found is the result of putting a window out of focus.

    iCal is still same design too.

    plants vs zombies 2 zombies. Plants Vs. Zombies Review
  • Plants Vs. Zombies Review

  • Aquaduck04
    May 4, 08:58 AM
    Wait, tell me what the source is again? A CSR via a forum member?? Gotta be joking..

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  • Mac Fly (film)
    Aug 15, 04:44 PM
    What's the next logical step in a computer interface? I used to say "Computer, show me the money" to open Quicken back in pre-OS X days. More of a gimmick than anything else, but imagine if the Finder and maybe even other apps became "speakable."

    Me: "Check mail"

    Computer: "You have nine new messages. Would you like me to read them?"

    Me: "No, thanks."

    (clicks on an email, reads message)

    Me: "Reply to this message"

    Computer: "Type or speak?

    Me: "Type"


    Me: "Computer, I'd like to add a photo of the kids to this email."

    Computer: "iphoto has 6,813 pictures of the kids, which one would you like?"

    Me: "One from the birthday party last week."

    Computer: (a strip from iphoto appears) "Here are 23 from last week. I've highlighted the one where your wife fixed the red eye. Is that the one you want?"

    Me: "Yes, that will be fine."

    Computer adds the picture to stationery in the email, other pictures go away.

    Me: "Send the email"

    Me: "...and order me a pizza."

    This kind of thing can't be too far off. A 75 mhz Performa could do it in a rudimentary way. Imagine what a modern Mac may be able to do. "Speakeasy" has a nice ring to it.The funniest post i've read all year! You're a genius. :D
    (That and the one someone here wrote about Rosanne and Giselle in the new Mac ad)

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  • djkny
    Oct 24, 07:56 AM
    And they delayed this update by 6-8 weeks for ... ?

    Would/Should we have waited if we knew then what we know now and will know in the future ?

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  • AppleScruff1
    Apr 13, 07:57 PM
    baaaaaaaaaaaad joke

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  • Review: Plants vs. Zombies

  • Moyank24
    Apr 27, 02:32 AM
    As long as my daughter is in there, I will have a say who goes in the bathroom. my daughter isn't a woman yet, she is a girl, and I will do whatever it takes to protect her. Like it or not, I think gender bending is wrong, and people like you will not be in the bathroom with her. When she is finished, it is all yours.

    my views may not be popular in this thread, and I expected the regular insults that you libs dish out to people that disagree with you. If your afraid of dissenting opinions, then you need to stay on some of those forums that will always agree with you, and will nurture you, and your life style.

    Maybe you should just keep your daughter out of public bathrooms. The reality is that she has already shared a public bathroom with a transgender person, a lesbian, a criminal, someone who is a different ethnicity than she is, etc....And apparently she is still whole.

    Are you going to interrogate everyone who shares a bathroom with her? How do you know some deranged female serial killer isn't in there with her?

    I can understand your need to protect your daughter, but your ignorance and prejudice will hurt her more than sharing a bathroom with a transgender will.

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  • LightSpeed1
    Apr 24, 10:48 PM
    This sucks. The iPhone will come out later than expected, and no LTE. What are they doing?

    Dec 2, 02:59 AM
    To be honest, I kind of have everything I want. (mainly my Mac and phone). I think for Christmas I would like a few hundred bucks (just incase I wanted to buy something) and certainly a new watch, which I might end up buying myself before then.

    LOL same here; Finally got a mac after begging my parents for 3+ years.... ended up buying it myself :). And I have my Blackberry; so there's actually nothing I want this christmas. And if I did end up wanting anything I'd buy it myself sooo.... nope there's nothing :cool:

    Apr 24, 08:36 PM
    If you don't have a daughter, then you don't have a clue.
    I have seen some transgenders, and I have nothing to say to them.

    I could say the same to you. Your lack of empathy and understanding for people different to you through no fault of their own appears to be manifesting itself in violent bigotry.

    Jul 11, 02:46 PM
    Steve already knew this was going to happen. They're ready.

    I hope so, but I won't say it's a given.

    Supposedly, Bill Gates and other Microsoft top brass were obsessed with the decline of the big great corporations (IBM being one of the best examples). Yet Microsoft has been (arguably) slowly heading in that direction as it tends to stumble in markets where they can't exercise their monopolisitc power (as in anything not OS or Office related).

    And Apple's quite familiar with monumental success and decline from past experience. So we'll see. But for once, the roles are reversed.

    Jun 7, 03:51 AM
    I think gettin' a head start on the bar exam would be a great use of that kid's time. He could be our next Supreme Court justice. :p

    Sep 30, 05:52 PM
    I live in upstate NY and I've only had maybe 2-3 dropped calls on my iPhone since I've had the 3g. I now have the 3gs and it's the same.

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