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  • chabig
    Sep 25, 10:18 AM
    If the MBP's or other hardware is not updated at this event, then when is the next public event to have this happen?
    Apple doesn't have to have a public event to update the machines. They'll just appear on the website someday.

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  • MarcBook
    Apr 5, 11:16 AM
    Capacitive home button (and volume) is the way to go. Plastic makes the expensive feeling iPhone feel cheap. and it will just look sexy having the home button flush with the glass.

    Another thing which hasn't been wanted as far as I know is the home button to glow in dark as it were. Pretty annoying to press the wrong side when you are in complete darkness.

    Regarding touch buttons, my post above. Regarding pressing the wrong side in the dark, although I have done that a couple of times in the past, I think they make the button concave so you can feel where it is without looking. I (personally) think that a glow in the dark button would look tacky, especially because they glow in that eery green colour. :(

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    Apr 28, 06:24 PM
    Arlington, VA Yesterday :(

    $3.99 in Springfield, VA :p
    Still bad tho

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  • MorphingDragon
    Apr 15, 04:35 PM
    zimbra, pop/imap

    Yes, it also supports other standards.

    what a joke. firewall guys, we want email on our phones. we need to open the firewall on a few more ports

    exchange is database based which makes it easier and cheaper to manage it

    That makes little sense whatsoever.

    the base product is free but once you start buying add ons like archiving it's a lot more expensive than exchange. and other features that require MS outlook, contacts sync and iphone/mobile are not free. major fail and will cost just as much if not more than MS exchange once you compare apple's to apples

    VMWare don't sell addons or a base product. They have an OSE edition to meet the GPL requirements and paid versions. Zimlets are created by the community.

    Even with the full VMWAre Appliance or Collaboration edition its still cheaper than exchange.

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  • Laird Knox
    Mar 4, 09:52 AM
    I agree with the crop. I'm not sure why I didn't think of it or do it before. I remember feeling the same way but then ignoring myself. :)

    This is a "quick and dirty" crop using the crop tools in flickr. I would like more room on the right for the table. This is cropped to the edge of the empty chair, so to do a bit more room I'll have to erase the part of the chair that shows. I may try that when I have more time. (

    That's better but give it a try even tighter. Bring the right edge up past the tray. That might make the toys jump out a little more. Same thing if you bring the bottom edge up closer to his elbow. You may have some room to bring the top and right in a little tighter to match the bottom and left crop.

    I'm not sure if this will make a better photo but from what I see I think it is worth a try. (Gotta love the digital age!)

    I found the original crop interesting at first glance but the more I looked at it the more I lost interest. It may have been the clutter of the bars and expanse of the table and chair to the right - the main focus seemed to get lost. I dunno. ;)

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  • SuperCachetes
    Mar 11, 03:28 PM
    I too will be swapping out my US made foreign car for an "American" car, but anymore, I'm not sure what that means.

    Good point. There is a little article in the April Car and Driver that lists all of the cars assembled in North America and their actual domestic parts content. Some of it is pretty shocking. Sorry, I don't think they have it online, but if somebody really wants it, I can scan it.

    As an example, the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry are both 80% U.S./Canadian parts content. The Chevrolet Silverado pickup? ...61%. :eek:

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  • twoodcc
    Mar 8, 09:36 PM
    thanks for the screenshots! i'm glad that lion server is included in lion. more people will use it, since it comes with lion.

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  • asencif
    Feb 28, 05:23 PM
    Having installed lion, then re-ran the installer to change to lion server, it seems to re-install the os, although lion server seems to be more of an add-on (applications/services) rather than a a difference in OS.

    With lion server i don't see apple releasing new server hardware other than utilising the mac mini / pro. all the services including the new profile tool look to be aimed at soho business for file-sharing/back-up or larger business utilising lion server as an add-on to current services/server to simply manage the profiling for idevices/computers, and maybe some file-sharing/podcasting/wiki or ichat.

    there seems to be set-up/references for setting up idivices for use with MS Exchange/push mail which lion server still do sent seem to support for iphones/ipads.

    Are there options to enable Open Directory Services, NFS, Software Update Server, XGRID? Also, are the Server Admin and Workgroup Manager tools included or replaced with something else?

    I'm reading mixed things all over the web on what's gone and what isn't.


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  • blake836
    Jan 7, 08:42 AM
    I got the new facebook update for bug fixes on syncing but not for the fact that I can't hear when I get a notification... I got no sound...

    I ran the update for this today and I am getting no notifications at all even though they are all turned on in the settings.

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  • belovedmonster
    Apr 12, 11:08 AM
    According to IGNs Wii podcast the first 6 or so hours are pretty easy and then it ramps up to being really rather quite hard come the end.

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  • rtheb
    Apr 26, 04:32 PM
    Try and Repair Permissions in Disk Utility and see if that helps.

    Then try to diable Bluetooth and then enable it again.

    Then try pairing again.

    Also change the batteries for giggles as well! :confused:

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  • Ca$hflow
    Mar 24, 03:02 PM
    I can't wait till iPad2 is released in Canada.:D I'm already noticing ipad1 dropping like a rock.:cool: What is weird with the iPad is that it is dramatically loosing its value. A fan boy told me once that apple products hold their value.:rolleyes:

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  • 2 Replies
    Apr 19, 11:25 AM
    Looks valid to me, and makes more sense than their current implementation.
    Currently, when you're closing one of the MANY programs that are usually open, you can only interact with the small strip across the bottom of the phone.
    Four icons at a HAVE to scroll... and you can't use landscape mode to see more icons at a time either.
    (Really a poor UI design as it doesn't make efficient use of the limited available screen space.)

    Hopefully, we'll see this soon... (as well as the option for a landscape homescreen..... with active icons. :-/

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  • bbeagle
    Mar 23, 01:43 PM
    This would greatly improve the usability of airplay, in my opinion.

    Imagine you had your TV on some random channel, while surfing the internet on your iPad. If your TV supported AirPlay, then you could just click the Airplay button on your iPad, and the random channel would be changed to the Airplay content. You wouldn't have to change the tuners over to Apple TV. Much more convenient.

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  • redscull
    Apr 6, 01:27 PM
    This is not what you originally said. You said "unless every normal person has a tech friend/relative to keep the tablet working/updated" which is something else altogether, about personal ability. Why else would they have to be a "tech friend". If it was only about having one "period" then any dumbo friend/relative with a computer would do.My argument wasn't changed, but it might have been misunderstood. If every normal person was using the tablet, it would only be their tech friends who had a true computer in addition to a tablet (my implication being that only techies maintain multiple personal computers). So all the normal tablet users would need tech friends for the occasional sync. Sure, any dumb friend with a reasonably modern computer would do, but the idea is that all these dumb friends have moved on to tablets as well. At some point, everyone has tablets, and only the techies have a second, "real" computer.

    You can get apps without a computer. You can get music without a computer. You can get TV shows and movies without a computer. You can get mail without a computer. You don't actually need to sync anything. If you do not have anything to transfer over anyway (your "it's going to be the only one he's using" scenario), then you don't need a desktop.I'm wondering if you've ever tried a "never synced" iOS device. It actually is limited in some fairly annoying ways. For "normal" people, one of the biggest is the inability to manage photos. You can import them with the photo kit, but you end up with one stupid huge mess of pictures until you use a real computer to rearrange everything. You also miss out on updates. And maybe you think that's not important, but it becomes a big deal when all the apps you want to download start requiring a newer iOS version than what you have. It might take a year, but you'll reach a point where not syncing ends up meaning you can't get apps either. There's also a different mindset around backups for a portable device vs. a desktop. Justified, too; it's a lot easier to lose or wipe out the data on an tablet than a desktop computer. It needs wifi or even cloud-based backup without having to first sync to a computer.

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  • ctsport1234
    Oct 28, 04:51 AM
    the new interface looks great! its about time apple! ;)

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  • Ingot
    Apr 12, 01:06 PM
    Pages and Number are TRASH compared to Word and Excel(especially excel)

    Keynote is actually pretty good!

    I personally use open office for spreadsheet work but do have all three systems on my ibeast.

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  • SRSound
    Oct 16, 10:35 PM
    One model is expected to be a "smart phone" with integrated keyboard, video and music capabilities...

    YESSSSS please come out with an Apple iPod+PDA+Cell w/ QWERTY device - i would buy this in a second!

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  • vong
    Mar 18, 05:07 PM
    3.63 for regular / 87

    Sep 19, 07:20 PM
    What about a firmware update for the 24" iMac?

    and why would this be needed?

    Jul 16, 07:23 AM
    Picked up my pre-order today, so far so good! The main reason I exchanged for my Elite was to see if the new Xbox was quieter in RL, which is its by a huge factor. I've got MW2 installing at the mo, and from 3m away can barely discern a hum - no more turbine hall, huzzah!

    With no disk in it really is whisper quiet. There's a shrill "beep" when you use the DVD drive eject button to confirm you've actually touched it, as it's not illuminated in anyway that's probably a good thing.

    Only issue I had was that the HDD was not detected first time I switched it on. One removal and insertion later and alls good, 227GB usable space. I'll ditch all of the pre-installed stuff before I get around to installing all my go-to games, add-ons, saves etc.

    Suits my Samsung HDTV to a tee, one happy owner here!

    Sep 20, 12:34 AM
    Strange question: can you use the Firmware Restoration CD to update your firmware? This disc is designed to fix a bad update from CD, bypassing the hard disk and the RAID array. Seems to me that it should work, in theory.

    Read all about it here ( New version released today for the latest Mac Pro firmware.

    Jan 7, 03:19 PM
    What are people mainly using the Push for? I certainly wouldn't want to be updated every time one of my friends posts on Facebook... I know there are different settings - just wondering what kind of updates people use this for.

    Mar 13, 01:35 PM
    No problem here in Houston on my AT&T phone. Jumped ahead at the correct time.

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