Paper, Scissors, String... and a little magic

    A couple weekends ago a friend of mine and her mother were putting on a Bridal Shower for their soon-to-be sister and daughter-in-law. They held it at my friend's grandmother's house which already has a special feel to it with the antique decor (which you can see in the beautiful chair pictured above). So, we kept the decorations for the shower super simple. I made this "Bride" banner to hang over the Bride's seat. It was fairly simple to make and really was a special touch.

    Make sure to use a nice thick paper for the letters so they hold up nicely, but use any color you want. You could even find a nice patterned paper. For the little flower looking additions on either end I used regular copy paper so I could bend and mold it more easily. For those I just followed template I have for headbands I do with fabric, but it worked great for those as well. You can go without the additions or make whatever you want for the ends.Source URL:
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