"Cities of Dreams" Exhibition at The Art Room Galleries - Taunton.

    West Country Galleries recently paid a visit to The Art Room Galleries in Taunton, Somerset. During our visit, we were told about the up and coming  Exhibition “Cities of Dreams”. The Exhibition is to feature highly acclaimed city artist Csilla Orban.   This is a one day only exhibition which will commence on Saturday 21st May from 1-3pm, at The Art Room Galleries.  You will also be able to meet and chat with the artist too!

    I love Csilla Orbans’s work and I‘m always enchanted by her cityscapes. They feature many recognisable locations. The colours blossom forth in abundance of atmosphere which pushes aside the need for accuracy of detail in her work.  I’m particularly drawn by her ability to merge her colours in a rain soaked street which brings together perfectly, the fast-moving pace of her chosen subject, the hustle and bustle, the commotion all intertwined in the stroke of a brush.

    For further information, visit their website: www.artroomgalleries.co.uk , telephone number: 01823-351-222. E-mail:info@artroomgalleries.co.uk. 

    Been to the exhibition? Let me know what you thought. I would love to hear from you!
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