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  • Nermal
    Mar 21, 09:23 PM
    There's a chain email going around here in NZ saying not to buy from BP or Mobil for the rest of the year. I'm not expecting it to do much good though...

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  • alphaod
    Apr 26, 03:25 PM
    I hope they use the USB flash drive option (like they do with the MacBook Air); then enable some way where we can update the OS install on the flash drive with newer 10.7.x releases, so down the road when we reinstall our machines we don't need to go through the process of having to redownload every update since our install version.

    Plus the USB drive option would work well with folks have don't have an optical drive in their machines.

    And I wouldn't mind paying a bit more for the USB drive option.

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  • Full of Win
    Apr 21, 12:51 PM
    Delivering next gen hardware wrapped in current (or known) exterior enclosures has been SOP with console makers for years. For example, Microsoft used PowerMac G5's for developers of XBOX 360 games before the consumer hardware shipped.

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  • peter02l
    Mar 24, 04:16 AM
    You do understand that it's not that they're adopting them as their primary system for day to day use, but rather they're purchasing more because (with the slight increase in popularity of the OSX platform) they have to be able to counter said OSX threats.
    They're mirroring the increased OSX hacker population. This isn't really anything for any Apple fanboi to be proud of.

    Someone recently said Windows is a house with bars in a bad neighborhood and OSX being a house without locks in the country.
    That being true, the FBI is just reacting in the expected manner to the increasing the number of criminals in the country (due to the increased number of country houses).

    What a bunch of crap.

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  • Takeo
    Aug 14, 04:15 PM
    Worst Apple ads ever. You attract more flies with sugar than vinegar, and Apple's all about the vinegar.

    Actually... that's not true at all! I made a fruit fly trap last week with a small dish filled with balsamic vinegar and covered with saran wrap with little holes poked in it... I caught a whole SLEW of those buggers!!!

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  • oldschool
    Sep 13, 12:22 PM
    i'm a jerk

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  • GimmeSlack12
    May 2, 06:56 PM
    Well I feel stupid. The add-on "Tabs to the front" worked

    Ha, it happens to all of us. Don't worry, a day will come where you'll answer this question for someone else and they'll be happy you knew where to look.

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  • pmz
    Mar 24, 07:34 AM
    Defense budget is already ridiculous and embarrassing.

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  • iLucas
    Apr 20, 08:10 AM
    I think this is just a guy with the cydia application multifl0w and a white iphone 4. I have multifl0w and it looks very similiar to this and with a white iphone 4 conversion kit, it could be used to make a video like this.

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  • danielbriggs
    Nov 21, 04:52 PM
    This is not really new technology.

    This is a very common device what is new is that someone is marketing it to Apple.

    I agree... But sounds nice, but I just don't think it will pay off. Keep a fan spinning 10 mins longer may set you back around £5-10. + add's size an weight.

    Nice idea, not practical

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  • noxtos
    Mar 27, 03:47 AM
    The worn turtlenecks go to the incinerator in the basement...

    Oh, I forgot. Since apple turned green they are shredded and made into iPhone boxes.

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  • redeye be
    Oct 3, 03:28 PM
    Hello all,

    It's been a while. Life has been quite busy here for me. A few weeks ago everything started falling back in to place again.
    After a few weeks of doing absolutely nothing but trying to decide (summer break @ edu job) i pointed the gun towards the church tower (it's a dutch saying : The bullet is through the church - decision has been made).
    Today i started my first day of school. Finally doing something I really like :). And after some tryouts with jobs i could do while studying i landed on a sweet spot at a retail shop (guess what i'm selling :D;)).

    Anyhow, school really will take up most of my time, so i will have to choose between a masters degree or a cool widget.
    I could stop reading MR... :rolleyes:

    The widget now works again.
    Download here ( or use the link in the first post.

    If you, or anybody you know would like to continue or redesign a folding widget, feel free to contact me. It's a great way of getting started with webdesign and javascript. I mentioned the possibility of making a Konfabulator version of the widget to EOC, they seemed to like it and, just maybe, if you play your cards right, there could be something in it for you.
    I'm throwing in the towel but am more than happy to donate all my work and conversations with EOC to somebody who is really interested in making this a very cool widget.

    Thx for your support while making this widget. You guys rock, all (well ok, not all but most ;))

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  • rdowns
    Apr 8, 10:17 AM
    How selfish and arrogant of Obama to say he'll veto any further extensions. The House already passed a 1 week extension yesterday. And now we're facing a shutdown because Obama wants to stamp his feet like a whiny child.

    These greedy left-wingers refusing to cut the fat out of the budget are going to force financial hardship on hundreds of thousands of people if there's a shut-down. They need to put their arrogance aside for a moment, and realize that the budget has to be fixed. now. $Trillions in debt? And they want to spend more on bull #$%& social programs? Talk about clueless. When you're this far in debt, you can't afford to flush more money down the toilet on controversial programs like NPR, Planned Parenthood, etc.

    The paltry few cuts they've agreed to so far, is as if I made $50k a year, spent $90k a year, had $1 million in credit card debt and thought I could fix everything by no longer going out to dinner a few times a month. What a joke. :rolleyes:

    Your rant would be pretty good if it contained any truth.

    What controversial about women health issues? No federal money is used for abortions; that's been the law of the land for quite some time. Why do the Republicans keep bringing it up? This isn't about the budget, it's about ideology.

    Both sides are disingenuous but the Republicans are much worse.

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  • BBC B 32k
    Oct 25, 02:02 PM
    gonna try to get there for 5.59 pm, guess i can queue for sixty seconds, better get a t-shirt though or i will be peeved.

    met line from pinner so may be late if there are delays. hope they still have some copies of Tiger left as i need one for my old eMac. should be on sale right?

    i hear that hamleys will be selling Leopard for �49.00 on the day and starting at 5.45 pm. also free beer and a wink from the cashier with every copy sold.

    see you all soon.

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  • thisisarcadia
    Dec 2, 04:34 PM
    just tried to go to the website and it is no longer online

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  • ptysell
    Mar 23, 01:53 PM
    [QUOTE=HobeSoundDarryl;12235279]"Now with airplay" seems too far down the benefit list to drive many sales of TVs. I doubt it would be touted in any mainstream way- just as another line item of something else the TV can do. I don't picture people choosing to buy new TVs because they come with that particular benefit.[QUOTE]

    Apparently you don't understand just how many iOS devices apples has sold.

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  • Steve121178
    Apr 13, 10:31 AM
    No matter how much you polish a turd, it's still a turd.

    People like you make me laugh. Office 2011 is great, anyone who says otherwise is wrong.

    Sure, there are alternatives to Office which people may prefer, but Office 2011 is great. Complete and utter fact.

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  • DELLsFan
    Feb 23, 06:31 AM
    I wonder what do they discuss and what is the conclusion?

    Considering how nearly all of those CEOs are solidly in the tank for Obama, and given how increasingly unpopular B. Hussein is becoming, his presidential re-election and prostrating himself for campaign contributions was likely the top priority.

    Oh ... after prawn and champagne, there might have been some idle talk of technology and Jobs.

    Conclusion? All that "genius" and not one of them cares about U.S. history and the dangers in repeating its mistakes. It's a shame that wealth has blinded nearly all of them to the danger of statism. It's too bad the innovation by this small, powerful, (and ideologically ignorant) group of elitists is restricted to technology.

    The rest of the country is hurting. Gas and food prices rising, housing market crippled, jobless rate still 10%, bailout after bailout, billions and billions spent on a failed "stimulus" that did nothing but line Obama cronies' pockets, a health care "overhaul" that will obliterate not only the health care in the U.S., but the rest of the economy with it, US foreign policy incompetent, our troops' hands tied in Afghanistan - with no directive to really win there. Oh yeah ... give us 4 more years of this? Pass the caviar, Steve. :eek:

    And there they sit ... Cheers to the community organizer-in-chief! How about we focus on the cancer that affects more than just Apple stock. No ... not Steve Jobs' illness. Something far more virulent ... America's. The blight of liberalism. How about we talk about how time and time again, it's utterly failed to do anything but grow an already bloated government, destroy liberty, personal property, and worsen an economy that used to be second-to-none?

    Bon Appetit!

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  • darkplanets
    Apr 5, 07:42 PM
    Am I the only one that's happy about adapters?

    I feel they give the maximum flexibility for the minimum port interference; I'd rather have 4 of these good-for-any-use ports on my computer than a set number of fixed use ports, some of which never get used.

    I guess it's just me?

    Feb 24, 07:54 PM
    In addition, you might read up on this and see that this is really douchebag behavior we're talking about where a publisher has a "free" game for kids and then charges $100 multiple times for "smurfberries". That's pretty slimy behavior. The intention is to get a child who doesn't understand it's not play money to have their parents download the app and put in their password, then use the 15-minute window to rob the parents. The parents are thinking this is some harmless game until they get the bill.

    I would call this bad parenting if it didn't involve trickery. Do you really expect a child to understand the difference between play money and real money?

    Mar 24, 03:46 PM
    Well windows for killing is one thing, Microsoft are well known to be evil but mac for killing? Either way I don't care what the end use is if the US army take apple on i'll be put of buying Apple stuff. It's purely political!

    Apr 13, 02:03 AM
    Except race has been shown to have an effect on intelligence. Ashkenazi Jews are about 1SD above whites, on average (average IQ 100, SD = 15). Blacks typically fare about 1SD lower than whites.

    1. You mean Ashkenazi Jews are 1SD above NON-JEWISH whites? Because last time i checked Ashkenazi's were white.

    2. It actually has nothing to do with race. Jews have a higher chance of being college educated than non-jews, and blacks have less of a chance of being college educated than whites altogether. It's not genetic, its the result of a combination of social factors.

    So in short, race has no effect on intelligence. Upbringing does.

    Rodimus Prime
    May 5, 07:55 PM
    The iMac 27" is my favorite.. none of the all-in-ones it's compared to are even the same size on that chart. Even if you build a computer with the same equipment it's more:
    $1100+ for the 27" IPS monitor from Dell (
    $150-250 for the processor (i5 2390(I think)) according to Intel (
    $120+ for the graphics card (desktop version, not sure about the mobile) according to Newegg (
    Anywhere from $100 to $500+ for the tower and necessary equipment ( just depends on what tower, cooling etc. you purchase)
    $180 for the Windows license :P according to Newegg Newegg (
    $1550 at the minimum if you do it yourself, probably more if you buy it from a manufacturer. Slightly more expensive than the $1500 iMac, and not everything comes in a nice looking package. Plus the hours you get to spend putting it together.

    I did the math for at least that one Microsoft, stick to making Windows 8 as awesome as Windows 7 instead of making terrible ads like this.

    Umm do not use retail cost of the OS. You need to use the OEM cost. That is 100 bucks.

    Sep 20, 10:43 PM
    I'm a bit confused, because, I can't update the EFI ... I strictly followed the instructions. Poweron while holding the power button... then some secondes after speed flashs of the led (I mean stroboscopic) and then just a long BIIIIIP and normal boot after that ...

    Tried many times, any hints ?
    Thx a lot

    Did you check your current firmware revision against the update? Maybe your firmware is already up to date.

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