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  • p0intblank
    Sep 25, 11:52 AM
    I've had enough of this voting system. Look for a thread on it in the Community Discussion.

    Edit: Make that the Site and Forum Feedback forum...

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  • JAT
    Apr 5, 12:59 PM
    I am not saying CR has no understanding of technology, however, Their fourth choice was Centrum.
    They have gone back and forth over the years on how to test electronics. So many things are subjective, including picture quality, audio quality, gui usage quality....and they generally try to use "regular" people as the point. So they rate pretty much all HDTVs as having high points for video quality, even though there are clearly standouts to videophiles. And don't even get me started on speakers.

    You really can't use CR as anything more than a single data point. You must find other data points to do research. But that doesn't mean CR is worthless, just shouldn't be your only tool.

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  • lionel messi wallpaper 2011

  • pmz
    Mar 24, 07:34 AM
    Defense budget is already ridiculous and embarrassing.

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  • madhatress
    Mar 25, 06:20 AM
    I haven't been able to find a SINGLE store that has the 16GB model. I've searched everywhere throughout the city and east bay. Anyways, all I've called have said the iPads are $299/$399/$499 with no contract.

    Any 32GB left? If so where? At YYZ waiting to board my flight to SFO :)

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  • slieu92
    Mar 25, 01:03 AM
    How do we distinguish corporate stores from privately owned ones?

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  • Lionel Messi 2011 Boots

  • dudeofswim
    Apr 28, 02:29 PM
    What would I like to see in the next gen MBA?
    First it has to be shipped via royal unicorns and delivered by the Jobs himself?

    Jeez. Just enjoy the thing you already bought. No use contemplating whats next. But ... a ULV SB and 3000 graphics is a decent trade off (for the 11"), the 13" can get ULV SB and 3000 graphics. (w/e its not like its that much of a difference, who plays hard core games on a machine like this and has space leftover), backlit keyboard, less bezel or a black border (not happening), HD facetime (why not), and a thiner body. Sure this is thin. Even thinner would be better :)

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  • fredr500
    Apr 6, 08:08 AM
    I felt the same way as Woz when the iPad was first announced. A great product for my wife but not for me, I need my macbook.

    Then I was assigned to develop iPad apps and got one. My wife still doesn't have one, but I won't leave home without mine. I can remote into my home or work mac when needed, have all my music and video and docs with me always.

    Sure, I won't write code on it but for pretty much everything else this is it. Basically it is a window into the world, erasable paper, portable media.

    I've also got a blackberry, a windows phone, a Galaxy, a Dell Streak and a Xoom on my desk right now (and a Playbook on the way) and just can't understand how they all missed the mark when Apple has been showing them the way for the past year.

    I've become a believer in the iPad.

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  • iMikeT
    Sep 1, 04:09 AM
    I think this is page 1 worthy only if Apple released some new feature in Leopard.:rolleyes:

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  • DeSnousa
    May 14, 07:10 AM
    Wow the team is doing really good at the moment, we are set to overtake now before we get overtaken ourseleves. We have some 11 new members over the last week and have over 80 folder, lets get this to 100 :D

    Go team this is very exciting.

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  • skeep5
    Oct 6, 10:45 AM
    not going to happen move along people

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  • rhett7660
    Apr 1, 08:48 AM
    Wow... short sighted on the networks part. I'm surprised.... no difference than just having another TV in your house, just on your Tablet. It would be interesting to know more about their motivation behind this... maybe they want to go direct? In other words, maybe Discovery and the other channels want to sell direct subscriptions and not go through channel partners like Time Warner?

    If that is the case... I smell disaster for the networks. Who wants to buy individual channels for their computers, iPads or other devices? Not me? It would have to be dirt cheap.

    Hummm.... thinking about it... maybe it's not so dumb? If each channel was $.99 and I could pick Ala-carte who I wanted, I know my Cable bill would go from $40 per-month to less than $10. Maybe they are onto something thinking about it?

    This is probably why they WON'T do this. I am with you. I wish I could scrap 90% of the channels I get and just get that I watch. Lower my bill by a few bucks, I would be a happy camper. But I don't see that happening anytime soon thou. Who knows though. Maybe this is the beginning!!

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  • Kuwait-Mac
    Dec 5, 02:52 PM
    God !! .. I Stell Want One .. Even If Costs 600 $ .. Don't Care For The Price .. I Want Me iPhone 4 To Be White !

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  • jeremiah256
    Apr 28, 02:17 PM
    wtf? :confused:


    Sorry, it should have been 'pretty face'. See post #6. Didn't mean to freak you out!

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  • The oots are made of polymer

  • Goldinboy17
    Mar 24, 10:04 PM
    Just got mine fired up! Love it!

    Why would one jailbreak? What is the benefit? Just curious as I haven't updated yet. Thanks!

    I'm off to browse from the couch :)

    I specifically did it so I could install ZumoCast and use MyWi On Demand so I can tether to my iPad without significantly damaging my phones battery.

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  • top-star Lionel Messi and

  • Apple OC
    Mar 11, 01:16 PM
    most products "Made in the USA" are excellent quality

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  • The word was that Lionel Messi

  • TEG
    Apr 5, 05:32 PM
    I believe he's referring to headsets that don't have the audio in and out jack combined into one ( The line-in port on Macs does not have any power to support a microphone. This is why the Griffin iMic exists.

    Since the Mic port turned into Line-In, there hasn't been any power on the port, requiring a powered input or amp. However, on the Headset jacks that support the iPhone mic on them, do have a built-in mic, even on the MacBook, but only when using the 3rd sleeve that the iPhone mic cable has.


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  • barcelona fc messi. LIONEL

  • zimv20
    May 23, 04:49 PM
    aw, crap. now i gotta get tiger.

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  • real madrid fc barcelona 2011.

  • bduvinmac
    Mar 11, 10:43 AM
    Just ventured into the store. Not very crowded at all. One other person in there is camped out for 5 pm. No line yet everyone is hanging in their car.

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  • lionel messi barcelona

  • skunk
    Apr 14, 05:16 PM
    So how would me exercising my right to refuse to sell X to Y infringe upon Y's "rights"?Y has a right under your Constitution to be treated equally to anybody else. You can refuse to serve Y because Y is abusive, intimidating, shifty or unreasonable, but not simply because Y is black, gay, "Muslim-looking" or trans-gendered.

    Mar 26, 05:28 PM
    So he really doesn't wear anything besides jeans and black turtleneck...huh :)

    I wonder how many turtlenecks he has?

    Sep 15, 08:56 PM
    As I understand it the drugs they use are poisons and the job of the anestisiologist (?) is to give you just enough to nearly kill you and keep that dose constant throughout the op, so your more dead than asleep.
    Probably best not to try and fight with the guy trying very hard to not-quite-kill-you!
    I guess I never really fight it. I'm out in a heartbeat. I just like to see who long it takes me, which is never long.


    Sep 13, 11:26 AM
    It looks like everyone else has covered the basics. The bottom line is: Don't Worry. You'll do fine.

    As best I can remember, all of my experiences with anesthesia have been of the IV persuasion. The medicine feels warm going in, and when counting backwards from 100, I rarely make it past 96. ;)

    Like others have said, when you wake up, one of your first sensations will be to wonder: "Well, when are we going to get started?" You will almost certainly say some goofy things to the nurse or whoever's monitoring you; don't worry, they're used to it.

    You really do need to arrange for someone to take you home. There's no way I'd try to manage a cab ride home while still "under the influence." Even though the hospital's released you, you'll still likely be a little loopy for awhile. And you will sleep a good while once you get home.

    I don't remember if anyone's said this, but if you're a little anxious about the anesthesia, they can give you something to calm you down beforehand. They did this for me once when my doc was running late (tied up in a prior surgery) and my procedure was postponed a little bit. The delay gave me a little more time to get worried about things, and so they gave me a shot of something that didn't knock me out, but did help me to relax. wdlove probably knows what I'm talking about.

    Oct 26, 11:36 PM
    Apple is coming up with an update of their production suite this January.
    Adobe can keep trying, I don't think that they are getting even close...

    Nov 21, 05:05 PM
    As someone pointed out above, Powerchips ( seems much neater. Their insulation/conduction effect comes from a cool application of quantum mechanics and nano-etching. However, as they point out--and as I worry for the guys mentioned here--the chip actually insulates as it generates electricity. Thus it would get power from the heat of the CPU, but it also raises the temperature of the CPU by insulating it. I wonder whether these guys would have the same problem (perhaps not if they lose more heat to conduction).

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