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  • grantsdale
    Jul 20, 12:18 PM
    Bah, why do people bump old threads?

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  • Josh
    Dec 14, 09:21 AM
    ^ yeah, sometimes it goes up when I think it's doing that.

    But this up/down sequence is very regular - too regular to be from processes running, I imagine.

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  • rgs3
    Apr 24, 04:27 PM
    seriously just shut ur pretty faces with the tired backlit keyboard anthem. this is like the least desirable feature esp since it has a direct impact on battery life.

    so simple really:

    -more power
    -longer battery life
    -IPS display
    -less weight
    -runs cool

    the new x220 does the mba better in three items above today for a fact. time for apple to step it up again.

    lol..i think the universe revolves around this guy.
    BTW - BLK might be the biggest requested feature.

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  • Lesser Evets
    Apr 14, 01:34 PM
    I like the mop behind him. Is he the janitor of the data center?

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  • iApples
    Apr 4, 11:46 AM
    Why don't we just give our full paycheck to the government each week. With all these stupid taxes, we're pretty much already doing this.

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  • rovex
    May 2, 03:08 PM
    I Apple's QC is excellent by the way.

    I disagree, I think with the iPhone QC has been relatively good but not at all on the iPad. The IPad 2's QC has been dreadful.

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  • appleguy
    Jan 6, 10:01 PM
    go to the friends tab within facebook and within, there is a 'sync' tab on the top right of the page. Hope that helps.

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  • lordonuthin
    Apr 22, 07:05 PM
    remember though, you can't use the gpu's in OS X, only in windows right now. so the only way to use both gpu and cpu at the same time is in windows, unless you are good in linux, i've heard people getting it to work

    Using WINE can work but it isn't easy, I tried and wasn't able to get it working. I will have to try again sometime.

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  • jefhatfield
    Sep 14, 09:48 AM
    Originally posted by bullrat

    Okay, you can flame away now -- but all I'm saying is there are a lot of potential switchers waiting to plunk down their hard earned cash if Apple would get it together. I see more and more Apple folks waking up, no longer satisfied to let Apple off the hook for getting further and further behind the rest of the computer world.

    The best OS deserves the best hardware or at least a lot better hardware than being currently used. You want premium prices? Then give us premium hardware. Geez, drop Motorola if they can't deliver the goods and go with IBM (don't go with Intel or AMD to keep that Apple distinction). But pul-leeze do it soon. I want to buy!


    you have a lot of valid points as i notice the excuses get more and more ridiculous as to why apple machines are behind in speed

    dropping motorola has been something more mac users here have pondered, but we will have to wait and see if ibm can truly deliver

    the latest powermacs may not be as fast as was rumored but they are a good step in the right direction

    when apple has no more machines in the sub 1 ghz range, then the complaints will definitely slow down, and once apple has a machine over 2 ghz sometime next year, then the speed issue will not be at the top of the list...of course, the pc world will be over 3 ghz at that time but hopefully not at 4 ghz...so it's our dual 1.25s vs. wintel's 2.5 ghz p4s and that does not look too good

    so if we can scale up to 2 ghz while pcs are not at 4 ghz yet, then it won't look as bad or matter that much...and maybe then the major switching will start to begin en masse...i will keep my fingers crossed

    i think apple's goal is to get more users, not to beat microsoft...at this point, no one could beat microsoft

    when asked who would be the next microsoft, one of the financial brothers of the motley fools (business book series) said the next microsoft is microsoft...pretty obvious stuff

    at one time, i thought dot.com would grow even more placing much more IT/IS emphasis on WAN making cisco systems become the next microsoft but that did not happen and cisco is not in any position to take on the mantle of a microsoft

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  • caspersoong
    Apr 7, 07:09 AM
    True. If only it supported reading usb flash drives, I could abandon my laptop except for syncing. So instead, I got an iPod.

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  • jsw
    Sep 13, 09:14 AM
    No, it's the anethesist who is is dreamy, the neurosurgeon is a cut-up.

    Wait, maybe the neurosurgeon is sharp and the anethesist is a gas...

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  • kashimo
    Nov 13, 01:59 AM
    Actually, it is the taste of Kanto (around Tokyo) not that of Kansai (around Osaka). But for the image of Apple in Japan, Kansai plot is not suitable, I guess. Because the image of Kansai is not cool.

    As a native Japanese, good one is iLife one (someone calls it "iRife" BTW).

    Actors are comedian duo called "Ramens" (you know ramen as in chinese noodle)

    Eh Kansai not cool? No way...Shock!

    Kind of unique that instead of using regular actors they are using a manzai group. Way to go manzai boom. Cultrually unique.

    The Rahmens (http://www.twinkle-co.co.jp/profile/rahmens.html)
    More about the Rahmens (http://tvinjapan.blogspot.com/2006/05/japanese-tradition-more-fr_114654121352258176.html)

    Why? Oh Why use Kanto Manzai.... damn manzai boom. Drives me nuts. Much of it is painful. I would prefer wearing braces to watching kanto humor. Kanto humor is drier than a desert.

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  • dlperry42
    Apr 14, 09:22 PM
    Better check the latest Delta ruling -- no use of an iPod on board at any time.

    Hard to believe, but that is the statement in their magazine and they are having the flight attendents enforce it.:(

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  • dwright1974
    Apr 12, 02:06 PM
    aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh I want to buy this!!!! But alas I cannot afford it at present, well it depends on if I get a 3DS next weekend or not. But having used the demo of Outlook I love it, much better then Mail IMO.

    If anyone knows of a cheaper price then around �160 in the UK let me know cause that's the best I've found.

    Are you in education? Or do you have children in education?

    If so, then you can buy it for just under �39 from RM (www.RM.com/thebasement).

    Full disclosure: I work for RM.



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  • edesignuk
    Dec 18, 09:02 AM
    Just as I did in that one, I think it's incredibly sad. The irony in what the RATM croud are trying to achieve is particularly amusing.Why is it "sad"? :confused:

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  • dsnort
    Oct 16, 08:33 PM
    Apple smart phone with keyboard? I could definitely be talked into that.

    And if that keyboard was actually part of a full video capable touch screen? :D

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  • Zeos
    Mar 11, 12:58 PM
    Can you ask if they have instructions from AT&T for moving grandfathered unlimited plans to the iPad2?:)

    Stonebriar Frisco update, about 60 in line. Apple rep going down line asking if we have any questions and will try to give us answers.

    Asked about what and when accessories are available

    Ask about how many per person

    Asked about qnty of each available

    Asked about flow when doors open at 5:00

    And if we do not want personal setup is there an express pay lane


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  • LimeiBook86
    Aug 20, 03:11 AM
    nice work bud ;)

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  • sevnson71
    Aug 21, 08:24 AM
    I added an addendum for the technologically impaired to the lifehacker article posted a few times on how to shut it down on the iPhone, which evidently you have to do separately if you use the app. Posted on my business' Facebook page, oh the irony! It's fairly simple to disable and render ineffective(though sadly not "shut off" per se).


    Sep 13, 07:25 AM
    Originally posted by Haberdasher
    Go ahead and flame me...I know that the Mhz of the G4 and P4 don't match up in performance, but there's too big of a speed gap for there to be any doubt in my mind of which is faster.

    It's actually a little worse than you think, when the P4s first came out, they were clock for clock significantly slower than a G4, but with the release of the Northwood core and then the 533mhz bus, at least with the stuff I do, my P4 is clock for clock faster than my G4. I've got 6 classes of machines sitting around and when I hit render and then factor out mhz, this is the list fastest to slowest: PIII-mobile, P4-533mhz bus, PIII-coppermine, G4-quicksilver, G3, PII. Of course with the boosted bus on the new G4s, this ranking may well have changed, but the point is, the P4 is no longer the laggard it was at it's introduction. On top of that Intel keeps boosting the clockspeed and is about to introduce another boost in the form of hyperthreads to the consumer P4 line to push it even farther.

    I really like my Mac, OSX is nice and I love the iApps. All the kid videos are done using 75% iMovie and iDVD (with a little Premier on the PC when I need something fancy), but frankly that's really not enough and I only keep the Mac to support my customers. When it comes to production, it's just not enough bang for the buck. I have to believe that Steve and Co. have something interesting up their sleeve because to follow Motorola's plodding updates to the G4 seems like a slow suicide and would be a terrible thing to do to the stockholders and fans of the platform.

    Before I get flamed about how it's worth the performance hit and cost to avoid the PCs reputation for more downtime. I haven't a problem like that since NT4 with sp3 as long as I use a top tier vender like dell. The handful of homegrown machines I've built since then have been notoriously twitchy, but is probably more an indicator of my skills as a system integrator not of the platform in general.

    May 4, 06:35 AM
    I am a confirmed PC user, you might call me a PC biggot because I will defend my PC preference to the death. Primarily I like the PC because of it's gaming ability, combined with internet access, and the fact I could afford it and am able to build and upgrade it myself cheaply while still buying high quality parts. My PC is a modest:

    Athlon XP 1700+
    ECS K7S5A Mainboard
    512MB PC2100
    SB Live Value
    Onboard Lan
    ATI Radeon 8500LE 64MB
    Realtek PCI NIC
    Western Digital 40GB and 20GB 7200RPM ATA 100 hard disks
    Running Windows XP Professional Service pack 1

    What I am getting at by this post, is why are Mac people so biggoted against the PC. Another guy made a post somewhere else about how maybe one in fifteen PC users is anti Mac, but more like one in two Mac users is anti PC. What can a Mac user do that I can't? I do audio and video editing on my PC, I can't think of anything a Mac can do my computer can't (and I'll wager I'll do anything cheaper, and being poor that's a serious consideration to me), and what is the big draw to the Mac. I realize this isn't the best forum for a two sided debate, but I am thowing it out there anyway.

    Note: I really don't want to hear how Windows sucks, because the newest version is very easily useable and quite stable and I personally know at least one person who likes Windows XP as much as OSX and uses both regularly. Granted Win 98 was a steaming pile o' dog doo and so was ME, but since 2K Windows has been very viable. Another thing to consider is that Windows is written to work on hundreds....even thousands of hardware configurations, when Mac OS needs to work on maybe 10.....That itself aquits even Windows 95 rather nicely. Besides I can run Linux or other flavors of Unix on my PC should I choose. My inquiry is about the hardware....why do you love it so much it makes you hate PC's

    PS I know two people who have switched from Mac personally, so it goes both ways.

    Mar 11, 09:53 AM
    The roads are not great but it's doable. Will keep updating as more starts to happen.

    Apr 19, 10:40 AM
    Also, oopsie hardware releases aside, how would a "supposedly" early software build of iOS5 end up in the prototype phone of some guy in South East Asia? Hardware production is outsourced to Asia, yes, but software would be held pretty damn closely. Maybe I'm wrong?

    BS- IMHO this is a shamster.

    Apr 5, 09:52 AM
    "Wipe yourself off, your bleeding."

    Screen bleeds on the bottom left hand corner. My only gripe.

    This device is amazing.

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