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  • citizenzen
    Apr 9, 05:12 PM
    Who says people are the greatest asset?

    Well, Cao Cao for one.

    So I'm eager to hear of all the political programs he suports that enhance the probability of health and livelihood for all people, lest one of those precious assets suffer an untimely demise.

    Cao Cao must be a big proponent of speed limits, helmet laws, OSHA, the FDA, the EPA, government regulations, etc.

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  • Macky-Mac
    Apr 12, 08:12 PM
    If people are less likely to use a cashier who is an ethnic minority (which I dispute, but anyway), would that make them less productive and less valuable for their employer?

    So, if it is thought that an ethnic minority would actually do a job worse, because of other people's discrimination, then ethnicity technically would make a difference to their ability to do a job.

    Would this be grounds for not employing them?

    no, that would be discrimination against them because of their race/ethnicity.....the fact that other people also might contribute additional discrimination doesn't negate or justify the employer's racial discrimination

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  • iJohnHenry
    Apr 8, 08:14 PM
    It's not the job of the government (or government funded agencies) to teach people how to not get knocked up and give out birth control. I don't have any objections to this. I don't pay taxes so Sally doesn't pop out another unit.

    But another unit is just what the 'system' requires of Sally, poor girl.

    You could do with a crash course in Economics, not that I agree with what they are trying to achieve.

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  • jaw04005
    Oct 10, 04:15 PM
    I can't wait. I love this game and played it not too long ago on emulation. I hope it translates well. A lot of the arcade ports don't translate well since they were designed with a higher level of difficulity in order to force you to spend more money.

    I guess the Konami code would work though. I want X-Men Children of the Atom next.

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  • Red Defiant
    Mar 25, 04:31 AM
    Unless you really need the face time feature or the better graphics, then this is a good deal.:apple:

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  • Origin
    Sep 19, 05:05 PM
    i think we found our problem, this is stupid

    to install windows i had to unplug my 2 raid drives, i jsut inserted the cp disk withot installing bootcamp (can't install on raid) and after 10 secs the win xp install started

    after that i replugged the raid drives and i can now switch boot disks as with bootcamp... strange huh?

    but now this update... i mean, the ycan't expect a speeduser to just throw away his raid and reinstall to a single disk.

    and if this is not possible( raid update) the yshould clearly start stating this in their installation instructions and notes, not the small print or some hard to find support site to hide the issue

    Okay, finally I CONFIRM that the software raid used by Mac OS X is NOT compatible with the EFI upgrades :( ... too bad.

    Why ? Because i just finished to install a fresh copy of Mac OS X on my 400 Gig "DATA" drive made the upgrade with this distribution ... and it worked like a charm !

    So ...

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  • iAlan
    Nov 11, 10:01 AM
    Saw the first of the 3 ads on TV here in Tokyo a couple of hours ago on channel 6.

    Not overly funny, but the others did give me a bit of a chuckle...

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  • Mr. Incredible
    Apr 6, 03:57 PM
    So, I have a 2007 MacBook, it's really old, and it's in horrible condition (been dropped too many times).

    I want to sell it to get my parents an iPad.

    My dad is the only one who really uses my old macbook, and just uses it for Skype, which is a free app for the iPad.

    Here are my specs, and I will provide pictures also:

    Mac OS X version 10.4.11
    Processor: 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    Memory: 1 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
    Capacity: 80 GB

    When using the computer, it does make some sound, like something is spinning fast below the number keys on the keyboard, I think it's the hard drive, not sure.

    Also, it's battery is practically dead or dying. It has to be plugged in for you to actually use it, if it's not plugged into an outlet, the most it will last before the battery dies is under 2 hours.

    So, how much can I sell this for?

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  • mrholder
    Apr 5, 01:03 PM
    Just bought an iPad 1. Glad it's still ranking up there near the top. It's a solid device. I have an Android phone, too, which serves it's purpose. Will use it as a personal hotspot for the iPad.

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  • Gosh
    Oct 27, 05:32 PM
    Can somebody explain to me why anybody would want to pay $100/year for an email account with only 1 GB of storage?

    Because you love Apple and want them to be really profitable and design more wonderful stuff and take over the world and you can say you were ahead of the curve rather than having to explain why a computer needn't crash! Or maybe you just got $100 to burn and you could do worse!;)

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  • Rt&Dzine
    Apr 23, 02:45 PM
    His past policies and statement do not jive with the Tea Party, and I cannot imagine where that association came from.

    He's using the birther bit for publicity and attracting the flavor of the day (the Tea Party).

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  • sofila
    Nov 14, 09:46 AM
    Imagine having two kids in the back of the car, both with their own video screen, watching their own movie, controlling it from their own iPods.
    I would call this "pre-lobothomy":eek:
    What happened to old driving games and conversation?:o

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  • drlunanerd
    Oct 27, 08:16 AM
    Lyra if you had read the thread you would have seen my comment about the student discount in the store.

    Did they give you the full HE discount though - Leopard for �58.75? Or did they charge �75?

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  • lmalave
    May 7, 04:13 PM
    Originally posted by markjs
    I was drawn to this forum because I am interested in computers generally and macs almost qualify.....but seriously I poked around on a mac for about an hour today, and found that some things are less intuitive (minimizing and closing windows). Also I found that some things easily accessible in windows are not accessible at all in mac OSX. I felt like the computer was "dumbed down" for me. All in all it was a computer and pefectly capable internet machine, but at least in an hour nothing even came close to winning me ove. Oh yeah it also crashed once too.

    They're just different, but I don't see how you can say Windows is more intuitive than OS X. Minimizing and closing apps? OS X Windows have the same 3 freakin' buttons (minimize, maximize, close), but they're on the top left corner instead of the top right corner. Also, keyboard shortcuts are in general more intuitive and uniform on the Mac. For example, command-Q will quit your program. Closing a window doesn't actually quit the program, maybe that's what you're referring to?

    And as far as OS X being dumbed down. Hello? It's a Unix machine! I consider myself an alpha geek or close to it, and I have 10x more power on my Mac than on any Windows machine. It's Windows that's dumbed down. Everything's a black box. I can't even kill a program if it's hanging. I keep going to Task Manager and clicking "End Task" over and over and over and over and it just won't quit. What's up with that? On my iBook everything just works like it's supposed to to a much greater degree than on my PCs.

    As Rower asked, what exactly were you trying to find on the Mac that made you think it was "dumbed down"? It might be in a different place. You're just very used to the Windows interface. That doesn't mean the Mac is "dumbed down".

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  • SmileyDude
    Oct 26, 06:26 PM
    Of course I can see the other side of this. Writing universal apps is not just a matter of "checking a box" in XCode; despite what I've heard some non-coders say on the subject.

    I call bull -- I have a lot of code that I compile as universal at home and work. Sure it's a little more than checking a box, but for a lot of code, it's not much more.

    And for an app that started as Intel, making the reverse transition is probably much easier. There is no CodeWarrior legacy crap, MPW, etc, etc. It already compiles in GCC 4 and will continue to do so under PPC. The only remaining issues are endian issues and maybe the possible use of assembly code.

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  • ddrueckhammer
    Mar 27, 10:37 AM
    Jobs: I have to go to the bathroom. Is that alright?
    Schmidt: (Frisks Jobs Crotch)
    Barista: I frisked him. He's Clean.
    Jobs casually walks to the restroom.

    Job walks back to table and casually sits down.
    (In Italian)
    Schmidt: Do you feel better?
    Jobs: Yes.
    Schmidt: Stevey, you understand me don't you? You're italian, just like your father. You're Sick. When you feel better, we'll arrange a meeting and everything will be alright. This meanness must come to an end.
    Jobs shifts his eyes around the room. Jumps up and shoots Schmidt three times.

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  • chrfr
    Mar 29, 09:30 AM
    Never said it was

    But you are describing totally incorrect behavior of how EF and EF-S lenses work.

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  • Queso
    Dec 17, 02:48 PM
    I'm just glad it's come back into the public eye. I lost a severe amount of braincells headbanging to RATM at uni, well that and the substances anyway.

    Those were Good Days™ :D

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  • Spacedust
    May 1, 03:53 AM
    Watch this:

    They should come easily.

    Apr 24, 04:30 AM
    why isnt my fah using cpu cycles? i dl's the client and started it in sys prefs

    system prefs? are you using the command line variant? there should be some coding info on F@H for getting it started working via the terminal ;)


    i think this is what your after SMP Guide ( ;)

    Oct 26, 06:59 PM
    People kept coming by asking us what we were queuing for, none of them looked at me seriously when I told them we were waiting to get into the Apple Store!

    same here. it was a bit embarrassing to say i was queuing for an operating system!

    Oct 26, 07:32 AM
    How about some reports live from Regent Street?

    Doctor Q
    Sep 24, 12:29 PM
    Originally posted by shadowfax0
    You sure it was 5H and 52M? My friend's single 867 get like 6-7 hours...but any details on how you ran it would be nice too :) But still, I'm liking that time, about ( about people, about, I swear if I hear about this someone's gonna die...) 5 workunits a day, not bad, not bad at all...

    Yup, 5:52:11.2 per unit. I ran it in screensaver mode, watching the display for the first 1/2 hour (I couldn't help it - the flashing lights hypnotized me!) and then letting it turn off the display after that. I have yet to try command-line mode (no GUI), which would presumably tweak the speed still further.

    Mar 24, 07:31 PM
    All sold out in my area. Such a bummer. :(

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