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  • FasterQuieter
    Mar 31, 01:12 PM
    Really really ugly. It is bad enough on the iPad, but yikes, this takes the cake.

    The "leather" that is. The stuff beneath it looks fine. I think if this were my only option, I would seek a third party alternative.

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  • Tymmz
    Jul 25, 11:16 PM
    I don't get it. A non-touch patent and a multi-touch patent. Does Apple know what they want?

    I feel a little like watching Star Trek.

    Maybe a small glimpse of the upcoming technologies, which our grandchildren will enjoy.

    Very interesting!

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  • T4R06
    Apr 25, 09:00 AM
    i hope this is true!

    i am a 4G contractor right now here in T-mobile and i'll tell you HSPA+ is not as fast as verizon LTE but hey, there is no cap! right now im testing HSPA+ and im getting 4mbps on mytouch.

    i hope this merging will not push thru.. or else, at&t will only butcher t-mobile good network..

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  • bigjnyc
    Apr 12, 10:43 AM
    I'm starting to think this rumor may be true. And its actually not a bad thing, My iPhone 4 is working great right now, it's plenty fast and looks awesome. Waiting a couple more months wouldnt be a bad thing. I usually wait a month after new releases anyway for demands and lines to die down.

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  • IndyGopher
    Apr 14, 10:42 AM
    "iX" = "Ix", which is the nickname for the character Ford Prefect in the book "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy".

    Obviously, the new Apple device is either a digital watch or a towel.

    I see that name, and I think of Dune, not HHGG. Ix is the planet where all the cool machines & gadgets are made.

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  • Reach9
    Apr 28, 07:29 PM
    See? This article proves that Black iPhone 4 > White iPhone 4.

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  • stealthman1
    Apr 28, 07:05 PM
    Actually I could feel that it was slightly heavier as well. I weighed both the black and white model and indeed the white is a little heavier but I really dont care, all my cases that I love (SGP) still work fine so its a "Who Cares" kinda thing as said before.

    Oh, jeez, I can't believe you don't know this...charge the black one up to the equivalent level of the white phone and they will weigh exactly the same. ;)

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  • PBF
    Apr 12, 05:19 PM
    I'll laugh my ass off when Apple do announce iPhone 5 at WWDC.

    LOL @ all the false rumours.

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  • Keleko
    Apr 11, 08:10 PM
    I'm glad to see all the new contributors. Don't worry if you don't think they're good enough. I haven't seen anyone's pictures that don't belong here. If there is criticism it is meant to be helpful and not insulting.

    And, here's my simple shot for today. (

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  • rolfbert
    Apr 22, 07:14 AM
    No chance for samsung. Their products are obviously copies. The icons even are crappy...
    yes it's obvious who stole.....

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  • Tobsterius
    Jun 7, 07:50 AM
    More importantly... $1000 for a BAR exam prep app? BAR prep books are significantly less.

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  • houdinize
    Jun 6, 10:50 AM
    If this was on an iPod Touch isn't there a mb cutoff where you have to use your computer, or is that just for 3G and just a suggestion when on wifi?

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  • irmongoose
    Jul 11, 07:05 PM
    WE HAVE COMPETITION!! Thank you, at last... :sniff:

    This is war.


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  • flopticalcube
    Apr 11, 05:11 PM
    Well, I guess in the beginning it could hurt the performance...for people, say, who are using 5 year old computers who pop in a USB 3.0 PCI card.

    But for the folks who are buying computers these days with dual and quad cores that are tons of times faster than 5 year old chips, the performance hit will be minimized...and will continue to fade as the CPUs of tomorrow just keep getting better/faster while USB 3.0 stays the same.

    I'm not an expert on USB...

    Most people who have a computer that is 1-3 years old who upgrade to USB 3.0 are seeing 2-4x immediate performance improvements...which is killer for transfers that used to take 2 hours but now take <45 minutes. :) It might not be at its tip top best but for a $30 PCI card and the same price for a USB 3.0 drive vs. a 2.0 drive, the $30 is a great investment.


    I find USB 2.0 affects my C2D mini so I would suspect the progression would continue. A 2-4 fold improvement only brings it to FW800 territory in the real world. If TB had the same CPU overhead as USB, it would pull down even the fastest quad core very quickly. This is a 10 fold improvement over FW800. I can't argue with the price of USB 3.0 cards and peripherals. At least they are available.

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  • appleguy123
    Apr 28, 11:48 AM
    Is Intel in the pacific time zone, or have I missed a deadline change?

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  • SubaruNation555
    Oct 31, 10:36 AM
    24" HP ZR24w or 24" Dell UltraSharp U2410 to replace my 20" Cinema Display, still haven't decided. The HP is significantly cheaper but the Dell seems to have the edge in color accuracy. I guess you get what you pay for.

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  • Corey Grandy
    Jan 29, 09:21 PM

    Already had Seasons 1-6, 8 & 9. Just in case anyone wonders why I picked up 7, 10 & 11.

    Couldn't resist two good movies.

    Pre-ordered this, even law students love Pok�mon :)

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  • princealfie
    Oct 23, 12:26 PM
    Disgusting. I think that I'm going to get some sushi instead. No rules there...

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  • maroontiger2k9
    Apr 13, 10:41 AM
    I'll laugh my ass off when Apple do announce iPhone 5 at WWDC.

    LOL @ all the false rumours.

    the release date doesnt matter imo. i just need 4G, new design, new features and better specs and im good to go...

    android is dropping a 4g phone every month... apple needs to stop beating around the bush

    Jul 11, 11:56 PM
    I'm all for competition, but this is just a bad idea. MS is only going to be competing with other WMA players like they do with their oh so successful Music Store. The business world is one thing, even gaming I could see them being somewhat successful with one of these years as that's what PCs seem to be best at. The xBox is just a little computer anyway. But this is a different kind of entertainment. It's about cool. It's about style. It's about stuff that people want to just work. MS doesn't have any of that. This will be a me too product that few will care about.

    It's not like Apple's resting on it laurels either. I'm sure they've got something cool planned that'll blow us all away, or at least stave off the "competition" for a little while. I just hope it has better battery life. :p

    iOS v Android
    Apr 29, 02:42 PM
    Yes. I am sure the number 3-25 top selling smartphones all have hardware keyboards.

    The 1 and 2 are both Apple iPhones and they don't have them though.

    I suspect the sales figures of the iPhone 4 and 3GS probably surpass the top 8-10 Android devices combined.

    That is called marketplace domination. Clearly a lot of people here don't have much business experience or understand how business works, but such control of a marketplace is significant, especially given the number of devices available for sale.

    Does HTC sell more smartphones than Apple? Does Motorola? How about Samsung? No, no and no.

    I believe samsung is the highest selling smartphone manufacturer when you take into account that it does have its own OS that it still sells. They are currently the highest selling phone manufacturer. It is difficult to compete with the iPhone. One factor many of you are simply ignoring is that if you want iOS on your phone you have to buy an iPhone. If you want android you do not have to buy a nexus. Limiting the amount of models that run the software will funnel all the sales into those models. It makes since when you think about it.

    The second thing is do people consider the phone "families". Like how Samsung makes the Galaxy S then they redo it several times in the Year. They release it on different carriers with slightly different bodies and button layout and different radios. It happens their is a Galaxy S phone on every major US Carrier. The LG Optimus 1 is on every US carrier but Boost mobile.

    May 1, 11:05 PM
    So on the way to work or school tomorrow be sure to count how many cars have American flags in the windows.

    Apr 26, 12:27 PM
    and amazon is getting sued :D. aka, will start to charge customers more to recoup the costs.

    Also, enjoy playing your amazon cloud on any apple device.

    If there is one thing Amazon doesn't need to worry about - it's the lawyers, they got plenty of them!

    Plus, even if they charge a bit more to recoup the costs - they have huge advantage in that a) they are already there and b) they aren't cloud n00bs with one freshly baked data center close only to the US :)

    And who said anything about Apple devices? Apparently, not many people are concerned ( about that one :p

    Joe The Dragon
    Jun 6, 11:24 AM
    Why is there no spending limit that you can set per purchase?

    cable and sat tv lets you set per PPV purchase limits so why not apple?

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