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  • alent1234
    Dec 28, 07:15 AM
    the Consumerist was recently bought by Consumer's Union. The "non profit" organization that sells the magazine Consumer's Reports. the same rag that has different testing standards for different products to push the snobby/elite/more expensive ones.

    last year they tested some child car seats differently to say the cheaper ones were deadly

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  • KershMan
    Mar 23, 05:28 PM
    You can't assume this will be used for SIPR. What about all the unclassified computers and devices? Our base has been fiddling around with some wifi lately. I don't know if we'll actually get it (doubt it) but it's a possibility.

    And the Army in particular has been working on real, secure, Wi-Fi for years. Their intent is to have very hardened, approved, encryption to deliver secure data over a Wi-Fi type network to get data into mobile devices.

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  • redscull
    Apr 5, 12:40 PM
    What iPad user can't figure out how to use iTunes to sync the thing? My 65-year old mother figured out how to sync her iPod classic. How is iPad syncing any different or more complicated than what people have been doing for a decade? iPad does not require a tech genius - or 12 year old kid - to keep it working.It's not about figuring it out. It's about having a computer period. A normal person doesn't own multiple computers. He owns a computer. He might not even have bought it himself, and certainly won't maintain multiple computers (nor will the person who gifted the computer). So once the tablet is the normal person's computer, it's going to be the only one he's using. Telling him he needs a second computer just to use his primary computer is unacceptable.

    Example: My mom has a computer. It was a Christmas present from me one year. But now it's old, full of crap, and needs replacing. But instead of upgrading it, I got her an iPad. It meets all her computer needs (except printing). That old clunker is in no shape to run iTunes; it's hard drive isn't even as large as the iPad's! I certainly won't be upgrading her desktop just to let her sync her iPad, nor will she when she's happy using just the iPad. She gets updates on the occasions that I visit with my MBP.

    The system works well enough; her iPad is her sole computer. But it requires that I, the tech relative, keep it updated.

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  • iMeowbot
    Oct 16, 10:06 PM
    The trademark was posted with a "Far Eastern" patent office...hmmmm... That is Japan I believe.
    There is no application for iPhone in the Japanese trademark database.

    There are, however, applications for iPhone dating from late September in several countries' systems: Hong Kong, Singapore, UK/EU, US. These applications have all been taken out by a mysterious US entity known as Ocean Telecom Services LLC, which gives only Corporation Trust Center of Wilmington, Delaware as its contact address. This corporation was only formed a few days before the trademark applications appeared.

    (This doesn't appear to be Ocean Telecom of the UK, who don't make hardware; the trademark applications are definitely for hardware and software.)

    More oddly, these applications list priority as an application filed in Trinidad and Tobago back in March 2006 - not bad for a company that came into being several months later. Annoyingly, the T&T IP Office servers haven't been responding today, so there isn't a quick way to check if this Ocean Telecom Services entity is an Apple shell.

    Apple have, in the past, used the T&T trademark office (along with other countries not in primary Apple markets) to "hide" applications before, so it's certainly possible that this is from them.

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  • xlii
    Oct 10, 04:46 PM
    i doubt apple with update the MB soon, there just wouldnt be enough distinguishing the MB from the MBP if they both got C2D at the same time, mostl ikely it will be like the mini, it will get a small speed bump.

    I worked at a company where one product line competed against another within the company. It is the death. Apple needs to be competitive with EXTERNAL computer companies. If the competition is using C2D in their laptops... Apple had better get on the ball or they will drop it.

    With Apple & the other vendors using Intel chips it is easy to look at the laptops and compare... new chip... old chip... hmmmm... which one should I buy?

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  • cdfarrar
    Aug 19, 11:25 AM
    not available in my region yet.

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  • JGowan
    Apr 5, 11:29 AM
    Nobody is upset that after 4+ years they're STILL using the chrome back?!?!?Yes this still bothers me. It makes great demo, to borrow a phrase from Fearless Leader, but it's scratched in some way in the first 5 minutes and after a month, Ugh... after a year: Scratchapalooza.

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  • iJohnHenry
    Apr 9, 08:58 PM
    Are you suggesting it is harder to abort than to raise a child?

    Oh no, you cant get away with logic like that here, especially as you are male.

    Men should just butt-out of this discussion altogether, IMNSHO.

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  • displaced
    Sep 27, 10:51 AM

    :eek: :eek: :eek:

    Never fear. Apple will invent a new number, complete with a new character. 10.4.9 will include updates to all system font files and keyboard layouts containing this new symbol.

    Now that's innovation.

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  • blueflame
    Oct 16, 04:30 PM
    At this point, I will believe it when I see it. I think that the only thing all these Darn rumors say is how much everyone in general would love an apple phone. Done right, an iphone could easily replace most peoples phones and ipods. Add into that the possibility of home on ipod and WiFi, and I see a winner. But this is all speculation... ill belive it when i see it
    My personal dream phone would be simple yet packed:
    sleek flip phone, simple design, WiFi and Video chat capable
    I think this would really push forward communication, and make video chat a real thing. imagine if people were also using their phones at home with iChat for windows. apple sells ichat forthe PC as well, and everyone intercommunicates flawlessly where ever they are. Kind of like waht the ipod did for music the iphone could do for communication

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  • mac-er
    Sep 13, 11:05 AM
    I had all IV.

    They start the IV, inject one drug. It made me feel really, really good. I think I am addicted to it, because I would love to have some more of it. (No, I haven't had any since the surgery).

    The second drug he injected me with made me start laughing at everything he (the anthesiologist) said, then my head got really heavy....don't remember anything after that.

    Luckily, they do all the "bad" stuff after you are down your throat, foley catheter.. :eek:

    After surgery, it feels like you have the worst hangover in history. I slept for like 20 hours (through the rest of the day and night). I guess that depends on how much anthetic you get, but there is no way I could've stayed awake for any reason. It felt like I had been awake for 3 days straight.

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  • JackAxe
    Mar 27, 09:02 PM
    So did any of you in the US get your 3DS and what are your feelings about it ? Do you share similar thoughts as I have expressed ? :)

    I read what you said about black and was about to do it. THEN, I pulled out my DS -- which is black, and powered it on, as I "was" going to trade it in, and then noticed I couldn't read the buttons in my lighting. :)

    Anyways, I went to Target and got a blue one, but only because of that. I can read the buttons here in my place.

    Anyways, i just opened by box and turned it on, so I need to set it up. The included book for this thing is HUGE! I can't recall any other Nintendo device I've owned having an instruction book this big.

    I like the weight of this thing, it's nice! And the music is vibrating the top screen. :S

    OK... WOW, that Nintendo 3DS test they did was WEIRD! :eek: Blah, I'll ramble more later, but not like it matters. :)


    If this thing had a GBA slot, I would have traded in my DS. Anyways, the 3D is a trip -- at least the rotating menu scre, but I wouldn't use it while moving.

    I only picked up Pilot Wings, so going to give it a try.


    Why does this thing have a gyro scope, if shifting the screen slightly kills the 3D effect? Anyways, I'm glad I can turn it off, but it's cool when the screen is just right. I'm just moving my 3DS too much with this game I guess.


    One last ramble for now. I don't like the gloss finish and how it feels! I didn't this on my DS Lite. Why can't they release a matte finish? The original DS was matte an my wife's red and black DS has a matte bottom.

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  • MotleyPete
    Dec 21, 06:37 AM
    It's only been a bit of fun, but the homeless charity Shelter have received a large slice of cash in the process ( and are due to get more from RATM themselves.

    This makes it all worthwhile in my opinion. A merry xmas indeed.

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  • leekohler
    Apr 23, 09:28 AM
    No- he's a jerk.

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  • edventure
    Nov 6, 08:25 AM
    What my RFID enabled phone will tell me....

    I'm sorry Dave, I cannot authorize the purchase of those cookies because the cholesterol content is in direct conflict with the Crestor you have been prescribed - by the way -

    did you know that (insert any paid advertiser here) CVS Pharmacy can save you money by switching you to an approved generic?

    The fat content also concerns me because the last pair of pants you bought was one inch greater in the waist than your previous purchase.

    May i recommend the (insert any paid promotional product here) Cheerios.

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  • virusblaster
    Apr 7, 08:51 PM
    You may use Redsn0w, PwnageTool, or Sn0wbreeze

    Redsn0w may be the best for beginners pwnagetool is mostly good for iphones sn0wbreeze is only for windows.

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  • epictempo
    Mar 24, 05:44 PM
    iphone + mba 11 > ipad/2

    Had that combo. I loved the air 11 but sorry, 3 hours of movie watching and it's ko'ed. I'm not watching a movie or reading my books on the iPhone either. Still unable to kill my pad's battery.

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  • macUser2007
    Apr 19, 03:00 PM
    My impression is that Apple does not want to tell you what to watch on your iPhone. ... They don't want it to be known for pornography. ... Another important thing to consider is that in today's world it doesn't take much for a media frenzy to develop if your product is linked to some kind of sensational crime or scandal.....

    What does ANY of this have to do to Apple rejecting a Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist from the App Store?

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  • fs454
    Apr 21, 10:55 AM
    M11x ;) Still love my R2.

    Air is better in many other ways though.

    yeah, my best friend actually has an M11x R2. I love it, but still, at how compact the 11" Air is, I'm surprised it can max out Portal 2 easily.

    Oct 29, 04:27 PM
    Following on from this story, apparently FoxConn will be supplying Apple with 15.4" MacBooks/MacBook Pros in May 2007.


    If it's a new 15.4" MacBook, there's a good chance it'll have dedicated graphics, otherwise what's the point? Apple certainly need more Macs with dedicated graphics in their consumer-priced range. Here's hoping!

    Mar 25, 09:29 AM
    it wasn't until iOS and the apps store where you could do things like select a few recipes and make a shopping list did a PDA become useful

    Recipe and shopping list Palm / Windows Mobile apps like Pocket Cook date from 2000. That one in particular won awards for years.

    What you mean is, it wasn't until iOS that the mass public else took notice. Millions of us were surfing the web and using apps on PDAs, smartphones and tablets long before that.

    Feb 24, 09:44 AM
    It's a big deal for me (if it is truly a replacement for Snow Leopard Server). Paying $500 for Lion Server to run on a Mac mini that only cost $850 to begin with is a bit steep! Now I can just get the family pack Lion and it is covered.

    Mar 24, 07:48 PM
    Is everyone keeping these, selling them, a spare one for their mother-in-law?

    Apr 14, 02:24 PM
    I like the mop behind him. Is he the janitor of the data center?
    Damn, that's funny. :D

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