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  • Lixivial
    Oct 26, 08:01 PM
    I can see it now...

    "The .Mac update broke Cage Fighter!!" or more importantly -- "Does Cage Fighter work with this release?!"

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  • rasmasyean
    May 1, 09:40 AM
    IDC talks about revenues and number of boxes. I'm talking about actual environnements. ;)

    One day, when you work in IT, you'll understand what the real workhorse of the industry is.

    Hey...get with the times man, "unix god complex" has been out of style for over a decade! :D

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  • redeye be
    Feb 24, 02:03 PM
    Hosting is solved, should be back up again.

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  • pmz
    Apr 5, 10:56 AM

    You can see where they have retouched the Home button.

    First shot especially changes colour as it gets near the white square and there is a definite difference in texture in a circular shape around the home square in the second shot.

    Might happen on the final release but this is not a picture of it and just someone after a pathetic 5mins of fame.

    It's an obvious fake.

    The entire idea of capacitive home button is ridiculous. It would not add one positive thing to the iPhone/iPod, and would instead introduce instant problems that can't be remedied:

    1. Accidental home button presses would be a nightmare.
    2. Double (And Triple) click which are essential commands, are impossible to implement with the same level of accuracy, ease of use, and convenience.
    3. Physical home button press has other functions that for the OS that would need to be relocated and duplicated elsewhere.
    4. Having One physical button is essential to people requiring handicapped access.


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  • solvs
    May 26, 03:48 PM
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by wsteineker
    [B]So things are great for around 3 weeks when all of the sudden my CDR just stops working. Seriously, just like that. I wake up, boot, and BOOM! It's gone. [B]

    No kidding! My Mom's XP did the same thing. Sony's answer? Reformat and reinstall.

    This debate could (and will) go on forever. I consider myself a cross-platform guy. Pretty knowledgeable about tech stuff. I just got done posting a WinTel vs. Apple comment in another forum.

    It all boils down to this:

    I'm building a new PC out of some spare parts and a few upgrades... to play around with. To use for some stuff. And no, not games. Some legal software (I'm not paying twice).

    But I'm saving up to buy a nice Mac in a few months (come on 970) to use. To work on. Audio/Video/Imaging. I know you can do those on a PC. But why would you want to?

    I mean, really. Why?

    I'd rather have secure and acurate than cheap and (sometimes) a little more speed.

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  • reebzor
    Jun 21, 01:50 PM
    With regard to booting:
    I think a lot of people in here are also looking over the fact that the card reader is on the USB bus. Meaning the speeds you'd be limited to would be that of USB 2.0. Internal 5400rpm boot drive would still be faster.

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  • nbs2
    Oct 9, 03:49 PM
    It's funny how the capitalists are all for a free market...until it starts working against them.
    Before I comment on the story - this is the free market in play. This appears to be a business dispute, not governmental involvement. The free market requires communication between businesses to maximize profits.

    As for Target - this doesn't surprise me. No matter what people say about Wal-Mart, the WM return and service policy is golden. With Target, we got nothing but crap over our attempt to return a $17 sandwich maker that we got as a wedding present, but didn't need. WM doesn't carry it, otherwise we would have returned it there. Instead, T has determined that I must return it to them for an e-certificate (where they will deduct the cost of shipping - $7, I believe) that I can use to buy any item from their on-line store (plus shipping - about $7), netting me a gift of $3.

    Worst. Service. Ever.

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  • rovex
    Apr 5, 02:01 PM
    I don't know if anyone noticed, but the screen has a blueish tint, which means OLED

    We can only dream, I think 2012 is year early. The iPhone however MUST have AMOLED in 2013, at least then we can get the wow factor back after the retina display.

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  • spicyapple
    Aug 14, 10:55 AM
    He was really good in Galaxy Quest. That's why when I saw him in the Apple ad, he looked strangely familiar. :)

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  • byulasfjazz
    Aug 19, 11:10 AM
    oh, great. Just the thing aliens will use to find out where I am and abduct me again. Yeah, sure I had to opt in, but do you know how hard it is to say no to location features?! I mean seriously, don't they realize all the bad ways people, er 'others', can use technology like this.

    If they get me again I'm

    lol.. dang that sucks.

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  • westonharvey
    Sep 25, 10:40 AM
    My friend keeps taunting me with his Core 2 Duo based HP notbook. Even "Xtreme Notebooks" has a Core 2 Duo model.

    This sucks.

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  • macduke
    Mar 13, 10:31 AM
    No problems here on AT&T iPhone 4 iOS 4.3.

    This is a Microsoft level problem, Apple! You aren't noobs. Get it right!

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  • davidjearly
    Dec 21, 05:44 AM
    Well you're a cheery lad. I thought it's all been pretty funny.

    I'm perfectly cheery thanks - just don't have any time for this. Either way, I don't think Cowell and Co will be bothered much. Both artists sell records for Sony.

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  • Adidas Addict
    Apr 19, 10:25 AM
    I totally agree. Why anyone would hold out for that color and why Apple spent so much time trying to get that white paint to work properly is beyond me.

    It won't be beyond you once you see how fast it sells. ;)

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  • Di9it8
    Oct 21, 11:28 PM
    But then we can all go to the pub :D

    Or should that be the Leopard Lounge ;-)

    Anyhow I hope to be there, maybe we should organise a mini flash mob or we should all wear Leopard scarves, bandanas etc ;)

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  • albusseverus
    Mar 23, 06:44 PM
    awesome weaponized imacs.

    Thinner, lighter iPhones wouldn't go astray. Unibody kevlar iPhones and Macs? That would be neat.

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  • tvguy
    Mar 2, 12:15 PM
    for a small sum of a $1billion usd, i volunteer to watch over the innocent children and their purchases. I will smack their little fingers with a a bamboo cane. Suddenly this reminds me of that south park episode where they started smacking "add" kids. "sit down and study." i think parents need to get caned then schooled into using parental controls


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  • macFanDave
    Nov 21, 11:41 PM
    As a mechanical engineer, I'm not exactly cynical about this application of Eneco's technology, but I remain very, very skeptical. With such a relatively small temperature difference, I would say it is very unlikely that such a device would be economically feasible. A quick visit to Eneco's site shows me that they don't even have lab data for temperature differences of less than 100 deg C!

    They obfuscate the issue of efficiency by referring to the Carnot efficiency to inflate the numbers to the uninitiated. Sadi Carnot showed that an ideal heat engine that operated between two infinite reservoirs at temperatures, T(hot) and T(cold) would have an efficiency of ( T(hot)-T(cold) ) / T(hot), and the temperatures have to be on an absolute scale like Kelvin or Rankine. The "Carnot efficiency" compares the performance of the system in question to this ideal heat engine.

    Suppose you ran your chip at a very warm 90 deg C (363 K) and could dump the heat to your 25 deg C (298 K) room, your perfect efficiency would be about 18%! This means that for every 5W of heat you dissipate from the chip, you get a little less that 1 W of electric power. Something with an impressive-sounding 50% Carnot efficiency would really have a measly 9% real efficiency.

    Unless Eneco sells these things very cheaply and makes them very small, I can't see Apple going through the trouble and expense of adding them to their portables for such a small benefit in recycled power. I remain skeptical, yet open-minded.

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  • donlphi
    Nov 14, 11:10 AM
    I guess this means no TRUE VIDEO iPOD before Christmas. That is a let down.

    Oct 10, 05:40 PM
    I think the Mini and Macbook will go C2D at the same time and this will be at the same time or just shortly after the Macbook Pro. With MBP line, I would expect the slowest CPU offering to be the 2.16GHz with an option of a 2.33GHz upgrade and the 2.33 will probably be standard on the 17". The Mini and Macbook will probably get the 1.6GHz and 1.83GHz C2D chips with an option to upgrade to the 2GHz C2D. At the 2GHz mark, it's still Core 2, but has half the cache and still a notch slower than MBP offerings. MBP may also have a 2GHz offering, but it will be the 4MB L2 cache chip.

    Jun 17, 06:49 PM
    The 360 slim looks like a little kids toy next to the fat 360. Its just soooo cheesy and tacky.
    LOL, yea because one of those large chunks of black plastic is soooo much better looking than the other two. None of the current consoles are "good" looking, if we're being totally honest. They are just boxes, that perform a function. Who cares?
    I'll be holding out for the Slim Pro model. That might be until Christmas though. :rolleyes:
    Try harder. You can do better.

    Sep 25, 11:18 AM
    So when's the next Apple Event?

    Oct 10, 11:41 AM
    Is this an extra MacBook model in addition to the other MacBooks?
    it will be called macboo and come in dingy white and instead of "moo's" we will hear.... Boos?

    Full of Win
    Feb 18, 04:44 PM
    Very skillful in how Jobs face and legs are hidden. Im beginning to think the newspapers are right about his condition.

    Also, pretty tasteless to dress the way he does. I'm not a fan of Obama, but if I were to meet him and sit next to him for dinner, I would respect the office enough not no dress in freakin' turtle neck.

    Jobs has ZERO class, none.

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