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  • Waybo
    Apr 4, 03:02 PM
    ISO 200, 92mm, 0 ev, f/6.3, 1/640

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  • Beach, Hana Coast, Maui,

  • applefan27073
    May 3, 08:02 AM
    Awesome! But how do I get it????
    Don't say go to the apple store, just did that
    Check the link

    Sorry! I take it back. Apple just updated!:o:)

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  • MacNut
    Mar 8, 02:29 AM
    The show hasn't been officially cancelled. Before today, they shut down production for the last 8 episodes for this season. Today, they fired Sheen and said they are unsure if the show will go on. Knowing Hollywood, they'll go on with a replacement. Oddly, Sheen replaced Michael J. Fox on his show when Fox quit and it went on for another 2 or 3 seasons.They can hire Ted McGinley.

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  • to Hawaii, and today we#39;re

  • rovex
    Apr 15, 02:51 AM
    Got an issue with ipad, not sure it's this update but anyway...

    The downloaded apps load for like 1 second and then returns to the home screen, can't seem to fix it.

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  • junker
    Jul 28, 08:17 AM
    This news will hopefully inspire Apple to make the next generation iPods even more amazing. However, I don't see MS as the biggest threat to the iPod. I am much more concerned about mp3 cellphones with 4Gb flash (see e.g. SonyEricsson).
    Apple needs come up with a revolutionary device that integrates an iPod with a cellphone and possibly even a GPS, in order to keep their mp3 marketshare.

    And when MRAM comes to the market - I hope Apple gets that first, it'll mean a HUGE advantage for whomever.

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  • David085
    Oct 24, 09:50 PM
    My Christmas wish list probably won't be for Christmas or not this yr, But I basically will be buying it for myself after I save up for one
    Macbook pro 17" i7


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  • KoukiFC3S
    Mar 16, 01:28 AM
    Had no luck today. I'll be going back Thursday.

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  • JesterJJZ
    Jul 24, 06:12 PM
    Has the lag problem been fixed at all on the BT mice? Last time I used a BT mouse I found it to be useless. Unless it's JUST LIKE using a wired mouse I really could care less for it.

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  • seanpholman
    Mar 16, 10:39 AM
    Standing at the end of SCP and they cut off the line at the back. I am hoping they have more than all these people, but there are easily 100 people in line. Looks like no luck today.


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  • Brien
    Apr 22, 06:57 PM
    That mockup is hideous, but I imagine that the rumor is in line with what you could expect. A thinner iPhone with slightly upgraded internals , e.g. 64GB of storage, A5, 1080p/8MP rear camera, FaceTime HD front camera, larger (3.7-4") screen, and presumably the same or better battery life are almost expected at this point.

    I could see the gestures and a tapered design. I think they're going to ditch the ice cream sandwich design for sure.

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  • Waipio Valley, Hawaiian

  • MacRumors
    May 3, 07:33 AM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/05/03/apple-releases-new-sandy-bridge-quad-core-imacs-with-thunderbolt/)


    Apple released the much anticipated iMac updates today, upgrading the processors to Quad-Core CPUs across the entire range.
    Apple today updated its signature all-in-one iMac with next generation quad-core processors, powerful new graphics, groundbreaking high-speed Thunderbolt I/O technology and a new FaceTime HD camera. Starting at $1,199, the new iMac is up to 70 percent faster and new graphics deliver up to three times the performance of the previous generation.
    The new iMacs feature quad-core Intel Core i% processors with an option for customers to choose Core i7 processors up to 3.4GHz.

    The 21.5-inch iMac has a single Thunderbolt port while the 27" features two Thunderbolt ports.

    21.5" 2.5GHz Quad Core i5, AMD 6750M, 500GB, $1199
    21.5" 2.7GHz Quad Core i5, AMD 6770M, 1TB, $1499
    27" 2.7GHz Quad Core i5, AMD 6770M, 1TB, $1699
    27" 3.1GHz Quad Core i5, AMD 6970M, 1TB, $1999

    Core i7 Processors are available as configure-to-order options.[/quote]

    Article Link: Apple Releases New Sandy Bridge Quad-Core iMacs with Thunderbolt (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/05/03/apple-releases-new-sandy-bridge-quad-core-imacs-with-thunderbolt/)

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  • chris07
    Oct 24, 08:41 AM
    I just wanted to say...CONGRATULATIONS GUYS, IT'S (finally) HERE! :D

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  • partyBoy
    Feb 1, 07:47 PM
    - Afterglow ps3 controller (purple)
    - Philips lcd cleaner for my Mac
    - Bamboo plant with a asian theme bowl

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  • LieutenantLefse
    Jul 24, 04:57 PM
    I suppose I could use a standard AA battery recharger. I haven't seen one in use since about 10 years ago and they never used to be very good...

    The current NiMH rechargeables are much, much better than the old NiCds; they last longer and allow more recharge cycles. They still don't last as long per cycle as an alkaline, but for battery-hungry gadgets NiMH is great.

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  • Burgess07
    Apr 15, 03:14 PM
    The "view" buttons in finder changed back to the old style.


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  • Aetherhole
    Mar 16, 08:10 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8B117 Safari/6531.22.7)

    In line at Fashion Island. #6 in line. Here we go again!

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  • Green R
    Nov 23, 05:34 AM
    Look... I don't want to be a hater or anything like that but I have a first generation Ipod Touch... I got it as a present for my birth day, a month latter my wife have an Iphone 4 for her birthday so she sold her 3gs that i used to compare with My phone, the nexus One, look guys I need to be honest here, I got FULL Flash in my phone since it came out in the app market , and so far NOT a single problem with it, I remember when Jobs says it is not possible for a mobile device to have flash blah, battery drain, blah, poor performance blah, blah, blah... Dude flash is Awesome on my Android phone! no lag, no battery fast drain fast, no problems!!! do you guys have any tiny little Idea how @$#%^ cool it is going to www.newgrounds.com on my phone!? do you know!? or just playing online games like the ones on www.arcadepod.com? plus most of the apps are free!!! including that pathetic flash converter browser Skyfire that by the way is being in Android app market for like forever already!!! also it is sad that you have to Root (aka jailbroke) to get 20% more "liberty" with your phone! I already "convert" 4 Iphone users to Android at my job (400 plus workers) the rest are just plain envious of what android is capable of!!! without ROOTING!!! ahhh and don't get me starting in what you can do with a Root Android phone... My next Phone will be the Android HTC G2 that once rooted you can "BOST" to the phone to its real power........... 1.4 ghz!!!!!!!!!!!! With no battery issues!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVORX-ZFblA :eek:

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  • ohaithar
    Sep 14, 09:21 PM

    I see what you did there! :D

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  • AppleScruff1
    Apr 19, 01:56 AM
    lol yet some morons out there would still buy every year

    Sad, but true. People would line up to buy it even if it was a hollow shell that didn't turn on.

    Nov 3, 10:49 AM
    Here is another screenshot, go use your assumption skills of what these things will do. Apparently support for IR remote, iSight, etc. I don't have my Windows cd to install right now, but I will later tonight. Otherwise, I have to actually start doing some work =/. More updates later in the day.

    Looks like that toolbar is just listing USB devices to me. Doesn't mean any of those will actually work under VMWare. Is there a Windows driver for built in iSight or Apple IR?

    Jul 24, 10:02 PM
    sounds interesting, though i have a feeling many people will just ignore the feature and end up touching the screen anyway, lol.I think some of you have the wrong understanding of this 'non-touch' concept. You'll still be touching the screen. The purpose of the non-touch technology is to hide the scroll wheel (or any other controller) whenever it's not needed. But I think you'll still be touching the screen to actually activate the virtual buttons. That's my reading of it, anyways.

    Kinda takes away from that whole "Simplicity is everything" slogan Apple is known for, doesn't it? While I'll reserve my judgments on the design until it's worked into a final product, it does look like the user needs to take unnecessary steps to actually use the click wheel. Then again, pictures (drawings) probably can't do the interface justice.

    Still, not everything has to be digital over analog...I actually think this will be even more intuitive than other interfaces because the controls will be contextual. The buttons will automatically appear and disappear as you move your fingers over the iPod screen. The buttons themselves, I'm imagining, will maintain the look and feel of the trademark iPod scrollwheel. If you are smart enough to operate the current iPods, you'll be smart enough to use the touch-sensitive controls.

    BTW, wasn't this story already posted elsewhere a couple of days back? Shouldn't Macrumors be crediting the original publisher?

    edit: Appleinsider (http://www.appleinsider.com/article.php?id=1902) had this article last week. It goes into more detail too.

    Twe Foju
    Apr 20, 01:11 AM
    Sorry if i may have missed some info here

    but does Apple say that they would not put an integrated GPU for the remaining of their Sandy Bridge line?

    which means, as long as they use SB processor, it will be using the HD3000?

    because if you guys hate the graphics downgrade, i am sure this is just a marketing strategy, and you can hope to see the next gen after this one to include integrated GPU, hopefully

    i am also having a dilemma here on whether to pull my trigger on the current ultimate 13 or the SB, even if i dont play games on laptop anymore ( well the only game i still play on my MBP is EvE ), but i am a greedy bastard after all :p

    ==== edit ====

    sorry just done some research, looks like you cant put any dedicated into SB after all.. what a shame

    Nov 27, 06:29 AM
    We need these bigadv, ClubLexus has raised their production to match ours...

    For GPU, it is faster on nvidia...

    Dec 2, 06:51 PM
    I voted "yes" becuase I'm concerned what this will do PR-wise for Apple, not so much about actual security concern. "LMH" may claim he's not an Apple-hater but a few things poke out from the interview:

    The Linux kernel takes little time to break. I'm more familiar with the code and thus it also takes less time to isolate issues. OS X kernel (XNU) takes less time but depending on the area you're checking, debugging and isolation may require a bit more time (if you take into account that AppleTalk source code is almost unreadable and totally deprecated) [...] I didn't have much time left for working on Microsoft Windows but I've received the most helpful feedback from the MSRC people on potentially interesting stuff to check.

    What I read from this passage is:

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