The Hassas Mini Sessions :: from Sydney to S.F.

    Mini sessions with BIG heart. Love doing these when all we need is a touch of magic. 1 hr. Me. You. Camera. Komondor.

    Wait, forget that last thing.

    S.F. California

    We start with Nassim and Ben here in SF. Love the accents they chose in way of color and outfits. Persian wedding!! Ben, get ready to dance your life away to endless amonts of synthesized keyboards and deep tabla beats. ;)

    Sydney, Australia

    While I was in Australia shooting for Samantha & Ian I had this cute couple contact me about a mini session. You locals recognize the area? 100,000,000 internet points to the one who can rightly name our location cross streets. :) LOVED AUSTRALIA!! Almost smuggled back a koala and a didgeridoo but customs stopped me. **shakes fist at customs**

    Doing a boat load of traveling this year. Good chance I'll be in your area. Who else wants a mini session? :)

    Happy Monday y'all!!


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