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  • Eduardo1971
    Apr 25, 12:44 PM
    Phew! For a second there my heart sank- I thought I read that Apple was delaying shipment of the refreshed iMacs.

    Can't wait till next Tuesday!

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  • roblawton
    Apr 22, 04:15 PM

    Looking forward to what happens with the gestures currently in development. Especially for what it will mean for the iPhone.

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  • Billy Boo Bob
    May 3, 08:10 AM
    About $50 US per Gig for additional RAM from Apple... Just a minor beating this time, instead of an all out rape like they usually do compared to third party.

    Wish I had the money to get one right away.

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  • longtimelurker
    Apr 28, 09:00 PM
    White just looks bigger than black.
    Just sayin'

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  • crackpip
    Jul 24, 11:21 PM
    Without the third party economy and proprietary ports, there is also little to keep the MS Menace at bay, despite the coolness of such a product.

    Bottom Line: there WILL be a regular dock connector for the foreseeable future on all iPods except the shuffle (which is on it's way out).

    While, I am skeptical of the no non-wireless interfaces. I have to disagree that Apple cares much about third-parties when designing their iPods. The dock connector has been pretty standard, but other characteristics have not. For example, the remote port, that used to be near the headphones. It was also used by FM transmitters and microphones and maybe more. The size of the iPods also keeps changing (the new 5G are a bit wider and thinner than the 4G) making any devices that the iPod "fits into" need to be retooled.

    The bottom line is that if Apple sees merit in changing the interface (like removing the remote port to conserve space), it will do it regardless of effects to accessory manufacturers. They will adapt to the new designs.


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  • Kelmon
    Oct 24, 08:00 AM
    Will buy the 17" version just as soon as the store will take my order...

    Anyway, at least this wait is now over!

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  • brepublican
    Jul 21, 11:16 AM
    Increased market share is a good thing, but I'm not sure how I'd feel if Apple overtook Dell...

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  • trule
    Jan 30, 04:30 PM
    Gold goes up because of investor fears about market uncertainty and global uncertainty (and the bulk of global uncertainty is driven by US geopolitical actions).

    Gold is special in that it is no ones liability. Why is that special, well "you" can borrow too much and go bankrupt, and if the bank you borrow from has too many bad loans it can go bankrupt, and then the bonds they issued become worthless, and even governments who debase their currency can go bankrupt. But gold is always gold, it cannot go bankrupt.

    So when all of the above is happening right now, and it is, some people look at their paper money (cash, stock & bonds) and start to worry that all of it could go bankrupt...so they look for a little insurance in Gold, just incase the worse happens then they still have something of real value.

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  • Eudall
    Apr 29, 07:18 PM
    The rumor that was release about lion and possible indications of buttons on applications giving my claim more truth.:D two points!:apple:
    Sorry that not makes the sense to me; also Steve said they looked at desktop touch screens and they suck, I highly doubt that the new iMac will ship with touch screens; it would be crazy, especially on a 27 inch display.

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  • WildCowboy
    Oct 18, 04:26 PM
    Nice bump in the stock...AAPL up 5.5% in after hours trading.

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  • danvdr
    Apr 25, 04:52 PM
    Whaa? That young? I have a 4 year old MBP that just about copes with aperture.

    I've been taking a photography class and I'm getting tired of beachballs and seeing the word "processing".

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  • kiljoy616
    Apr 21, 11:30 PM
    Really? How come I never saw anything like the iPhone GUI before 2007.

    Or are you suggesting Apple invented the smart phone :D

    They did not invent it but dam they made it hip and cool which if you look around has everyone doing the "Me Too" dance. :)

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  • leekohler
    Mar 1, 07:58 AM
    Others have touched on this as well, but here's what Charlie said in one of his latest interviews (http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/41824830/ns/today-entertainment/):

    Okay, this is past the point where it's funny. This man has some very serious mental issues. He's starting to out-crazy Gadhafi -- and that's not easy.

    Agreed. This guy is beyond sick. If someone doesn't intervene soon, he's going to kill himself, someone else, or both.

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  • martingc
    Apr 14, 01:14 PM
    I've just downloaded the update on my iPhone and iPad and i noticed that on the iPad (not iPhone) in the General Setings now there is now a multitouch gestures button to enable this function. It suports 4 fingers up to show the app switcher, 4 fingers to the sides to switch apps and 5 fingers to the centre to go to the home screen.

    It works great!

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  • MacBoobsPro
    Aug 15, 01:36 PM
    I believe icerabbit was referring to a feature to restore an item to its original location once putting it in the trash. Windows has this feature in the recycle bin and it's a handy little feature.

    This isn't to do with Time Machine as the user has not yet deleted the item from the Trash and the system.

    Sorry IceRabbit i misread your post. My bad! :o

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  • LessBars
    Oct 14, 02:21 AM
    Less Bars is a group of consumers who rave about one of the greatest inventions of this century: the iPhone. We are also an *educated* group of consumers who recognize that AT&T is currently conducting billing abuses against the majority of iPhone 3G customers.

    We created this petition to tell the AT&T Fat Cat Executives �We will not stand for your billing abuses. It is our constitutional right to use any and all social media and public relations avenues available to help spread the word about your billing abuse practices. We will not give up until you announce you will credit our accounts for each and every dropped call�.

    Find us on the web: http://www.lessbarsinmoreplaces.com

    Leave a comment on our hotline. We�ll replay it for all of twitterverse 800-574-7032

    Follow all of our research: http://www.twitter.com/atthaslessbars

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  • Skika
    Mar 31, 10:58 AM
    Also I think the new theme that will replace aqua in Lion will be based around fabric textures and this style goes with it.

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  • spoonyfreshh
    Sep 13, 11:01 PM
    some new goodies i got today


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  • Mac Fly (film)
    Aug 15, 05:18 PM
    You can do that now with AcidSearch (http://www.pozytron.com/?acidsearch)...
    Inquisitor (http://www.inquisitorx.com/safari/) is the best thing evar!!

    Mar 31, 05:21 PM
    Would like to see the week and month view too before I pass my final judgement though.

    Month is my most common view in my ical and sometimes, week. Seldom use day view.

    Jul 28, 11:03 AM
    When Microsoft claim that their investment might not pay off for five years, they're paving the way for failure. For the next two or three years, when pressed about the lack of profits, they can claim that the payoff will be in a couple of years from then. They won't have to actually admit that they've failed until after 2010. It's not dissimilar to Bill Gates claiming that there's an 80% chance of Vista shipping on time, it sounds positive, but few people believe it actually will ship in January. It's just paving the way for the next excuse.

    It's very important that Microsoft try very hard with Zune. They keep claiming that the iPod succeeded simply because of slick marketing, whereas everybody else knows that it succeeded by being an attractive proposition, combining style with ease of use. It was word-of-mouth publicity that really worked for the iPod. You can't buy that, it added massive value to the money that was spent on advertising.

    So here's Microsoft's opportunity to look at the last five years of the iPod, together with three years of iTMS, take it all in and apply their 'innovation', show us the ultimate product and then spend a fortune marketing it. There must be no doubt that Microsoft must be seen to throw everything into this project. Then Steve Jobs will be delighted to rise to the challenge and delight in humiliating Bill Gates.

    I really like that last paragraph, lol. I seriously doubt they'll even pose competition. There was an image that was supposedly an actual Zune player, and if it is it's already paving the road for failure.

    Honestly Microsoft will fail, and it's not because they are going to take forever to show anyone anything. Microsoft will fail because it doesn't understand the demographic it is trying to produce a product for. Microsoft may cater to business and such, but in the eyes of teenagers, many of whom are anti-establishment, Microsoft is simply not cool. Not only is Microsoft uncool, it doesn't understand what IS cool.

    Meanwhile, Apple is a huge corporation, and yet even people who hate large corporation love Apple. Apple knows how to market. Apple continuously sets the standard for good design year in, year out.

    Steve Jobs is cool. He's funny. Most people just think Bill Gates, though simply a figurehead now, is the devil (despite that recent huge charitable donation). Steve Ballmer is an oaf. Microsoft has neither the image or the talent to fight this battle. Hell, they've even started to slowly lose the grip on the industry that once held them so dear�business computing.

    Dec 1, 03:44 PM
    The day that I have to go out and buy virus protection for OS X is the day I consider going back to Windows.

    Switching to Windows because you have to use antivirus software on your Mac would just be like jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.

    During the 15 years or so that Macs were around before the advent of OS X, most Mac users had antivirus software running on their computers. It was necessary, it was no big deal, and it was certainly no reason to start using a Windows box.

    Oct 23, 09:25 AM
    Let the pirating begin....

    Apr 20, 10:26 PM
    I guess we'll take you. Frankly, at this point we'll take anybody. ;)

    Let�s make sure to vote him off first though. :)

    I think jav is too irritated after the last game to play. I could be wrong.

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