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  • opinioncircle
    Jan 29, 02:03 PM
    Treated myself for the month of january on Amazon:

    All of this for less than 50 bucks. I say steal :)

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  • NoExpectations
    Apr 28, 04:18 PM
    Case Makers must be going crazy.

    First AT&T iPhone 4.
    Next Verizon iPhone 4 (buttons moved)
    Now AT&T White iPhone 4 and Verizon White iPhone 4 (thicker models).

    Wonder if the Apple bumpers fit?

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  • toddybody
    Apr 13, 01:55 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8G4)

    Will it be a cinema display with receiver?

    Id love to see a new standard for "HD". 1440p would be nice...but current media would have to catch up. That said, I dont think Apple could make a cost effective television. Sorry, but theyd sell a 42inch TV for 2000.000 easy.

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  • fatboyslick
    May 4, 05:21 AM
    ugh. i always laugh at anyone who ends their 'predictions' with "you heard it here first", 'cause they nearly always end up being the most inaccurate.

    Travis's claim isnt new or "heard it hear first though". It's been gossiped about on this site for weeks.

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  • richard4339
    Apr 14, 07:11 AM
    Hour's later and its still there too...

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  • eawmp1
    Apr 23, 03:36 PM
    In general, the staff at most retail and restaurant chains are taught to notify the authorities and not get involved. Violating this policy can and will get you fired at best, or killed at worst.

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  • appie57
    Apr 14, 05:07 PM
    The economy is picking up again.

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  • trainguy77
    Oct 20, 11:06 PM
    I spent most of the night last night trying to get gpu2 running in wine on the i7 machine but ran into a problem and gave up. But I have found that the issue may not be with my set up, it may be the wu are bad so I will work on that again tonight to see what happens if I can get a different wu. Here is some info. (

    I would love to add the points from my 2 gtx 960's especially since that is why I got them :D

    here is a how too:

    This might help too:

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  • Michaelgtrusa
    Mar 31, 10:23 AM
    I really like what I see!

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  • Reddmanz
    Apr 26, 12:15 PM
    $20 a year seems pretty reasonable,if it were $20 per month that would be a different story.

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  • ellsworth
    May 3, 11:52 PM
    Good... now people can stop speculating and posting nonesense.

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  • rmhop81
    Apr 26, 01:30 PM
    A little harsh here - you don't know if he payed for the music or not and it might also contain movies and other stuff. I know many people that collect lots of music CD's and movie DVDs over the many moons they are on the planet and ripping that in high quality needs lots of storage. Many people try to rip at highest quality possible and that is expensive storage wise. Just don't assume it's is stolen - might be, but you and I don't know.

    Because many people get angry about just anything that Apple does ... so I'm not sure why they go to a MacRumor site which is apple biased - but that might be just a way for them to vent off their frustration with life.

    highly unlikely he spent that much money on something like that and $20/year is too much money for cloud service lol

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  • slffl
    Jul 21, 12:00 PM
    I'm still wondering what is good about this. I see it as a bad thing. More viruses, more crap shareware, lesser quality products.

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  • Stella
    Jul 21, 11:32 AM
    Pure sobbery, and imo, its ugly.

    If joe pc-user becomes joe mac-user, then macs wont be fun anymore :(

    It's hard to be an elitist mac user if you're no longer in the minority...

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  • stevegmu
    Jan 30, 01:51 PM

    WELL SAID WMK!!! - I most agree with the fact that the RETARID amount of money bush has spent has caused the decline in faith of the dollar!
    I'd also like to add that Apple is by no means the biggest loser in this current stock slide and will come back. google lost $200 a share! so, they'll all come back it's all about confidence in the US not what was released at MW.

    Actually, the US Dollar is declining due to the Fed interest rate cuts.
    Congress controls spending, not the President.
    More to do with paranoid, small-time, inexperienced investors, than anything else.

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  • MacRumors
    Apr 13, 07:21 PM (

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  • Hastings101
    Apr 28, 10:09 AM
    Now if only Apple would get to T-Mobile, Sprint, and U.S. Cellular.

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  • BigHat
    Aug 1, 12:32 PM
    I've had them all since Gen one excpet for the Video. Lost my Nano and gave other away. Now just have a Gen 3. Need a new one here soon when they make a car adaptor for the optical bus equipped BMWs. Gen 3 will go there and the new one will be for home, work and travel.

    Is the smart play to wait a month or two?

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  • ZooCrewMan
    Apr 15, 02:57 PM
    You do know everyone who has a changelog is under NDA, don't you? Why don't you just go look at the change log?

    Uh-Oh! The Non-Disclosure Police are on patrol! Look out!

    Apr 13, 01:57 PM
    they probably had it in the labs, but the pricing finally came down this year. 3D is a dud and internet enabled TV's dropped in price by 50% in some cases since last summer

    if apple doesn't get into this market then itunes is going to be dead in a few years along with other idevices

    May 1, 11:52 PM
    Your 2nd date appears to be incorrect.

    how so?

    Apr 25, 01:40 PM
    The thing that would make this rumor most plausible would be pictures of the antenna band, showing changes to support the different frequencies. Surprised they didn't include any.

    Apr 22, 04:40 PM
    I switched from ios to android after selling my 3g and getting a Captivate. After owning the captivate and using my friends iphone 4 quite a bit there are 3 things that can get me to switch back.

    1. Bigger screen. I'd take an decrease of pixel density over smaller screen size any day. I'd love a 4 inch screen but 3.7 is okay.

    2. (puts up flame shield) Iphone 4 feels like a brick. HEAVY. My captivate with a case is feels MUCH lighter than i4. I'd like it if apple could trim the fat somewhere without sacrificing it's great battery life.

    3. Better notification system with some sort of widgets (or at least some relevant lockscreen info and quick access to settings). I can't believe it's taken this long and the few rumors of ios 5 haven't been getting my hopes up.

    I'm over flash on a phone, I barely ever use it, but I still would like something to fill the gap in the tablet space while html 5 matures.

    To the iphone's credit, the overall package is much more polished than android (except for notifications-those are just embarrassing)

    and as a bonus, my captivate gps doesn't work for jack so I'm not being tracked. :cool:


    May 3, 11:28 PM
    Disappointing, but expected. This actually brings up more questions than answers though:

    1) Is this a permanent move to a Fall Release of the iPhone?

    2) When, if ever, are they going to unite the CDMA and GSM iPhone releases (possibly in iPhone 5 with "World Chip")?

    3) Does this affect the timing of iOS's release, which has traditionally been released with the new iPhone and has been centered around the iPhone's hardware?

    4) The iPod touch has traditionally been released months after the iPhone. If the iPhone is released around Sept, will they release the iPod touch along with it?

    Meh, I don't have an upgrade for 1.5 years, so it doesn't matter to me. But still interesting.

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