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  • Spagolli94
    Oct 24, 08:12 PM
    One of the things I've always liked about higher res monitors is that my palettes and toolbars are very small. Thus I can fit more palettes on the screen at one time and not have them get in the way.

    I hope resolution independence doesn't make my palettes huge, like they look on lower res monitors.

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  • dupokey
    Mar 11, 04:05 PM
    I'm at the BB in Murray. There are probably about 30 - 35 people in line at the moment.

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  • Huntn
    Mar 10, 10:47 PM
    Bravo guys. Capitalism can be energizing but it only works if the majority of citizens bother to vote in leadership that looks out for all citizens, not favor a handful of the most well off citizens. It's our fault we keep electing bozos to Washington.

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  • theappleguy
    Nov 19, 04:56 PM
    Have you checked HotScripts ( Personally I'd use PHP.

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  • mpossoff
    Apr 9, 06:39 AM
    I read here that many rave about the Otterbox Commuter. A hybrid case that has silicone.

    When I look at the silicone, it is a bit softer than many others that I have seen.

    What is the life of the silicone? Does it get stretched out? Does it tear? How about the polycarbonate...does it scratch or discolor (thinking of getting the white shell).

    Thanks for your thoughts.

    Otterbox has a guarantee. If you need a new silicon they'll send you a knew one no questions asked.

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  • Coolestdude
    Apr 28, 04:12 PM
    Reasons why I'm waiting. Note these haven't been confirmed, but I'm thinking

    With Thunderbolt connectivity they might:
    Add a FW 400 and 800 port
    Add USB 3.0 Ports
    Add ethernet
    Get rid of the USB connecting cable since it could go over Thunderbolt.

    In other words, make the ACD almost into a dock.

    I'm in the market for 2 ACD's when the revision comes out.

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  • Lesser Evets
    Apr 4, 03:54 PM
    Wish they'd take the plunge already and make it the iPad Air. Yeah, heavier, no keyboard, but would be what a lot of people want.

    Isn't the graph misleading? Is it 400 thousand units or 400 million units?

    Yeah, I expect Apple makes more than a buck thirty on each Air sold.

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  • discounteggroll
    Apr 24, 07:41 AM
    I just looked and saw I have V1.0.1 on a non-jailbroken ipad. anything I can do to help with this situation?

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  • lovelost
    May 27, 10:26 AM
    Does anyone know how high the turnout has been at Thurrock for other Apple launches? Thinking of heading that way as I'm in central London and may fancy better odds (at picking one up on spec) further out...

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  • crackbookpro
    Apr 4, 08:41 PM
    11" MBA... $1000...

    You didn't expect this?

    I was a buyer within the first week... I absolutely utilize the heck out of it with work & everything else. Only thing I wish they had on it - would be a backlit keyboard. Besides that, I am more than happy with everything - CPU, GPU, 4GB of RAM, and the battery life is great!

    I was looking for this years back... next item I am looking for is Apple to start putting dedicated powerful GPU's in the MacBook Pro 13". :cool:

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  • trainguy77
    May 5, 07:24 PM
    Are you using the 68k script?

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  • MarkCollette
    Sep 14, 06:06 PM
    It appears that you need to repurchase your pre iTunes 7.0 music videos if you want the improved quality. I experimented by repurchasing one of my pre iTunes 7.0 music videos. I now have two copies of the same music video. One at the old resolution; the other at the new resolution.

    I believe this to be unsatisfactory. This is not a format change, but an incremental quality improvement. My computer is authorised, my account is valid, and my downloads legal.

    Apple is getting two bites at the cherry!

    That's why I simply did not purchase any videos at the older, lower resolution.

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  • rusty2192
    Apr 18, 06:21 PM
    If you can stretch your budget by another $50, the Canon SX230HS should be a great option. I have not used this model, but I have its predecessor, the SX210IS, and I love it. 14x optical zoom, GPS geotagging, 1080p video. The only thing I don't like about it is the low light capabilities, especially at the long end (although this is for my 210IS, not the 230HS, so they may have improved it a bit).

    The S90 or S95 will almost certainly give you slightly better quality shots, but at a much higher price tag, and it lacks the GPS that you said would be nice. In the real world in normal light, and at close distances, you probably wouldn't be able to tell much of a difference.

    Neither of these has a viewfinder. You'll be hard pressed to find any point and shoot these days that does. Micro 4/3's don't even come with viewfinders.

    Here are some shots that my wife took with our SX210IS for reference. She knows little about the technical sides of photography and had the camera set to "easy auto" mode for all of these. (
    IMG_1418 ( by Rusty2192 (, on Flickr (
    IMG_1563 ( by Rusty2192 (, on Flickr (
    IMG_1781 ( by Rusty2192 (, on Flickr

    There are more in the set on my Flickr page here:

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  • Abstract
    Oct 24, 06:37 PM
    If someone had a great idea about how Finder should look and work, it might be improved. However, since the plumbing is behind the scenes and that's been re-done a lot, it wouldn't help to simply re-route it again.

    Well, it's still the most annoying, continuous issue with OSX. Steve keeps saying it has finally been improved, but it still sucks. :p

    Remember when they released the Finder with the side panel on the left side? Man, where were we without that? I can't even remember how bad Finder was in 10.2.x :o

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  • Abstract
    Oct 24, 07:17 PM

    - Have an address bar so I can copy and paste file locations. Really useful to a developer, especially with working between the Finder and Terminal.

    - Have a way of seeing how much disk space directories and their children take up, both with number sizes and graphically.

    - Stop freaking putting every downloaded file in the bottom right of my Desktop, on top of the last downloaded file. Put the icon anywhere else on the free half of my Desktop.

    - If I empty the trash, I expect to see that volume's space taken or available value update right away for its icon, on the Desktop.

    - Tabbed Finder windows?

    And what about all the really simple things. Like if I select a bunch of files (eg: 8 photos), I want to be able to see the size (in Bytes) of the 8 photos I selected. Right now, Finder tells me that I have selected 8 files, but also tells me the total HD space remaining rather than the size of the 8 files.

    Just some very simple things, Apple. PathFinder works so much better than Finder. Too bad it was so much slower than Finder. :rolleyes:

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  • The-Pro
    May 3, 04:05 PM
    possibly worth looking at is the BenQ V2420 LED Screen, or the LG LED screens. Both good, both under 200. i have the BenQ, its good considering the price, nothing compared to the 23" ACD, 24" or 27" ACD, but of course they are atleast 3x the price.

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  • spidler
    Feb 12, 08:42 AM
    awesome, you guys are great help. But don't I have to pay for OS 9.0? I don't want to buy an out-of-date OS just to delete it when I upgrade to OS X...

    but I'll look around


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  • Coleman2010
    Apr 12, 04:11 PM
    sorry, but I dont see the big need for this. I am on Straight Talk $45 unlimited minutes, data, and texting.
    No unlock needed
    No jailbreak needed
    Good for you. There are those of us with passports who travel internationally. There is no way in hell I'm paying AT&T's ridiculous international roaming rates.

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  • Freyqq
    Aug 7, 06:05 PM
    I guess there was no reason to continue. They were prob not making much of a profit on VPC anyhow and 3rd parties already had it covered.

    Are they working on a universal MS Office?

    Mar 19, 05:17 PM
    Hello All,

    I'm pretty new to the Mac and was wondering how to change my background color to a solid color other than the few that are available by default. In Windows, in the absence of a desktop picture, I can specify pretty much any color to be the background color. All I see are the several swatches of color and no way to get more colors.

    Are these background "colors" simply little pictures that are tiled? How do I get a true background color that's not already there? Any help appreciated.Well... you could just go into photoshop.... and use the Paint Bucket tool to make your own color... save a jpeg.. and drag to make it your desktop. What color are you looking for?


    Jan 1, 01:33 AM
    Since people are offering suggestions--one thing I think would be nice is an easier way to get from the forums back to the main site. I know the forums will be updated later, but I hope it's OK to offer it as a suggestion now.

    Unless I'm missing something, there isn't a quick way to get back to the front page from the forums. After I read the posts on one story/topic, I often go back to the main page to look at other news. (I know that Safari has snapback, but sometimes I come directly to the forums from an e-mail notification instead of the main site).

    btw, Happy New Year to All! And thank you Arn for updating the site and reading our comments even on holidays.

    Apr 18, 04:14 AM
    Targus coolpad PA239U

    Sep 12, 08:45 PM
    no one seems to be pointing out that they got rid of educational pricing for iPods... that's a bummer.

    That sucks. On the otherhand, when Apple sends my Walmart the new batch I can plop one in layway.

    Apr 19, 08:45 AM

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