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  • Digital Skunk
    Jan 27, 11:13 AM
    Screw ACDs.... :mad: I am going with the Nec Displays!

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  • dcv
    Oct 5, 07:08 PM
    var browser=navigator.appName
    var b_version=navigator.appVersion
    var version=parseFloat(b_version)
    if ((browser=="Safari"||browser=="Konqueror"||browser=="Microsoft Internet Explorer")
    && (version>=0)) {alert("Your browser environment is not fully supported!")}}

    Stick an alert in your code to test the return value of navigator.appName, or in your case the 'browser' variable... you should find this is actually "Netscape" for the Safari browser, hence your problem.

    check out the Safari FAQ (

    hope this helps!

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  • HBOC
    Mar 7, 05:51 PM
    on the previous post, you can see that I can NO LONGER see the previews of the files. Also the last image is what the .TIFFs looked like when I would go through them in A3, but in the 2nd image I posted, that is what the TIFFs look like, and I am assuming they are importing as a Jpeg+RAW, although I haven't changed any settings, nor did I in A3 on my previous MBP.

    The 3rd image is of what it looks like in Preview, and 4th image is of how preview automatically resizes it.

    the images posted in this post is what A3 is doing to the TIFF files and how Preview used to open the TIFF files. To get this TIFF to open up "correctly" in Preview, I had to open in ACR and then save as a TIFF. The files size increases from 8-12MB to 33MB, which eats up space quickly.

    Any suggestions is greatly appreciated!

    BTW, DPP (Canons' software) opens these fine.

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  • Sdao
    Feb 27, 10:13 PM
    I have one. A camera would really come in handy, a microphone would be nice for recording music ideas and speakers would be great for sharing videos and music (I use in-ear headphones). I know I could get separate devices for cheaper but it would be nice to have everything in one.

    Apple doesn't sell iPhones to Canadians.

    Dear Apple,
    Canadians are people too.

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  • grapes911
    Nov 3, 10:55 AM
    Uhm... "Dock, The" just looks weird (and meaningless) to me. Better to just drop the "The" completely then.
    I'm on board with that. Looks better.

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  • Macula
    Oct 25, 11:37 AM
    As Apple's market share increases, so will the fury of competitors, legislators, hackers and open source advocates alike.

    OS X is already cracking open (see for example, and it is now possible to run OS/X with very few glitches on any super-fast (if ugly) Dell machine or any other $300 x86 clone.

    Likewise, DRM is beginning to leak.

    I am curious to see for how long Apple will be able to safeguard its monopolies. Restricting its content (OS/X, music, video, etc.) to run only on its own hardware platform is a GREAT idea in principle, but I have serious doubts that it is technically VIABLE in the long term.

    This may turn out to be for Apple the greatest cost of its transition from PowerPC to Intel.

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  • GGJstudios
    Dec 9, 02:12 PM
    Have you given much thought to creating sub-forums for unannounced products like the iPhone 5 or iPad2? That would keep the long list of nearly identical speculation threads from clogging up the main forums.
    That would be nice, but it won't work, since people don't read instructions and continually post in the wrong forums, anyway. We could already fill a forum for speculations on the next MacBook/MacBook Pro/MacBook Air/iMac/Mac Mini/Mac Pro updates.

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  • cr2sh
    Jan 30, 12:32 AM
    Welcome! I have yet to convert any of my diehard friends to Mac, but with the new Ti.. they're definately going ot be envious.

    Limewire bites it, Hard. The new version of Acquisition is suppossed to be pretty tight...

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  • maxp1
    Aug 7, 06:24 PM
    Wonder how much they paid Connectix just to abandon it.

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  • Germwise
    May 5, 09:40 AM
    Like many of you I have installed an SSD as my main boot drive with a spinning disc for large file storage.

    I am experiencing some issues on how to organize my files.

    I want to keep documents, downloads etc on my SSD. I want to move my music, pictures and movies folders to my HDD. THe problem is my mac won't let me delete the music, pictures, movies folder on my SSD saying OSX needs it.

    How do I convince OSX that those folders will be in my other drive from now on?

    I guess I could move my hole home folder and make new "documents" and "downloads" on my SSD but I am looking for a more elegant solution.

    thanks in advance.

    P.S. also microsoft word updates wont work, gets stuck looking at both HDs and won't let me choose one for installation. what is going on there?

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  • jobesucks
    Apr 11, 01:56 PM
    try this

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  • teguh123
    Apr 7, 10:13 AM
    Does that mean that the alloc and release will always be on the same function (with the exception of destructor?)

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  • jiminaus
    Apr 6, 04:01 PM
    This doesn't sound like an error from WebView itself, but an "error" page that's being served from the web application you're trying to access. Try spoofing the user agent.

    BTW WebView always uses Safari's WebKit engine regardless of your default browser. That is if you make Firefox your default browser, your program wouldn't start embedding Firefox into your window.

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  • drusoicy
    Apr 15, 03:07 PM
    AirDrop appeared in Finder with the original Dev Preview. When I upgraded to Developer Preview 2, AirDrop was gone. I figured it was some sort of bug, and when I did the Dev Preview 2 Update that was released today, I figured it would return - but I was wrong!

    Any idea on how to bring AirDrop back into the Favorites area of the Finder sidebar?? It's not even an option in the Finder Preferences Sidebar section!

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  • kitjv
    Apr 19, 07:04 PM
    Thank you, Penguin. I wasn't aware of that. I appreciate it.

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  • frunkis54
    Apr 3, 12:30 PM
    ^^^ Can you post the link it refers to?

    the ad is gone now and can't find it again. as soon as i see it again i will.

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  • MacRumors
    May 3, 12:35 PM (

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  • kresh
    Aug 8, 12:11 AM
    Originally Posted by Freyqq
    Are they working on a universal MS Office?


    Yes, but we don't exactly know when that will come out. Look for it AFTER Vista (if that can happen) ;)

    I would be willing to bet big money that MS Office Universal Binary is ready to go right this minute.

    There is no way Monkey Boy Balmer is going to let the Mac Business Unit release it before Vista and the New Windows' version of Office!

    Can you imagine the press release - "Well we are pushing back the release dates of Windows Vista and Office. We want to make sure that it is absolutely perfect. However, we are releasing Microsoft Office Universal Binary for the Apple OS X operating system". It just ain't gonna happen :cool:

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  • liketom
    Jan 10, 04:21 AM
    Should be? As in Apple is going to put it on there, or said they were going to, but haven't yet. OR Should be, as in YOU think that is what Apple should do?

    The Stig

    Apple should put the keynotes on iTunes

    Are you the real Stig BTW:D

    Mar 10, 12:08 AM
    At first you won't need more than 1 terabyte. Honestly...also, TWO cores is enough to do heavy photo editing AND listen to music while you're doing it.

    Also, keep in mind that harddrives last 5-6 years....CD's and DVD's can last decades. Back up important data to CD's and DVD's and keep them safe...

    If you ever go into photography as a pro, and somebody wants a copy of their wedding photos it would be nice if you're able to provide it 20 years after the occasion. Photo prints don't last hundreds of years, eventually the prints may need to be reprinted :)

    Keep these things in mind.

    Apr 23, 08:25 AM
    What are the resolution options in those games? 11" MBA's screen is 16:9 while the resolutions you listed are 4:3, thus the black bars.

    May 6, 11:52 AM
    Is that right? I've just got a replacement and it's saying a capacity of 12.1GB? I know on previous ones it's said ~14GB?

    Hmm, check if anything is installed or if you accidentally synced it. You are correct, it should have about 14GB free.

    Apr 15, 11:58 AM
    Doesn't look like iOS grew much.. looks like they just added Android to the graph.

    Sep 12, 10:21 AM
    When the first plane hit, I was shaving in my bathroom. As soon as it was on CNN, my roommate yelled for me to look at the news. When the reports of the second plane hit, I was standing naked in my bedroom, dripping wet, razor in hand. Then I called British Airways to find out what the deal was (I was supposed to be on a plane out of Atlanta to Edinburgh at 6:30). At the time, the airports had only been closed until 5:00, and I was told my flight was still on, and to go ahead and hop in the car and drive for 3 hours. Drove to Atlanta, turned around, came back. Made about a dozen phone calls to let everyone know I was still in country and alive and well. Rescheduled the trip for the following Tuesday, and spent the next two weeks trying to hide my American accent in the UK.

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