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  • mozmac
    Jul 28, 11:05 AM
    A.K.A...."If Zune fails, you can't bash us in the media. We told you it wasn't going to be successful." And then when it's still unsuccessful after five years, they'll be like, "Forget about Zune, look at this new operating system we're releasing this year. It's called Vista. It has this new search feature called Floodlight. When you search for something it instantly floods you with results from your hard drive."

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  • ayale99
    Mar 8, 09:14 AM
    Lol. Everything you need to know about Charlies Sheen -

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  • kiljoy616
    Mar 31, 03:54 PM
    I kind of like but does this also mean fragmentation again of the interface? :rolleyes:

    I rather have a consistant look an feel or if not then allowing for all Applications to have this which personally I rather not, give me boring but functional look.

    Ripped paper ROFL like I will think its real on a laptop or a 27 inch monitor.

    Make it clean Apple and functional leave all that play stuff for MS Windows.

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  • electronique
    Mar 9, 11:15 AM
    Woh.. Only a matter of time. Hope he pulls out of this one.

    Charlie Sheen in medically induced coma after drug binge!! (


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  • SensaiMinstixs
    Jun 6, 06:41 AM
    I don't really think the kid is rolling with a credit card of his own at 11 years of age. So maybe the mother should think about setting up a iTunes account for her son with a apple gift card or pre-pay visa. That way he can't run wild like Hulkamania with her credit card.... I wish my parents would of let me have free access to there visa as a kid :rolleyes:

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  • LittleCanonKid
    Apr 9, 02:02 PM (

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  • rever3nce
    Apr 14, 11:38 AM
    Give me some wise decision guys�

    I am badly in need for a new iDevice. My last device was the iPod Touch 1st Generation. I am planning to get both the iPhone and iPad, but will only get one now and wait for the other one in the next update.

    So which is better now?

    Get iPhone 4 White, and wait for iPad 3�
    Get iPad 2, and wait for iPhone 5?

    I am leaning towards the first option because the iPhone 4 feels like a revolution while the iPad 2 feels like a small upgrade and I wish it has a retina screen. But on the other hand, the iPhone 4 feels old now and iPad 2 just released.

    get ipad 2 and wait for iphone 5

    unless something is wrong with the phone you have now, then i would get the iphone 4 . otherwise i would just wait

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  • tbrinkma
    Apr 28, 01:01 PM
    All boats except Symbian (it's too huge a s[t]inking ship to be lifted by any tide) and Windows Phone 7 ( they made a paper boat in the hope of getting lifted but sadly it looks like the tide is too big for it to ride)

    Ok, sure. There's exceptions for boats which have been so neglected they're keels have rusted out (Symbian), and boats with cast-lead structural members (WinP7)... :p

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  • richard4339
    Apr 14, 07:11 AM
    Hour's later and its still there too...

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  • MurphyM
    Apr 26, 12:32 PM
    The ways this has been described don't sound much like Apple. I guess they could build it into iTunes in some fairly fluid way, but still. There has to be more to the data center.

    Nor do I see how the data center could allow people to upload non-purchased music. Too much required space, just look at your library size and do the math. iTunes has a massive user base.

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  • lewis82
    Jan 27, 05:47 PM
    Excuse me for the lack of picture, but there is nothing I could use... My last purchase is my inscription to university :) First choice is Computer Engineering, second choice Computer Science (or is it? If I translate literally it would be Software Engineering, but that doesn't seem to exist).

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  • wizz0bang
    Jul 24, 04:46 PM
    I really hope that this mouse can better distinguish between a right and left click than the wired MM.

    Agreed... the corded MM needs improvements. Hopefully they address this at the same time as adding BT.

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  • ct2k7
    Apr 25, 07:53 AM
    To give you an idea how mentally backwards this attitude is: In what is probably considered one of the most backward countries in the world, in Iran, the religious leaders are completely Ok with a transgender operation. To them, a man is a man, a woman is a woman, and a man or woman who has the bad luck to be born in the wrong kind of body should get help to get the problem fixed.

    Huh? Iran isn't considered a backward country here in the UK...

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  • jessep28
    Oct 19, 11:33 PM


    Just because people won't buy a $1200-$4000 computer as fast as they buy a $249 iPod is not Apple's fault. It's economics. Plus the same people who are buying the iPod are oftentimes the same people buying 2, 3 or more 'Pods for their relatives as gifts.

    Give Apple a break. Their computer line-up is excellent.

    I agree with the economics standpoint. Computers are Long Term assets more than the $100-300 iPod that the consumer purchases.

    You of course are seeing iPod sales increase - that's Apple's cash cow. I think that using Q3 growth which include the back to school season as indicitave of Apple's real growth is a little premature.

    If you saw the numbers, notebooks saw a strong increase, while desktops only saw a marginal increase. Now, of course more college kids are going to get laptops. That could be a source of the larger movement in notebooks.

    I really want to see how things turn out in Q4. If units shipped drops or stays stagnant, then I would discount all the archetype changes in the Mac lines are producing real sales growh. However, if sales still stay reletively strong, then Apple may be in for some real growth in areas not just iPod related.

    We are headed into the Christmas (Holiday) shopping season. I know iPods are going to be strong, but am really excited to see if the growth in Mac sales continues to increase.

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  • alent1234
    Oct 1, 03:41 PM
    i have a family plan with a 3G, 3GS and 2 cheapo phones. my wife and her parents came from Verizon. we live in NYC and no one ever complains about dropped calls. i've had a few from inside a converted factory building with very thick walls

    the most dropped calls i have are to my mom in colorado who has t-mobile. those drop on a land line all the time as well

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  • Ajones330
    Apr 13, 09:51 PM
    "F" it I want one... Sell this iPhone 4 32g and buy one out right pay difference. Saving my upgrade for iPhone 5:cool:

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  • macrumormonger
    Apr 13, 10:38 PM (
    Camera Canon EOS REBEL T2i
    Exposure 1/4000 sec
    Aperture f/2.8
    Focal Length 35 mm
    ISO Speed 100

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  • IJ Reilly
    Jul 10, 01:26 PM
    1. Pages 2 does have an auto-correct feature. It's in preferences.

    2. All Cocoa applications have a thesaurus. Hold down cmd-control-d and point to the word -- the dictionary definition pops up, which can be changed to a thesaurus by dropping the tab at the bottom.

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  • martingc
    Apr 14, 01:29 PM
    Did you have these Gestures enabled before?

    Nope, I've never enabled them before on my iPad as I'm not an official Apple developer and I didn't have access to the beta release that included this feature in the past.

    Nov 3, 03:21 PM
    Looks like that toolbar is just listing USB devices to me. Doesn't mean any of those will actually work under VMWare. Is there a Windows driver for built in iSight or Apple IR?

    I don't know about the Apple IR, but supposedly the iSight Driver from the Bootcamp driver cd (burn the drivers using bootcamp) work splendidly, and allow you to use the iSight in a VM in VMware's app.

    Aug 15, 09:14 PM
    Is anyone else bothered by the button to buy more batteries?

    Yes, it seems like a Microsoft thing.

    It's actually a very Apple thing to do. Apple has always been about making a totally integrated, complete end-to-end computing environment and Apple has also always been dedicated to transforming things that had been difficult for non-techies to do into some so simple and effective that even advanced technical users decide it's the best method. This is probably not the first time an option to buy hardware has been built into software, but just like Time Machine is revolutionary because it's the first SIMPLE file-by-file backup system and not because it's the first backup system ever, so too this "Buy Battery" button is revolutionary because of how simple and integrated it is.

    I'm hardly an Apple apologist, I complain quite loudly when they do things that are lame. But I think this is a very Apple thing to do and a feature that isn't just a built in advertisement. If I had an OS X button to buy a new battery when I wanted one, rather than tracking down the battery model number I needed and having to worry about who to buy from and bothering with technical details, I'd definitely appreciate being able to just click that button.

    Making the entire computer experience simple, easy and fun is what Apple has always been about, and this is a natural continuation of those ideals. In fact, I hope they expand this functionality to include upgrading ram and hard disks (as long as they don't go overboard with the prices like in the b.t.o. options at the apple store).

    Really this is a wonderful new breakthrough in Apple's quest for computing easiness.

    Apr 28, 04:41 PM
    I have both the white and black 32gb iPhone 4's next to me now. How anyone can say one feels immediately thicker than the other is beyond me lol.

    That's what I thought.

    Apr 26, 12:08 PM
    Apple charging for a service that should be free with the hardware? Inconceivable!

    I'll stick with my local storage, thanks. If you want to do me a favour, Steve, give me my calendar, contacts and email for nothing. Or don't. Google does, and I've been quite content so far.

    Apr 12, 04:38 PM
    What lens?

    Zeiss 35mm Distagon 2/35 (

    Camera Canon EOS REBEL T2i
    Exposure 0.002 sec (1/640)
    Aperture f/7.1
    Focal Length 35 mm
    ISO Speed 100

    Source URL:
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