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  • aristobrat
    Oct 24, 08:32 AM
    802.11n pending firmware upgrade...
    Great -- that was my only holdout. Where did you see the info about 802.11n being included?

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  • bedifferent
    Apr 15, 10:29 PM
    They used to publish changelogs before they switch to the new ADC.

    I miss those days. This iOS style (GUI and OS X beta development) isn't wow'ing me. Not liking the grey icons, launchpad is a useless addition to application organization that works better with iOS multi-touch devices, no TRIM for third party Sandforce SSD's yet, OpenGL is lagging, no R.I., and no more change log's for developers. The iOS $99 membership (a huge drop from the $499+) is simply a way for Apple to grab money from non-developers and possibly receive feedback that is more consumer than developer driven.

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  • rnelan7
    Nov 28, 09:12 PM
    Finally narrowed it down to a Shady McCoy jersey, Apple TV and a WD Elements 2tb. Merry Christmas everyone!

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  • SilianRail
    Apr 12, 01:27 PM
    Wouldn't matter anyway if you were using a ThunderBolt external hard drive. Very few mechanical hard drives can even reach 1Gbps-2Gbps. You'll need several of the fastest SSDs in RAID to even reach ThunderBolt speeds.

    USB 3.0 FTW. More practical.USB 2.0 brings my CPU to its knees, can't imagine how bad USB 3.0 is. Some people have **** to do for the 2 hours its transferring.

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  • Bonds79
    Apr 24, 02:24 AM
    A few clarifications that pertain to AT&T/T-Mobile and this story:

    * The most valuable thing T-Mobile has is it's *spectrum*. The network itself, while quite valuable, isn't the key here at all. Oh, it's a factor, but it's not the reason why the Death Star is after it.

    * T-Mobile has not been bought. There's just a stated intent for AT&T to buy T-mobile. The purchase process will take many months, and there are many regulatory hurdles to overcome. Since this will mean reducing the number of national (or near national) carriers, it will get heavy scrutiny, and there's more than a small chance that the deal will be rejected, or come with so many conditions that AT&T will withdraw the offer.

    * Between now and the actual purchase, the companies can do some exploratory work with each other but they cannot operate in any way as if the deal has already taken place. AT&T cannot ask APPL to test the iPhone at T-Mobile bands.

    There are probably some ways around the last bullet (called "gun jumping") but with a deal with this level of scrutiny, nothing is going to happen which jeopardizes the deal.

    Interesting, so I guess T-Mobile 's network has more spectrum depth than att's network, seem t-mobile's network allows high 3G speeds

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  • taeclee99
    Apr 13, 01:56 PM
    Highly unlikely that Apple will release an actual tv. More probable are televsions from major manufacturers that have air play functionality built in.

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  • IJ Reilly
    Jan 30, 12:31 AM
    Fear and greed, as always the two opposing driving forces behind the markets. Both are emotions and neither are rational. Just something to consider whenever you are tempted to say that the sky is either the limit, or it's falling. Chances are, neither is true.

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  • fblack
    Oct 23, 12:52 PM
    The bottom line is that this is just one more EULA violation that people will ignore on a daily basis, unless MS implements some way of enforcing it.

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  • Surely
    Jan 31, 04:12 AM
    Have you tried Urth Cafe? They have some pretty good stuff. I go there a few times a month.

    Yeah, I've been to a few of their locations. I used to go to the one in Beverly Hills a lot. Good stuff. That place thinks it's so cool ever since they started using them for Entourage.;)

    For me, SusieCakes is still the champion of desserts.

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  • kentkomine
    Apr 14, 10:45 AM
    I would've bought the white iPhone if Apple had put it on the shelves at release, but now that its April, I've decided to wait for the fifth-gen iPhone... Hopefully they won't have any problems with that one

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  • bella92108
    Jun 6, 08:38 PM
    Let me guess: you're not a racist, but...

    Sorry, Shaniqwa was the first name I could think of when I thought of 8 kids and irresponsible parenting. My apologies.

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  • twoodcc
    Oct 21, 12:57 PM
    It's rather cool to touch when it's not charging. Charging, then I'll probably burn my finger if I touch the "ESC/F1/F2" area.

    but how often do you have it folding and not charging?

    yes i understand the point. but i don't find a reason.

    and yes, i do have all the computers in my household contributing to my personal team.

    i can't 'compete'. the whole thing is basically it's whoever has a very nice computer/folding rig, or whoever has a nice computer and doesn't use it, but leaves it on to fold. so technically it's not 'competing' because they are computers, you aren't actually doing any work besides for setting up the actual client, and having it run well on your machine.

    well i never actually thought of having my own team. and i can see a little personal value there.

    but really, it is fun to have team members to kinda compete with. i know we aren't doing work ourselves, but it's a good cause, and what gets people to fold besides the cause is to beat each other. without the points system, not many people would fold.

    i hope you decide to join MR oneday soon

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  • underdub
    Apr 25, 09:57 PM
    LOL. love all these posts.

    Can I start a post thats about how Im anxiously awaiting the END of all these "when is the new iMac coming out" threads?......

    .....please lets move on...

    Gosh. I wish I was cool like you. Do you own a Mac? Cool.

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  • runninmac
    Jul 11, 02:35 PM
    So with the windows media center out they would be idiots to not convert it to a format for their player. This means Mac Media Center out this fall hopefully. :D

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  • twoodcc
    Dec 2, 08:48 PM
    well i'm not very worried

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  • soberbrain
    Apr 13, 02:20 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8G4)

    No demand for another smart TV.

    Instead Apple TV needs more features:

    - access to more web content
    - more integration with macs and iDevices
    - DVR that's iDevice compatible without transcoding
    - gaming

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  • 0815
    May 3, 08:06 AM
    Nice upgrade :) ... but I was hoping for an 500GB SSD option :(

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    Oct 18, 05:47 PM
    Interesting that the mac program at Best Buy is being expanded from seven to 50 stores, and a new pilot program at a few Circuit City stores. Must be seeing some success for Best Buy to be alotting floor space in more of their stores. :D

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  • longofest
    Jul 24, 06:40 PM
    In case you didn't notice:

    Update: According to a picture of a preliminary product manual obtained by AppleInsider (, the new wireless Mighty Mouse will use Laser tracking in place of the Optical tracking system the current USB Mighty Mouse uses. Laser-based mice typically are more accurate and less prone to errors on extremely smooth surfaces.

    Apr 15, 02:50 PM
    Probably just a public beta this summer.

    Goes against Steve Jobs saying Lion was shipping this summer. What is your source ?

    Until Apple says it's delayed, I'll believe Apple when they say it ships this summer.

    Westside guy
    Nov 3, 10:06 PM
    Given that a number of VmWare's products are essentially free, Parallels will indeed have some significant challenges ahead if the OS X version is likewise free.

    I don't think this is a realistic hope. The equivalent Windows/Linux app is VMware Workstation, which is definitely not free.

    VMware's free apps can certainly be used on a workstation; but they're targeting the server space and lack some of the niceties of Workstation (such as experimental hardware video acceleration). But I do use the free VMware Server on a Fedora box for generic Windows stuff like IE testing, and it fits that bill just fine.

    I would think it likely that VMware's pricing will have to be somewhat competitive with Parallels - people aren't going to spend $180 on it unless it totally blows Parallels out of the water (which would be hard to do).

    Apr 15, 08:09 AM
    I picked up on this before, it was in 4.3.1 for sure

    It was quietly introduced in iOS 4.3.

    Oct 23, 11:27 PM
    you mean people PAY for windows? :confused: :confused:

    Apr 14, 08:34 PM :D

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