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  • Willis
    Aug 1, 10:48 AM
    'Microsoft's Zune - Long Term Effort'... yeah, in R&D. 3-5 years time for a product is crazy. The market wont want what they will have on offer in that time. Its like that origami or whatever it is. Something that cropped up on MR, and then disappeared. no one cares.

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  • Sodner
    Apr 12, 09:22 AM
    Aren't we quickly getting to the point where it's all about the software?

    Ok, so we know iPhone 5 will get dual core A5....big deal. It'll be nice to have the extra power, but the iPhone 4 now is no slouch.

    Added RAM.....yeah, that would be nice....but not going to suddenly sell more phones because it has more RAM :p

    Display won't get any better resolution-wise. Doubt they'd go with a larger screen either.

    Better cameras....ok.....still, the iPhone 4 cameras are no slouch, and it's not like it will reach the quality of a nice DSLR with those tiny sensors.

    Better graphics processing.....sure.....but it's not like it has to drive a 9.7" screen like the iPad.

    I'd say Apple is smartly switching into software mode. Kick ass with iOS5, revamp notifications, make some much needed overhauls to the system, and optimize performance for todays devices (iPhone 4, iPad & iPad 2).

    Apple is going to stay ahead with software. That's the way Apple is and always has been.


    Pretty much agree with everything you said though I do HOPE for a increased screen size on the 5.

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  • GuitarDTO
    Apr 28, 09:32 PM
    FYI...if you are looking to switch to a Verizon iPhone but your contract isnt up...my store let us add a new dummy line without a data plan for 9.99 on our account (2 year contract), and we got the white iPhone for 200 so overall we are basically paying 440 for the phone instead of full retail $650. Now we still have an upgrade coming in 6 months so I can get the 5 ; )

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  • MacRuler
    Apr 14, 08:31 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPod; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    now we pretty much know iphone 5 wont be out until spetember/october. the earliest

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  • Umbongo
    May 3, 07:45 AM
    Not really sure why Apple can't bring themselves to put an i7 by default in a $2,000 machine. That's kind of ridiculous.

    Because it would cost them another $100 in parts without increasing sales. This way they make more money per sale and will make even more from those who want it. There would be no processor upgrade path if they put the i7 as default.

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  • MacNut
    May 2, 02:54 AM
    (CBS/AP) Osama bin Laden, the long-time figurehead of the al Qaeda terrorist network, has been buried at sea after being killed in a U.S. raid in Pakistan.
    U.S. officials told CBS News that bin Laden's body would be handled in accordance with Muslim traditions, which include strict rules on burial taking place within 24 hours after death.

    Bin Laden was a Saudi national, but officials tell CBS News that the Kingdom was unwilling to have his remains repatriated.http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2011/05/02/501364/main20058795.shtml

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  • Fujiko7
    Apr 5, 07:26 AM
    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5261/5588966287_5f8eb32f3e.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/tristangage/5588966287/)
    let sleeping dogs lie (http://www.flickr.com/photos/tristangage/5588966287/)

    Nice, peaceful photo. The soft tones perfectly match the sleeping dog.

    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5021/5590691636_827027de43_b.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/22077805@N07/5590691636/)

    Great colours on this one. Do you think it would look even better cropped slightly?


    Charming photo. You've clearly built a rapport with the subject.

    OK, here's mine for today. This was taken with iPhone using the Hipstamatic app. It was taken on the cliffs just north of Bude, in Cornwall, this past weekend. Some on this board may consider this "gimmicky", especially with the "aged" look of the framing, but I think this one worked pretty well. I would appreciate any c&c on this.

    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5307/5584284229_e31642e02c_z.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/dgeen/5584284229/sizes/z/in/photostream/)

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  • Steelers7510
    Apr 14, 07:33 AM
    Sorry, this is a dumb question.

    Whats a 16 GB AT&T iPhone cost without a 2 year plan?


    Google my friend... :cool:

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  • boncellis
    Jul 24, 04:22 PM
    I really hope that this mouse can better distinguish between a right and left click than the wired MM.

    Amen to that. I've been less than impressed with the wired version so far. I think Apple should break down and put two buttons on it.

    I love my BT mouse, I don't mind hitting the CTRL button that much.


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  • As in the case of the Nokia

  • Devnor
    Apr 13, 02:04 PM
    I heard Apple is working on the new, next generation rice cooker.

    Apple is way smarter than to get into the TV business. Why make a multitude of bulky products when they can have a box that fits all.

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  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 28, 04:29 PM
    The story continues gets more confusing. Apparently white Verizon iphones are thicker but white AT&T iphones are thinner. :rolleyes:

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  • andiwm2003
    Jun 6, 11:11 AM
    'Eleven-year-old "Accidentally" Downloads $1000 App' more like, the kid blatantly knew what he was doing, you can't accidentally buy something, he clicked 'buy', what was he expecting to happen...

    Gee, do you have any idea how easy it is to click the wrong thing on an iPhone or iPod touch?

    They probably had one click enabled and the kid checked out the most expensive app and accidentally clicked buy.

    Can happen.

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  • baryon
    Mar 31, 11:38 AM
    That is really, really ugly. Like, really ugly. I cannot imagine having that brown turd interface open on my second monitor all day... blargh!

    lol, brown turd, that's exactly what it looks like... horrible!

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  • Bateria Para Celular Nokia E61

  • Anghammarad
    May 3, 08:07 AM
    50% higher price in Sweden than US. Even with VAT of 25% added to the US price they are still 23% more expensive.

    Swedish price from $1830.

    celular nokia n97. NOKIA N97 MINI GOLD EDITION

  • jaster2
    Mar 31, 09:23 PM
    Let's see. How about putting back the option to have alarm alerts turned off if iCal is closed but still on if opened. Anyone who ever uses their laptop for presentations would be so happy to have that feature back. How about putting back the ability to click once on an item in Month view and seeing details. Seriously. Is the point to keep taking away functions and make it look super hokey?

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  • Middiebear
    May 4, 04:01 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_0 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8A293 Safari/6531.22.7)

    Can the front page print a retraction?...

    AT&T CSRs don't receive any official information about ANY phone releases prior to general public... Let alone an iPhone release.

    We weren't informed about the iPhone 4 being released until AFTER Apple's official press conference last year.

    Even though I know this is a site for rumors... I've found this site to make sure the BS rumors were weeded out before it would become front-page news... But making an unsubstantiated statement by a random AT&T CSR front-page material is just plain bad journalism.

    BTW: AT&T has been cracking down on customer's upgrade eligibility dates. If you downgrade/remove features/plans on your account odds are the date will be changed.

    AT&T makes no promises that the date is constant and it can really change at any time...

    The customer related to the article probably was suspended too many times for non-pay and that's the reason why the date was changed... Not because of some crazy conspiracy to correlate with the next iPhone release...

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  • stroked
    Apr 27, 02:11 AM

    And I'm not? Cut the bullying crap, you obviously have some kind of personal issue with any kind of gender-bending.

    It's not your bathroom. You don't own it, you don't have any real say in who gets to use it. Just like you don't own your daughter and don't have the right to beat anyone up on her behalf for any perceived slight. If I ever hypothetically made another woman genuinely uncomfortable in a restroom, chances are I'd remove myself from the situation at least until she had left, that's a concession I'd make to *her*, not you. The discussion came up at my university a while back and the most telling thing was that the only people who took issue with trans people using appropriate loos were men, I wonder why that is.

    Do you really actually think that's why we do it just to perv on women in the restroom? Do you have any idea what we go through to be who we are?

    Why are you scared by us? Why do we make you uneasy in yourself enough that you lash out with lame insults, make threats and refuse to acknowledge this girl's gender? I've got news for you, we walk among you, you don't often see us, but we do and we've been progressively gaining more and more rights. There's no place for attitudes like yours in the world today, as you can see your views are not popular in this thread and it's not because everyone who disagrees with you is trans themselves.

    As long as my daughter is in there, I will have a say who goes in the bathroom. my daughter isn't a woman yet, she is a girl, and I will do whatever it takes to protect her. Like it or not, I think gender bending is wrong, and people like you will not be in the bathroom with her. When she is finished, it is all yours.

    my views may not be popular in this thread, and I expected the regular insults that you libs dish out to people that disagree with you. If your afraid of dissenting opinions, then you need to stay on some of those forums that will always agree with you, and will nurture you, and your life style.

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  • Celular Nokia N97 32gb 3g 5mpx

  • LordDixon
    Feb 12, 01:12 AM
    So we have...
    -A few porn stars
    -A Ferrari
    -A briefcase of cocaine
    -Excessive alcohol consumption
    -A $30,000 check to a porn star

    ...how is this any different than 'Two and a Half Men'?

    I love this man.
    minus the cocaine and I'm in.

    celular nokia n97. Nuevo Celular NOKIA N97 MINI
  • Nuevo Celular NOKIA N97 MINI

  • Yvan256
    Jul 28, 10:05 AM
    Don't forget, ALL consoles lose money when they first ship.

    Nintendo never sold any console at a loss.

    I tend to agree with you, but that is just business, and Microsoft is good at it. If we want to point fingers, point them at the consumers. The only reason Microsoft still pours money into things is because people will still buy their products. Microsoft also uses their position of having a large amount of disposable cash. If their product sucks, people won't buy it, and Microsoft suffers.

    If that were true, Microsoft would never have been able to survive after Windows 95.

    If a product sucks but almost everyone else is using it, most people will use it too.

    Apr 22, 10:53 AM
    I'd be highly skeptical if Apple will introduce LTE compatable chips even in 2012. Usually Apple takes it's time to implement technologies that all other phone makers in the market have implemented. They focus on ease of use and to the point where you don't even notice the technology (et. al. there latest iPad 2 commercial) They'll probably delay any LTE implementation until 2013.

    How do you "notice the 4G technology" on current 4G phone? It just works. Jeez...give me a break here with just canned statements. :rolleyes:


    Oct 4, 09:01 PM
    A few things...

    I've also had Verizon now for 4 years, and I've maybe during that time had 2 dropped calls. Not bad for 4 years of service.

    As a consumer, when is 30% failure rate, acceptable?

    And then these femtocells. If they (the provider) can't give you access you're paying for, is it really fair that they charge you on top of what you're already paying, to sell you a device that is supposed to boost the service you're already paying for?


    Oct 23, 01:36 PM
    What's that other program that lets you run windows without an actual copy? Maybe I'll use that. Wait, are they even supporting Vista or just XP?

    Oh I found it: CrossOver Mac. Not sure if it will support Vista though.

    Apr 7, 03:31 PM
    Another from the KY Vietnam Veterans Memorial
    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5064/5596946708_3eaba5a469.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/48874590@N02/5596946708/)
    IMG_3160 (http://www.flickr.com/photos/48874590@N02/5596946708/) by Rusty2192 (http://www.flickr.com/people/48874590@N02/), on Flickr

    Jan 12, 10:35 AM
    Don't be repelled by the severely obese person you meet or the severely emaciated person you meet; these are real people with real feelings, real issues hiding in there somewhere and the bottom line is that these are people who need help.

    Golf clap. F'real. This echoes one of the core tenets of the Size Acceptance movement: Accept people as they are, not as you think they should be.

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