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  • rkdiddy
    Mar 11, 11:56 AM
    Line at Brea Mall is to Macy's, probably about 150-200 people here.

    Any idea how fast these lines move? This'll be the first time I've camped out for a product.

    Wow, that is pretty crazy. I didn't think there would be long lines like this. :rolleyes:

    Once the line starts moving, it should move fairly quickly. All hands will be on deck at Apple and hopefully people have figured out which version they're purchasing in line.

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  • oootle
    Aug 18, 04:07 AM
    the way finder has been left with no changes kind or less indicates that there is a bit of a UI refresh in the bag for Leopard.

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  • TwoSocEmBoppers
    Mar 17, 10:49 AM
    I got blk 16 and 32 wifi, and i want to trade for white plz let me know. Ty

    I'll trade you White 32GB Wifi for Black 32GB Wifi. PM me contact info.

    Brea had 15 wifi only.
    125+ people.

    That is so crazy. One day they receive 40-50 and the next 15 wifi. Rough. I can only imagine the line tomorrow as it will be Friday, people take off work, weekend, etc.

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  • bella92108
    Jun 6, 09:08 PM
    I always love to bring that up at those Mcdonalds debates.

    Yeah, after all if you buy a coffee there u have to sign a waiver of responsibility for burns, then reply YES three times to the cashier asking "Are you sure you want to buy this potentially scalding-hot coffee?" ... but what's it matter, thanks to people not wanting to take responsibility we can't buy coffee above 82 degrees fahrenheit. lol


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  • AlligatorBloodz
    Apr 21, 11:03 PM
    Samsung spends all the money they make from Apple suing them.

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  • PghLondon
    Apr 28, 03:38 PM
    How am i a geek. I need to be able to keep files on my phone like word docs that I can access at any computer. I prefer a Full keyboard and T-mo sucks many people have these same wants and needs out of a smart phone.

    First of all, you can do that on an iPhone already. There are any number of ways to do that. Full keyboard? Yeah, tons of people want those... that's why they're selling so well!

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  • lbro
    Apr 22, 07:21 PM
    The posts start at 0, not one.
    Did you thumb them back up, or were you under a misconception?

    Somebody must have thumbed them back up. They were all at -1 except the one from aggie.

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  • Daveoc64
    Sep 30, 10:21 AM
    In 2005 AT&T was passing out 3G SIMS like raffle tickets in phones that weren't 3G -I need some internal wireless guru to tell if that extra hand-off doesn't make a difference.

    That makes no difference whatsoever.

    A 2G phone simply ignores the 3G features of the USIM.

    As far as the 2G phone is concerned, 3G doesn't exist. It has no impact on any network (2G or 3G).

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  • bpaluzzi
    May 3, 08:06 AM
    I hope I'm not the only one disappointed that you see an i7 in 3 out of the 4 MBPs, but i7 is only available for an extra $180 in the iMac.

    The i5 2400 costs $150 @ MicroCenter, and that's the processor they use in the $2000 iMac!!! This is why people say Macs are overpriced (and they most certainly are). That having been said, I'll be buying an MBA or MBP 13 soon enough.

    One thing to consider -- the iMac slots into the "midrange" position for the Apple desktop family (above Mini, below Pro), while the MBP is in the "high end" position for the laptop family.

    Not going to go into the spec-chasing / validating. People have feelings one way or the other, and discussing / arguing online isn't likely to change either side's opinion :-)

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  • BeSweeet
    Apr 26, 02:59 PM
    Drive arrays can easily exceed 10 Gbps - even with spinning hard drives. Today a 2 SSD drive RAID 0 array can hit 10 Gbps with consumer-grade drives.

    Single drives faster than TBolt already exist - 12 Gbps SSD drive ( 48 Gbps SSD drive (

    TBolt devices haven't even hit the market, but TBolt is already too slow for many uses.

    Ah, I completely forgot about PCI-Express based SSDs. I kept thinking about 6Gbps SATA SSDs.

    Also, "SSD drive" is redundant :).

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  • thefunkymunky
    Aug 15, 02:14 PM
    Anyone else notice the window shadows are still visible in the Expose/Spaces screenshot. Windows shadows disappear when you invoke Expose in Tiger. Maybe this is power of Core Animation starting to show?

    I think Apple have something quite amazing happening with the Finder interface in Leopard which is now possible with the introduction of Core Animation.

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  • rovex
    Apr 28, 03:07 AM
    lol. you have a huge boulder on your shoulder.

    I think that has already been established, getting personal when I didn't even quote or made reference to him.

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  • sunfast
    Aug 15, 02:20 PM
    Also we need proper MSN intergration in iChat. NO-ONE USES iCHAT UP HERE!!!

    if only. if only. but I can't see it happening. it's such a shame because I'd love to be able to use iChat

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  • stew278
    Mar 31, 12:02 PM
    Garish as hell.

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  • bobthecat23
    Apr 24, 03:56 PM
    can we get a hell yeah? lower prices at&t can go burn in hell

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  • Chrispy
    Oct 23, 10:45 AM
    I could care less what the microsoft's EULA agreement says. If I'm able to install it I could care less if it is illegal. As long as it is only on one computer then I'm doing it. And they wonder why people pirate their software...

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  • louis Fashion
    May 4, 11:04 AM
    Disappointing, but expected. This actually brings up more questions than answers though:

    1) Is this a permanent move to a Fall Release of the iPhone?

    2) When, if ever, are they going to unite the CDMA and GSM iPhone releases (possibly in iPhone 5 with "World Chip")?

    3) Does this affect the timing of iOS's release, which has traditionally been released with the new iPhone and has been centered around the iPhone's hardware?

    4) The iPod touch has traditionally been released months after the iPhone. If the iPhone is released around Sept, will they release the iPod touch along with it?


    Exactly. Good questions: I would love to get a CDMA.GSM world phone. I guess it will have to be a Blackberry.

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  • gadget123
    Apr 22, 08:13 PM
    Lies Lies Lies

    Don't believe it. The reports about it keeping the same design make sense.

    The article says it was wrong about Ipad 2 having a memory slot.

    3"7 funny..if they were going to make it bigger it would be a 4". I reckon if the other reports are true it should stay 3.5".

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  • maclaptop
    Apr 21, 11:05 PM
    1) Have you not seen the comparison between the Samsung phone and the iPhone?

    2) We even have sales people telling customers the Samsung phone is "like an iPhone"..

    1) I own both.

    They are rectangular and have icons on home screens.

    There's only so much one can do with smart phone styling.

    It's not like Apples on the verge of going out of business.

    Much ado over nothing.

    Like a teenage bully, Apples beyond stupid.

    2) You actually believe clueless sales people?

    Jan 1, 11:38 PM
    Because I feel I've made my point. I'm arguing against the stereotypes and prejudices, not the effects on society and healthcare, or mental dysfunction.

    I am with you 100%; one's weight bears no resemblance to one's character and no case will be exactly the same. Like most issues, there is a strong degree of individualization and how someone experiences and interprets the same events can vary dramatically.

    Jan 29, 08:24 PM
    My latest Sephora splurges!

    Oct 24, 09:06 AM
    Finally, still confused as to why there is no 7200RPM drive option for the 15".

    I wanna order with a glossy screen but i'm scared i wont be able to return this if it has probless. Isnt glossy screen a BTO option?

    Jul 24, 07:09 PM
    It's about time, I'll get one the day they become available.

    Feb 11, 02:43 PM
    ..... Kind of reminds me of his Ferris Bueller character!

    same here

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