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  • elliotay
    Jul 9, 12:50 AM
    So i was using my 15" powerbook 1Ghz yesterday and all of the sudden the screen went VERY dim. I could barely see the desktop or the open windows. It was plugged in at the time and the battery is fully charged now and it's the same. I don't understand what happened. The screen was bright and normal and the next second it was almost as if it was turned off. Restarting does nothing. Adjusting the brightness does nothing. It doesn't make any darker or brighter then it is. Please help.

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  • macridah
    Nov 2, 08:16 PM
    There already is an update. Maybe it'll fix some of the problems above.

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  • mnkeybsness
    Jun 28, 11:21 AM
    you usually should be able to record straight to a dv camera. play around with it though, plug it in and go to record mode.

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  • mlblacy
    Jan 3, 06:25 AM
    a photographer friend and I have a running debate on Epson vs Canon, and we have had both. I recently replaced my large format Epson for a Cannon Pro 9000 Mark II. I paid around $300 (there were some sales and a $100 rebate), although you can find some steals on EBay for mint never unboxed ones (there were some offers that have away the printer with the purchase of a certain camera back). I think I dropped around $800 for my previous Epson...

    The 9000 is blazing fast, especially when compared to most Epsons which are notoriously poky. I can print a 13x19 in about 5 minutes, whereas my Epson took easily five times longer. The Epson seemed to chew through ink even when not printing... Startups, preprinting, calibration, head cleanings... But even that didn't stop the continual head cloggings. Pigment ink just tends to dry out and clog a lot more.... Especially if you are not running it every day. I had only had a job every other month, often I had to replace the cartridges... Making the per print price pretty darn expensive. It produced beautiful prints, but I also had to swap black cartridges depending on if I was printing on matte or glossy papers... Pretty lame.

    The canon can go borderless at 13x19. It does drink ink at a frightening rate, but at least it does that whle printing, lol. Buy ink at Amazon, get it on a delivery schedule and you will save even more. I pay about half what it costs at staples for ink.

    Need a real large format printer? Then I would probably say go Epson...

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  • atarian90
    Jan 21, 10:28 PM
    Another thing Apple should do in a redesigned ACD is to get rid of the external brick power supply. I think ACDs are the only LCDs out that are not only quite thick, but still have a hefty external brick power supply. :(

    A built-in iSight and an extra DVI or two port would be nice too as mentioned.

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  • siurpeeman
    Jan 16, 02:36 AM
    lucky sf natives and others. i don't see arn. :confused:

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  • Plumbstone
    Mar 5, 06:33 AM
    to bounce to its own track you can simply turn on the click, cycle your whole song, then either mute everything or solo nothing - so that when you hit play all you hear is your click. Then if you hit bounce (NOT bounce region!) you will bounce just what you are hearing, namely your click.

    Then drag that from your audio bin onto a new track and do your edits...

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  • citizenzen
    Mar 4, 03:06 PM
    5P, Let's boil this down to two questions...

    1. Is it true that wealth is getting more and more distributed into the hands of the rich?

    2. Does/should the government play any role in the proportioning of that wealth?

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  • vincenz
    May 6, 08:25 PM
    This is awesome. Hopefully quality control is still great after this move.

    That's what I'm worries about too, but hopefully everything will work out fine.

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  • Qwixxz
    Apr 15, 08:04 AM
    4.3.2 jailbreak might be ready soon :)

    Seems to be for All devices :)

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  • sonofapplepm
    Nov 30, 04:51 AM
    Looks like there is still some business to take care of on your end. Let me know when it's done. I am still cosidering the offer.

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  • MacMadeInHeaven
    Apr 1, 10:22 AM
    The term wanker originated from British slang in the 1940s.[1] Wanker literally means "one who is handsome and intelligent ". In modern usage it is usually a general massive compliment.

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  • barijazz
    Feb 1, 06:13 PM
    So do the MBP boxes still have Tiger displayed on them?

    Actually yes lol, I'll dig up my MBP box and show you (just got it a month ago).

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  • inlimbo
    Sep 3, 10:32 PM
    How about $30/year and you get email, ftp, mysql and php?

    Thanks! Thats pretty good value for money. I just thought someone out there would offer (really) cheap web hosting for non-for-profit orgs etc... I guess im naive.

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  • nickane
    Jan 16, 09:31 AM
    I'm pretty sure Jobsy hasn't done a "One More Thing" (which is annoying, cos even ppl who've noticed this still hope for them) since they did an event actually called "One More Thing" about 2 years ago. Last Macworld's keynote was just about the AppleTV (which we'd heard about 3 months previous as the iTV) and of course the iPhone, with no OMT whatsoever.

    I think they scrapped it because internet hype and Thinksecret's rumour success rate meant that the "One More Thing" was usually leaked beforehand anyways, so when they did it, it was less of a nice surprise and more of a relief that the rumour sites hadn't gotten our hopes up about nothing.

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  • emotion
    Oct 25, 07:34 AM
    Not sure why people think this is bad. Fair use if you ask me.

    OTOH it's possibly open to abuse but i think it's worth the risk. I'm not overly keen on DRM stopping people doing what they like with stuff they've paid for. I wouldn't touch a DRM CD for example. All my downloads are from places that don't do DRM (and have at least 320kbps mp3 or better).

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  • topmounter
    May 6, 11:26 AM
    Was the iMac working ok before you added the RAM? Where did you buy the "added RAM"? It sounds like the RAM is either not seated properly or it's cheap and/or faulty.

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  • cambookpro
    Nov 6, 03:16 AM
    Ha, that's sweet! It would be cool if you could have the Snow Leopard background layered on top of it, but have it be translucent so you could still see the "guts".

    I think you mean translucent :p

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  • LincolnC
    Mar 9, 09:13 AM
    I guess a better question is if they'll run out on Friday. I've heard a lot of stores get shipments on Friday. On the other hand, maybe an explanation for the 5PM release is show shipments get there in time and they don't restock over night.

    Tough question lol.

    I can head down there at 1 but its possible I'll have a class assignment in the afternoon till around 5, then an hour drive to SLC wouldn't put me there till 6.

    Apr 20, 05:35 PM
    I didnt see a Cash on Hand number thrown out, last quarter is was $59.8B it apprears. Also does anyone know which numbers from the the consolidated data they actually use to give them that benchmark.

    Nov 22, 06:56 PM
    I can take pictures, it's a bit scuffed up, being 3 years old, but it's in pretty good shape. I'll take pictures later tonight, or tomorrow.

    Mar 22, 08:11 PM
    * aperture now correctly handles albums contained in folders when importing iphoto 9.1.1 libraries.


    May 6, 07:31 PM
    I don't know specifically about the jailbreak but I'm guessing that if you go in to the Apple store for your broken home button, they will give you a different phone (refurb).

    That may make this a moot question.

    When the guy goes to get your new phone just say "hey man can you do me a favor? No 5K?". He'll get it. Worked for me last night. Got a nie new non-refurb phone.

    Apr 18, 10:40 AM
    Well everyone is predicting a few month delay. This is going to mess with my 2 year upgrade plan. Do I upgrade later or upgrade earlier...

    I'm in in the same boat as you. My upgrade is in early May and I can't decide if I should get the iphone 4 or wait based off rumors...

    but I think I'm just going to with the iphone 4, it already fits all my needs and I don't see what else apple could do for me in improvements for the next phone

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