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  • robbieduncan
    Mar 29, 04:29 PM
    This thread is a bit like what happened to me on the way home: a car crash!

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  • quot;Arc of Instabilityquot;?

  • atticus1178
    Sep 19, 09:39 PM
    What do you use to monitor the temps? I haven't found anything that works yet.

    What problems *do* these EFI and SMC updates fix, exactly? BTW, according to the SMC update description, it will update it to 1.7f8, while according to System Profiler I already have that version. Must apply to to the first batch of models only? :confused:

    Edit: firmware update successfully applied, no SMC update in SWU for me.

    i use Temperature Monitor.

    it monitors each core temp, and the hard drive temps only (same for my macbook pro)

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  • Waybo
    Mar 17, 11:32 AM
    Master-D said, "Something like this? I would be interested to see your preferred crop. (

    My crop would have been just like this! Very nice!

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  • rhett7660
    Apr 25, 03:19 PM
    What does ANY of this have to do to Apple rejecting a Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist from the App Store?

    Probably the same reason "what does the original post have to do with the Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist getting his app rejected." This person was merely commenting on another posters post.

    I am waiting to see if the app gets rejected a second time before I lay judgment.

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  • LegendKillerUK
    Apr 21, 12:56 PM
    If the hardware isn't that much different from the iPad 2 then why would they give it to devs early?

    You can't accurately judge how a game will run on an iPhone based on the iPad. Size and weight play a big part in terms of locations for on screen controls.

    I'd like more memory, perhaps going 768MB in the meantime - that extra 256MB over the 4 will easily hold an extra 10-20 apps in memory.

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  • bmustaf
    Apr 5, 05:59 PM
    Well, the Xoom isn't tied to the carrier. Google uses it (currently, at least) as the reference device for their Honeycomb platform.

    I think iPad 2 and iOS has advantages, but as an Apple supporter myself and user/dev owner, too, I think the hubris in this community is very dangerous.

    The bigger they are, the higher they know how the saying goes. The U2 wasn't untouchable, and neither is the iPad 2. The sooner we get over this idea that there is an inherent superiority anything Apple, I really think the better off Apple and its products and the ecosystem actually will be!

    Ever since Android was released on phones I have been hearing that it "is just a release or two away from being a great OS". The reality is that most Android devices are extremely lucky if they get one upgrade ported to them by their carrier. I'll stick with an iPad2 rather than buying something and hoping that it improves with time.

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  • *LTD*
    Apr 22, 05:11 PM
    Having run Linux for the past two years, I find this bit hilarious.

    Well, savvy enough to avoid Windows whenever possible.

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  • bigandy
    Sep 19, 04:25 PM
    Hopefully this will address the issues some users have seen with the Mac Pro apparently not being able to boot beyond a black screen when using the XP disc to boot from. Although I would think that is more an issue of GFX than firmware on the Mac Pro...maybe they're the same thing!

    You can't boot XP from CD on a Mac. You can't you can't you can't. The Mac boots using EFI, which XP doesn't support.

    You need to use Boot Camp to install it, as legacy BIOS emulation has to be loaded specifically for XP.

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  • swiftaw
    Nov 14, 09:50 AM
    I fly between Manchester and New Jersey (Newark) a Lot, like 7 or 8 times a year for personal reasons :)

    Me Too!! :)

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  • P-Worm
    Sep 22, 10:07 AM
    Isn't it amazing that no matter what the topic of a thread is about it always seems to degrade into people getting mad at how expensive a Macintosh is? Not to change the subjedt or anything...Carry on.


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  • SuperCachetes
    Apr 5, 11:48 AM
    Based completely on wear-and-tear on highways I still say that a gas tax is unfair. And this is why the the US is struggling for tax dollars to fund highway repair and upgrade projects these days.

    What I think is unfair is adding cost to my efficient and light-on-its-feet vehicle to incorporate mileage-tracking capability, making me track my own mileage, or both. And I wouldn't be real enthused about creating additional government authority and/or departments to track this crap.

    A tax that is weighted unfairly against some segment of the population is hardly new. Gasoline is already taxed, already metered, and using less of it is a good thing, even if its use does not proportionally relate to wear-and-tear on roads. If I don't like the price of gas, I'll drive less, or buy a smaller car - both of which, as others have said, will reduce the damage to the roads I travel on.

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  • TrollToddington
    Apr 21, 10:47 AM

    Ivy Bridge's IGP will have 16 EUs (compared to 12 in SB IGP) along with DirectX 11 and OpenCL 1.1 support. If the clock speeds stay the same, then it would be around 50% faster than the current one, although that isn't that big of an upgrade.Thanks for the clarification, you're great! So if the ULV HD3000 performs at 50% of MBP 13", and if IB speeds up the HD 3000 by 50% this will mean MBA IB HD 3000 will run @75% of the speed of 2011 MBP 13". So, I am actually quite right unless Intel develops a new IGP there is a thick chance people will bash on IB MBA, too.

    because yes its certain that by ivy bridge, a better igp would be available but also you can look at it from another pov wherein even a sandybridge CPU upgrade is not substantial enough

    I agree with you bump in processor speed won't be the key point to entice people to buy a SB MBA - there should be something more, either larger SSD storage for the same amount of money, or connectivity (TB) or better display, or better battery, or all of them. Providing incremental upgrade in speed is obviously not what the so called 'average user' need in an MBA - so many topics there are on the subject on MR.

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  • rrosebr
    Jan 9, 11:55 PM
    I wish the contact pictures where synced full size and not the mini verison

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  • Frosticus
    Mar 28, 08:53 AM
    Can anyone tell me this:

    When Snow Leopard was released, was the iMac line refreshed as well or were these different events?

    Basically wondering if I will have to wait until WWDC for the new iMacs... :confused:

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  • -SD-
    Jul 14, 06:47 AM
    Well here we have it, an Amazon listing ( for the new Arcade S?

    If it turns out this is correct, then 4GB onboard memory is quite an upgrade over the 512MB in the previous incarnation. I'm convinced that the Arcade S will be glossy white. Amazon seem to have changed the page slightly, as it was showing a price of €148.99.


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  • neko girl
    Apr 28, 10:54 PM
    Ability to flip the screen back farther than it does now, esp. on the 11..
    That and a backlit keyboard, yersh.

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  • weg
    Nov 14, 10:14 AM
    "Mummy, why is that man watching those naked people doing things to each other." :p

    "Because he's a pervert, son. Stop staring at his screen and keep watching how the American hero slaughters evil terrorists with his machine gun on your TV screen."

    Technically, people were able to watch porn on their notebooks during a flight, and so far this hasn't been an issue, has it?

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  • Pants
    Sep 15, 11:21 AM
    Originally posted by MisterMe

    I have not seen those posts, but then I have seen a lot of other bitching and moaning about one thing or another. Point No. 1: Although I don't have access to a 17" iMac, I do have Jaguar installed on my 2000 Firewire PowerBook G3. I don't see any of that choppiness and jerkiness that you mentioned. I would be astonished to find it on a faster machine like the 17" iMac. Point No. 2: Don't take anybody's word for it. Drive down to your nearest Apple retailer. Look at the machines yourself. That should end all arguments.

    I have a recent ibook running jaguar - it has had a clean install (twice) and, quite frankly, its annoyingly slow. This is a current mac, running its current os, and its hardly acceptable - running illustrator? expect the beach ball, the same with large word documents. And I still see the beachball with annoying frequency in the finder. I don't care that this isnt the top of the range 3,000 quid machine - it is stupid to only expect acceptable performance in Word on the top of the line machine. No, don't take my word for it, go have a look at a fully loaded i-book

    Again, have your actually seen this "choppiness" on that $2000 machine with the brand new OS? Now for the issue of MHz, browse the web sites of the expensive UNIX workstations and servers. Look at the clock speeds of the offerings from IBM, HP, SGI, and Sun. For the most part, you will see that their machines have clock speeds in the sub-GHz range. Yet these are the machines of choice when price is no object and the job must get done. Just think about this: these boards are filled with laments that effectively tell you that you need substaintially higher clock speeds to run a computer game than you need to simulate the gas flow in a jet engine. Don't you think that something is just a bit warped here?

    these machines are 64-bit, with floating point performance that widdles all over apples current offerings. The reason they are used is for this feature alone - and yepI would rather run my simulations on a sparc box than a pc, although the cost of a cheap linux box is pushing us down that route. At some point there is a balance between cost and performance. Yes it is odd that I need the fastest box around to run ut2k3 acceptably, and i agree there is something wrong with the way the market is being driven, but I suppose if thats what customers want (and are prepared to pay for), this is what they'll get....

    Think. Think. Think. Apple does not "appear" to be purposesly crippling its systems. The entirity of the corporation orbits about the Macintosh. No company would purposely cripple its central product. The fact that Apple is only one of two profitable personal computer manufacturers serve as loud testimony to the contrary. Just because a bunch of idle college students post things on the Internet does not make them so.

    never intentionally 'crippled' a machine? what about teh video card on teh ibook?

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  • Eraserhead
    Mar 27, 04:39 AM
    NYC and San Francisco have toyed with the ideas but so far nothing has come of it. It takes a strong political will to make it happen I'm sure. In the end though, I can hardly see any other viable options for large cities.

    The only city I've ever been to which isn't congested is Singapore - and they have excellent public transport, very wide roads, very high taxes on car ownership (this gives some idea ( and road pricing in the centre.

    Mar 11, 03:48 PM
    Wirelessly posted (iPhone: Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8B117 Safari/6531.22.7)

    20 In line at the Best Buy in Flower Mound. I wonder what the other Best Buys look like now that people are getting off work.

    Right now about 40 in line at Grapevine Best Buy. Might head to FloMo as that's close to home.

    Apr 15, 07:42 AM
    Yes, the best at multiplying it's installed base number by just the fact that it requires so much redundancy. ;)

    Let's not even get into licensing... CALs, Per computer, Per user, Per what now ?

    still cheaper than a lot of the competition. before we went to sql 2005 we looked at Oracle. by the time you bought the add on packs it was almost $1 million for our installation. SQL was 1/4 that.

    AD might be a bit expensive but the AD forests people created in Windows 2000 can be upgraded every version with minimal issues and it works out of the box. with other products you first have to spend months creating your schema, pray it doesn't break when used with other products and upgrading can be a big PITA. AD is the apple of corporate IT. you don't need a team of geeks toiling away for months to code a ldap schema, it just works out of the box

    Apr 29, 12:54 PM
    It stands to reason that people would drive less. So the projected mileage tax revenue wouldn't be what they say and the already in-place gasoline tax would be less useful because people are driving less. Privacy issues aside, this is a dumb idea. Politically speaking you're not going to win many hearts and minds by taxing the lower and middle classes like this.

    It shouldn't be about winning political points, it should be doing whats right for our country. Either way a high gas tax is a win, we either get more money to fix our roads or we cut down on greenhouse gases. Its really a win/win.

    And yes, some driving can be cut down, but not all of it. Plus a large chuck of driving is required, many people live in suburban areas and need to drive to work.

    Apr 12, 03:16 PM
    As for what I meant- I am trying to illustrate how silly and unrealistic and inherently flawed "anti-discrimination" laws are. Lets say I do not hire a guy because he is black. That is my ONLY reason. HOW is that any different than not hiring a guy because he is not intelligent? He can't help his intelligence, it was passed on to him from his parents.

    That's completely different. Intelligence is not fully genetic. You can become intelligent by obtaining an education.

    Apr 14, 04:35 PM
    I don't really understand your confusion here: the government is essentially selling the taxpayer a bundle of services. If they lower the price, it costs them money. Surely that isn't so complicated?

    Terrible analogy.

    As soon as I can choose whether or not to buy the services your analogy becomes valid. That will be the day :rolleyes:

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