Wedding at "The Ranch Golf Club" San Jose :: Mary & Savva

    My Big Fat Greek & Persian Wedding.....

    (Guess what? I'm blogging this from 30,000ft.)

    I can't think of 2 ethnic backgrounds who wear their heritage more proudly. SO much cultue at this wedding. You could've cut it with a knife. Mary & Savva graced my blog several months ago during their engagement session. Both professionals and both living in SoCal. The Bay Area is still home to both and having their wedding at The Ranch Golf Club was fitting. Not my first go at it their of course but always impressed by the spread these folks lay out.

    OKAY, if you've ever been to a persian wedding, you'l know this....they love to dance. NOW, if ou've ever been to a greek wedding, you'll know this as well....they love to dance. I could have spent 8hrs shooting the dancing and been content. Fun! Emotion! Tears! Laughs! DANCING!! Congrats you two. Loved being a part of your day.

    You'll notice this set is chalk full of PJ photos, (photojournalism). The brilliance that is Ari Simmphoukham (SIM-PO-COM) came as second shooter for me on this wedding. He might just be holding record of how many shots I've presented from a second shooter. All the ready shots of the gentlemen an a few from the ceremony and reception were taken by Ari. YOU DID SUPERB ARI. Bravo!

    Lastly, after the frenzy of the first week in registrations, Genesis is filled in attendance to what we had last year. Good news is, this year, we've added a sponsor and have made room for a few more students. :) Head on over to see what the fuss is about: Genesis Workshop 2011
    Lots of great reviews to read as well!



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