Evy's Tree 2 :: Bay Area Fashion Photographer

    You don't have an Evy's Tree Hoodie yet!? MAN, get with the times!

    You may have remembered me shooting for these guys about 6 months. Guess what, we did round 2!! More hoodies, more models, more Evy, more trees.

    Evy's Tree on Etsy

    Evy's Tree
    - the official site

    My wife personally own at least 3 of these hoodies! Buy one, heck, buy 8!

    All the models were a blast to work with and I have to especially thank Seth, (swimming pool shot) for braving the cold for the last shot we did. All real here. No photoshop!

    Thanks for the look everyone! Happy Wednesday!


    Amy!! Owner of Evy's tree
    not just the president but also a client.........


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