Wishin, hopin, BPA, tacos, and Anatomy...update:)

     Beautiful Stephano!
     Em and Al
     hahahaha Alfalfa
     Mak, Al, Em, Soph, Miranda SENIOR MISS
     ha weirdos
    Em and I at BPA state
     Soph and Mak on the way to Idaho Falls for the Anatomy trip
     Me and Soph goofing off at Wal Mart one night
     Jack is my little Stud Muffin
     hahah Soph pulling her lumberjack look
     Kyle and his first trip to the Taco stand...yumm!!
     We watched a physics professor give a shpill...it was kind of boring at the beginning
     Sophie's work attire..haha ohh how I love you!
     BPA State!
     lonelygirl13, al, and soph!
    Last BPA state! Fun times...I'm gonna miss it! 
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