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    Babies are such a nice way to start people.....

    So I did did a maternity session. Scratch that, I did TWO maternity sessions. Followers of my blog will note that this is a FIRST for me.

    Was this the first time someone asked for a maternity session? No, far from it. I've been asked at least 3 dozen times by folks in the past to shoot a mat session them but I made a decision a long time ago not to. Before I go any further I want to apologize to all the folks that have approached throughout the years wanting a maternity session and I gave you a no. It's just been just recently that I felt comfortable in being able shoot them my way rather than what you typically expect to see from a maternity session. I shoot predominantly outdoor. Most maternity photography is done indoor and clothing is usually optional. It was honestly just not my style. Both these couple approached me wanting some maternity photos and even after saying no to begin with they pursued further and I gave in so as long as we did it Hassas style. Again, many apologies to those who asked in the past. Go make another baby and I'll shoot your session. ;)


    I present to you, Mark and Stella who made Jojo! Kris and Kate brought into the world Levi! Both boys, how awesome is that!? I've seen both these munchkins and you talk about future heart-breakers. SO ADORABLE. I loved shooting for you guys. Thanks for trusting me. I'd say we did good. Now both of you go make some siblings for Jojo and Levi.Congrats again to the 4 of you.

    Later this week you can expect posts for:

    Melissa & Tam
    Sai & Doug
    Stephanie Hawthorn
    and more....

    The patience is always appreciated guys. :)

    Happy Monday!
    that tree!

    one of my favs

    cravings......raise your hand if you're a mommy and you had them!

    I love this so much......

    Kris is a very talented musician.
    THIS shot is a homage to a shot we did for Kris and Kate's engagement session over a year ago with me.
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