Cowboy Hats back in fashion

    FASHION - My friends and I think cowboy hats are coming back into style. We think its because of the film True Grit but maybe its just a cyclical thing. (We also think the film 'Country Strong' might have something to do with it, even though we HATE that film.)

    Shown here is a Stetson black cowboy hat. Stetson was the inventor of the cowboy hat and is still considered the best company when it comes to making cowboy hats. (Like Levis inventing jeans.)

    The thing about cowboy hats is that they can be quite stylish, while simultaneously looking adventurous.

    To show you what I mean about how cowboy hats being stylish I've collected some images of various celebrities, athletes, supermodels and fashion models wearing cowboy hats.

    I think the mere fact Emma Watson is wearing a cowboy hat signifies it has gained a wider acceptance as a fashion item, similar to how fedoras, swisses and hamburgs are so popular right now. See Mens Hats.

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