Chillax Friday @ Brotzeit Bier Bar, Mid Valley Megamall.

    Has been missing Brotzeit's Affensaft (mango beer) ever since my last visit. And yay! Went for a glass after dinner. Since we are waiting for the movie time, spent some time at Brotzeit drinking and chit chatting with the lady boss, chef & Leanne(boss's daughter), bla bla bla. *Previous post here & here!*

    Hello Brotzeit!

    Friday's diners

    Obsession : Affensaft aka Mango Beer

    Jason playing with his HipstaPrint app on iPhone 4! Me look so fair lar! 

    Another shot of HipstaPrint, Diana-ed!

    with Leanne Mohan

    with Chef Helmut

    Look! Me started to get bored. LOL! No la, Jason asked me not to move with this posture. LMAO! 

    Pork Medallions with mashed potatoes, served along with fresh vegetables. Did not try this as it was Leanne's dinner and I am too full from my dinner. Anyway, the pork grilled to perfection and juicy on the inside when cut into half.

    Leanne with her Pork Medallions

    After 1 hour...
    Enjoying the Mango flavored Weisbier

    Oh by the way, Brotzeit is now having happy hours daily from 5pm-8pm! Check it out from their FB page!

    Gonna miss Affensaft so much!

    Off for movies! Tata~

    *Sorry for all the bad qualities of photos coz they are taken with my iPhone 3GS. 

    Address: Brotzeit Bier Bar & Restaurant Malaysia,
                  G(E)-018, Ground External Floor, 
                  Mid Valley Megamall, Mid Valley City,
                  Lingkaran Syed Putra, KL.

    Contact : (6)03-2287 5516
    Business Hours:  Mon-Thurs (11am-12am)
                              Fri-Sat       (11am-1am)
                              Sunday       (11am-12am)

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