Lake Merrit Wedding Photographer :: Johanna & Ryan

    During Johanna & Ryan's engagement session we used a boat. Awesome session and their wedding was no different. Lots of friends at this wedding. Felt right at home and followers of the blog will see some familiar faces from other weddings and portrait shoots I've had in the past.
    Johanna & Ryan, HUGE grats on the union. Wedding was superb and I'm humbled to be asked to shoot for you. Much love guys. (chest pound to all my "Rock" homies and homettes).
    Big thanks to my best bud and shooting partner Jared Alvarez for help as second shooter here. He killed it. Folks, if you're looking for a wedding photographer for your upcoming wedding....HIRE ME. If I'm booked, hire Jared. You'll love him. :)
    Lots of the detailed shots below are by him. Also wanted to say thank you to Dolores for help as assistant for this one. She was there to help with lights and bags but ended up with several AWESOME shots during the wedding. I added a couple by her below.


    If you look closely, you'll notice there is an Oreo in the grooms hand....also, is that a Pepsi logo on the top left?

    Image by Dolores. WOW!! Perfect comp.

    This image was inspired by a favorite photographer of mine. THANK YOU SERGIO!

    The crew. Good lookin bunch eh?
    dude....these guys.
    Love this.

    Epic throw.

    I loled for 5 minutes after taking this. Grooms sister.

    Ladies and gentlemen.....Jared Alvarez.
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