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    Jan 23, 05:11 PM
    How are the current displays old tech? I think you are confusing 'old tech' with 'original release date a long time ago but silent incremental updates since'.

    The currents ACDs use the LG.Philips S-IPS panel. In other words 'about the best of new tech' as opposed to 'old tech'. I challenge you to find a 23"/24" display that uses a comparable panel for under $1000 . The newer tech is the H-IPS panel which is the monitor that you'll find in your iMac that has 'serious colour gradient problems' (send it back, it's a dud). About the only monitor you'll find with the H-IPS is the NEC 24" that comes in at around $1100 .

    Glossy displays are not for pros so they will only be an option on the ACD's. Glossy displays are better than matte ones in the same way that a lollipop is tastier than a truffle.

    The only update I can see happening soon would be to use the latest H-IPS panel with more inputs but Apple won't do that if it's not available for the 30" as well (is it anyone?).

    Apple's competition with the highend 23/24" monitors is the NEC. Since the Apple is $200- $300 cheaper and there is no/few other comparable displays(s) in the price range I'd consider it a bargain at the moment unless you have other issues such as inputs.

    If Apple release new ACDs I suspect the 23/24" will be more expensive, but you'll have a chance to get the present ACD for a bargain. Other than that I think the 23" ACD is a safe buy.

    Yep -- You got this right.

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  • kalex
    May 2, 03:54 PM
    I would but I don't want my file floating around the net since it can be traced back to me. if you know how to remove this info let me know

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  • fus1on
    Jan 12, 09:29 PM
    Search on cydia for an app called Fake Operator.

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  • katie ta achoo
    Dec 19, 12:01 AM
    aww, that's cute!

    and Kobushi, if anyone could animate THAT, I think Lacero could.

    He's got the skills that we're all jealous of. I wish I could be as "Lacero" as she.

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  • RBR2
    Apr 12, 09:33 PM
    And jailbreaking via greenpois0n (which as far as I knew wasn't updated for iOS 4.3.1 yet, although Pwnage and redsn0w are) has what to do with an unlock for the current iPhone baseband?

    It is really doesn't cost $170 and does not involve quite as risky behavior. :eek:

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  • scem0
    Mar 6, 11:03 PM
    I know this isn't the right 'direction' to switch, but I saw no reason
    not to share the story with y'all. I switched (basically) because I
    couldn't afford a mac. I already had a 450 MHz g4, and my
    parents were telling me to get a new computer, for myself, so my
    mom could get my g4, and my dad could get my mom's g3. Since
    my dad's computer broke. The computers would just go down
    the 'assembly line'. Well, my parents set a $700 limit, I had to
    make up the difference in however much I spent, and being a 15
    year old, I had nothing to make the difference up with. Well, I
    looked on eBay for ~$700 mac, and the best I could find were
    ~400 MHz g4 powermacs. I didn't want to downgrade from my
    previous computer! So, I decided to just see what I could get
    on the 'dark side' of eBay. I was astoundid when I saw the prices
    of the PC's! PC's are priced amazingly on eBay. There are so
    many people who custom build PCs and sell them on eBay, that
    the supply and demand goes waaaaaaaaaay in the buyer's favor.
    So, after searching for a LONG time, I managed to find a GREAT
    PC for $700. I bought a PC with these stats:

    2.4 GHz pentium 4
    533 MHz quad pumped system bus
    512 MB of 333 MHz DDR SDRAM (that is being used to its full potential)
    Windows XP Home
    Dell Dimension case
    6 USB 2.0 ports (2 front, 4 back)
    CD burner (40x10x40x)
    Floppy Drive (I have actually used it too!)

    I am posting this really late, I bought the PC about a year ago
    (note the thread title) - and I haven't been disappointed by it
    in the year that I have had it. It came to me fully loaded and
    working great. It has only crashed twice (to where I had to
    restart), the same number as my mac (which I had used longer).
    It is FAST, it burns CDs FAST, and the p2p software rocks.
    I encourage those who don't have much money for their next
    computers to think about getting a custom built PC off of eBay.

    So, I still like macs better, but I also like PCs, and I would have
    a Mac if they weren't overpriced so badly. I know that is opinion,
    but, to me, macs are severely overpriced.

    I just thought I would share my 'switch' story. I'll also add that
    I plan on spending my own money to get my very own PPC 970
    power mac when one comes up. I might get one when it is
    speed bumped. The new rumors talking about 2.5 GHz are making
    my mouth water. ;) :D

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  • bloatedjake
    May 4, 05:20 AM
    Hello Everyone!

    I recently joined MacRumors! Anyway, I want to ask the opinion of everyone.

    Do you think the iPod Classic will get an update? Someone stole my iPod August 2010 and I haven't had the money to get a new one. But since it is my birthday, my family told me they'll buy me a new one.

    Am really a music person. Am not so much into apps and stuff. But, most of my friends are telling me to just get an iPod touch since it is sooo much better than the iPod classic.

    So, I was wondering if anyone can help me decide if I'll buy an iPod now or wait for September? and, which iPod to buy? Classic or Touch.

    Thanks!! ;)

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  • arn
    Jan 14, 04:36 PM
    yep... send a screenshot, browser information and platform.

    Without this information, it's very very very hard to figure out what's going on.

    send to


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  • walterwhite
    Jan 29, 05:39 PM
    gotta agree here... old news

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  • kalex
    Apr 13, 12:00 PM
    Itunes home sharing is just that to share itunes libarary over home wifi network. It will not work. You need to setup VPN

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  • pigglett
    Apr 17, 01:57 PM
    Im staying on 4.3 fo now ..its a wait and see game

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  • win_convert
    Mar 8, 04:28 AM
    Final Cut Pro plus Soundtrack and Livetype will take up about 16gig of hard drive space before you even think about downloading your video.

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  • Mattlike
    Oct 3, 05:11 PM
    Their new video is XXX rated. :eek:

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  • Transporteur
    Apr 26, 06:45 AM
    What happens if you connect the TV directly via miniDP - HDMI adapter without the CAT5 extender?

    Considering that a lot of people run that kind of setup without problems, my bet is that the extender is the source of your problems.

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  • Glideslope
    Apr 20, 05:05 PM
    Well done. Nice to see the Halo Effect on the Mac.

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  • knew2mack
    Apr 28, 05:04 PM
    I have a cd with a wmv video on it. Trying to figure out how to save it to computer so that I can send it to someone's email.....
    is this possible?? if so, step by step, kindergarten talk, please!!


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  • Full of Win
    Apr 18, 11:14 AM
    This is in line with the iPhone life cycle.

    2007 - iPhone (the Apple Beta)

    2008 - iPhone 3G - Complete Redesign (or, IMHO, the "real" launch)

    2009 - iPhone 3GS - Modest update

    2010 - iPhone 4 - Complete redesign

    2011 - iPhone 4.5 - Modest update

    2012 - iPhone 5 - Complete redesign. (or at least, significant overhaul.)

    iPad, iPod Touch & iPod Nano follow this curve. I feel like we can expect a revolutionary new device every 2 years, and a modest upgrade in between.

    What? The iPhone 3G was not a "Complete Redesign". Internally, it used the same CPU, RAM and chipset as did the iPhone 1. The only difference was the addition of a 3G radio, GPS and a plastic curved back; hardly a "Complete Redesign". Internally, the 3GS was a compete redesign, not a "Modest update"

    Also, these are the internal codes for the iPhone, where the new first number is a complete revision and the second number is an update on an existing design.

    iPhone 1: 1,1
    iPhone 2 (3G): 1,2
    iPhone 3 (3GS): 2,1
    iPhone 4: 3,1

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  • ChazUK
    Mar 31, 12:14 PM
    Apple were going to make the Facetime protocol an open standard. Its up to others to pick it up. Personally, I'm surprised Apple haven't already made a Facetime app for windows.

    I've been waiting for an announcement of them opening the standard for a while now but it still hasn't happened. As a cross platform standard I'd definitely be interested in using it but as of now, I can't.

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  • lanulos
    Jan 9, 09:46 PM
    I'm puzzled as to why you chose 1.1.4 to restore with, Is that the last one you had when the ipod was working? There is a 1.1.5 which is the last release of 1.x, also there is 2.2.1 which is the last 2.x, and there is 3.1.3 which you have to buy for $5 in iTunes before you can install it.

    What state is the ipod in now when you turn it on? Apple logo, or Connect to iTunes? Or blank screen?

    If it was me I think I would buy the 3.1.3 for $5 and try to update to it. Here is a link which will open iTunes to the page where you can buy it:
    Use this on the last computer where you successfully synced the iPod. iOS 3.1.3 is the currently supported highest update for the Gen1. If it didn't work I would take to an Apple Store Genius Bar and tell them "Hey, I paid $5 for this 3.1.3 update and it didn't work, can you fix it?" Depends on whether you're willing to risk the $5 and have an Apple Store handy.

    katie ta achoo
    Dec 19, 12:01 AM
    aww, that's cute!

    and Kobushi, if anyone could animate THAT, I think Lacero could.

    He's got the skills that we're all jealous of. I wish I could be as "Lacero" as she.

    Eric M
    Jan 12, 01:19 PM
    Well, if it's just for browsing - shouldn't really make a difference...
    If you transfer large files between the computers via WIFI...*ekhem* change the router. WIFI does not "like" walls in general. Some MIMO N routers are known for performing much better than just a standard b/g routers that are given away when you sign a contract with an ISP. Look here ( and here (
    These are pricey, but well worth the �$�.
    The other factor to take in to consideration is the antenna in the computer, is it MIMO compatible, if not then there is no point in upgrading.
    If it's the fie transfer rate that concerns you the most then the only solution would be wiring. I used to have a "G", then Powerline 1GB, but at the end just decided to do it properly and wired everything with a CAT5e and now have a semi-gigabit network...worked out cheaper than buying a new router/adapters and it's more reliable...just something to think about....

    Oct 3, 08:36 PM
    Are there converter programs for ogg. and flac files for the Mac?? I am a pc owner switching to Mac in a month or two and was hoping to still download off this site and convert the same music files I'm use to converting now.
    Thanks :)

    Amadeus Pro will convert just about anything. It costs $40 but is well worth it imho. Otherwise, there are plenty of free programs that will do the same.

    Jul 21, 02:14 PM
    Originally posted by Lyle
    Ummm, define "passable"? I mean, what is it about HotMail or Yahoo Mail that make them "impassable"? ;)


    Some order forms insist on an email account that is specifically not Yahoo, or Hotmail. I can guess the reasons, but only guess.

    I'll check on MrMacman.

    Thanks guys.

    May 3, 11:30 AM
    I purchased a 2010 8-core Mac Pro last year. It still has the original 6Gb of RAM, which I want to upgrade now.

    OWC's performance tests ( show a drastic improvement with 12Gb, and rather minimal boost after that. But this is one test and does not necessarily reflect real life.

    I do mostly Photoshop work. Some 3D modeling and rendering, and some video editing (Final Cut Express, After Effect).

    I'm leaning towards getting 24Gb (4Gb x 6) or 32Gb (4Gb x 8). How much does installing RAM in 3's affect the Macs in real life?

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