Soul Surfer

    Last Friday I had the pleasure of hanging out with my Grammy and Papa, and we went to see the new movie, "Soul Surfer." The movie is based on the book "Soul Surfer," which was written by Bethany Hamilton about her true story of losing her arm in a shark attack and through faith and family finding her way back in the water and on her surf board.

    I remember back when this story first broke and I think it is just beautiful to see how this amazing young girl has taken what happened to her and turned it for good. It really is a great story and if you've ever seen Bethany be interviewed you know what a bright and joyful girl she is. When I heard they were making a movie about her story I was excited to see it, but at the same time worried that if the wrong people made it, the movie could come out really cheesy. A lot of times these movies can't afford a good director, producer, script writer, etc., and the movie ends up super cheesy. You know what I'm talking about. But, I was pleased with the movie. I was glad they kept the families belief and strong faith in the movie and didn't remove that truth about their lives. It really ran well, with maybe one or two awkward moments, but nothing horrible. A couple times when they placed the head of the actress who plays Bethany in the movie on a body surfing you could tell it wasn't her, but you get over it. The cast did a pretty good job acting which kept things flowing well, except for maybe Carrie Underwood. I love Carrie and her singing but after this performance I'm not sold on her acting.

    So, if you're a super critical movie watcher and into every detail, or if you are strictly apposed to all things that glorify God... this is probably not your movie. But if you're in for a good, clean, uplifting movie... definitely check "Soul Surfer" out. You definitely don't have to feel guilty bringing friend or your kids along to this movie.

    Overall, good cast, good story, good move - Soul Surfer
    I just had to get used to hearing my name said that many times in a movie. I love that not a lot of people have my name, Bethany, so I have to get used to hearing someone else be called it.

    AnnaSophia Robb with Bethany Hamilton

    Here's how they made it look like AnnaSophia's arm had been bitten off by a shark. She wore this green sleeve and kept her arm behind her back. Then in post production they took the arm out.

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