Saturday's Wedding

    On Saturday I spent a beautiful day enjoying the wedding of Kate and Jonathan at Frimley Hall Hotel in Camberley. This venue is probably the closest wedding venue to my home and yet this was the first time I'd actually photographed a wedding there! Not only that but my sister had her wedding reception there many moons ago too. This day was also my son's birthday so after helping him open presents first thing in the morning I made the short journey into Frimley to capture Kate's getting ready.

    A gorgeous day filled with sunshine, love and laughter and a lovely couple very much in love created a wealth of photo opportunities. For the preview shot I've picked this one as I just love the light and moment.
    As ever their full wedding story will follow in due course and do not worry we turned my son's birthday celebrations into a weekend party so Sunday was a cracking day for him as well.Source URL:
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