New York City Wedding Photographer :: Catherine & Ariel

    Why is New York called the Big Apple?

    There's something special about NYC. It's only when you come here that you can feel the majesty. The sky scrapers, the hustle and bustle. It's the American life at it's peak. A sense of pride comes over you as you walk the streets. This was the backdrop for Catherine and Ariels engagement session.
    I travel often. When I travel I try and do 2 things. I go see a landmark that gives the local area it's draw. And I eat something the locals eat. I'm not sure what I enjoy more. :) At the same time, when I'm photographing in a said place, I try and blend my style with the local style. With New York, it was the raw grit that surfaced to the top. It's beautiful and gnarly. I enjoyed shooting this set very much.

    Catherine and Ariel! Grats on the engagent. Wedding is going to be a blast. Also wanted to say THANK YOU to Allan Summers for coming out as assistant on this shoot. It poured! Luckily he had an umbrella. Unluckily, it broke. HA!!

    LOTS more sessions on the horizon. Expect another 5 more blog posts in the next 7 days. For all those waiting, I appreciate the patience. Believe me! Happy Wednesday!


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