Haute couture and pret a porter

    Haute couture clothes are expensive and luxurious, in such dresses you will feel yourself like a Queen or one in a million girl. But, there is one more category – ready-to-wear clothes or more known to us as pret-a-porter clothing. More about them… Modern fashion industry clothes can be divided into two main categories – “haute couture” and “ready-to-wear”. No doubts, couture fashion designers are very popular and are aimed only for extremely wealthy clients, moreover, in order to be able to produce “haute couture clothes” they have to get an official permission from the Syndical Chamber for Haute Couture, it is based in Paris. Because of this agreement, designers have to show their collections twice a year and not less than 35 outfits in one collection. As a rule, these outfits are exposed in private salons So, now, let’s pay our attention to ready-to-wear clothes. Traditionally, they are made for ordinary people, not for representatives of the upper-class society. This apparel comes in various sizes. Further, these collections can be viewed as designers one. It goes without saying, that such collections can be seen at various catwalks. Also, there is such a notion as confection collections – deal with clothes that we can see and buy in shops. This collections are aimed to satisfy the demands of masses. A lot of popular and influential brands create exceptionally ready-to-wear collections, but still can make some haute couture clothes upon a special request. So, having seen or heard an announcement that soon this or that designer is going to show his ready-to-wear collection, be sure, in a month or 2 you will be able to buy things from him in his boutique, via email or online sales. Pay attention! An inscription – “Madonna in Dior” and “Madonna in Gaultier couture” means, that in the 1st case Madonna wears ready-to-wear clothes and in the 2ND case she in in haute couture clothes from Gaultier. It is not a secret, that almost each Fashion house produces ready-to-wear collections. They bring a lot of money and clients, because of a quicker and bigger volume turnover, also, they cost less and many people can afford them. By the way, they look adorable as well. What is more, ready-to-wear clothing is casual, informal, can be worn everyday and is very practical. Ready-to-wear collections are presented at Fashion Weeks. And, now, one of the most tricky questions, what to choose? Actually, if you budget is low, don’t even try to lean over backwards and to buy such expensive things. But, if you are a doctor, a lawyer or occupy a very high position, please, think about your clothes. Be sure, that your watch, shoes and suit are great, expensive and were bought without season discounts. Why? Because you are working with people, and if you meet one of your clients while looking for a jacket from sales, he will think that your incomes are rather vague and small, so there is no use to visit you once again. Try not to spoil your own reputation.Source URL: http://lifestyleartsblogs.blogspot.com/2011/04/haute-couture-and-pret-porter.html
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