Now it's all Hallow's Eve,the Moon is full.Will she trick or treat,i bet she will.

    Happy Halloween my little critters!
    i hope you all have a fun and chaotic halloween celebration started since yesterday night,we all go together at my house and had a small get together.we had margaritas and loads of other drinks.pumpkin and spider cookies were on the dining table that was decorated very gothic looking.we also built a ginger bread coffin and tonight we will be building a ginger bread haunted house.
    i started things in the "dance floor" when i uploaded Michael Jackson's Thriller on Youtube and i started doing the dance all alone,while drunk.
    everyone was laughing and joined in,the night was amazing we didn't sleep 'til 5 and now we're watching Ghost Hunters and we eat enchiladas and drink margaritas.

    hei hei
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